Gozen Host Review and Interview

Gozen Host Review and Interview


Gozen Host provides secure hosting solutions at “unbeatable prices” and describes itself as “The hosting partner of your choice”. There are plenty of positive aspects that make Gozen Host one of the best choices for your hosting. To give just a few examples of this, customers will benefit from 24/7 monitoring, high levels of security, and round-the-clock support.

The Beginning Of Gozen Host

Established back in 2012, Manos Paschalakis has strived to stand out in an already saturated industry. He believes that his combination of low prices, excellent support, and cutting edge technology, are responsible for his company’s success. Manos explained:

“We started GOZEN Host back in 2012 when we merged with No9Webdesign and Pascm.Net, both were successful businesses back then and we thought that this was the next step (both companies also used to offer hosting since 2008). Web Hosting is a saturated environment to do business but there’s still home for improvement if you make sure you have a business plan and you focus on specific things that people will always look for, such as support. Customer Service is what we are proud of and along with our great uptime (you can always check real data here https://status.gozenhost.com ) is the key to our success”.

Dedicated To Providing Good Customer Service

Manos has ensured that Gozen Host’s customer service exceeds customer expectations. As such, the team is committed to continuous improvement. They regularly monitor feedback and actively listen to what their customers have to say:

“Since our customer service is one of the main key factors we are in business. I believe we are really quite good at it, based also on feedback we get from our customers. The fact that we have customers with us since the day we opened doors in public speaks volumes. Home for improvement will always be there and we always try our best to increase the level of customer satisfaction together with regular improvements on our products, services, network and product availability”.

Gozen Host’s customer service is something that Manos and the team are rightly very proud of. Here’s what he had to say:

“The fact that we provide our customers with what they need on time and we are both happy because nobody has to overpay or wait for long, in order to have his online business active, or his/her blog or personal website”.

Furthermore, Gozen Host has received numerous awards for both its uptime and its customer service.

High Uptimes Guaranteed

Gozen Host offers an uptime of 99.9%, guaranteed! Manos considers the company’s uptime to be one of its greatest strengths:

“Uptime – Speed and Customer Service are the ones we consider our greatest strengths. Based on the fact that we are all active or former developers in Web Design and Web Applications and most of us still actively follow the Web Development industry we understand our clients’ needs and we are able to provide them with the best and affordable service money can buy and continually evolve with better products and faster speeds”.

Gozen Host utilises high-end technology, such as Litespeed and NVMe premium storage, to ensure customers get the most powerful, robust and comprehensive hosting services for their money.

Services From Gozen Host

Gozen Host has a great range of services, from dependable business hosting, to powerful VPS hosting and dedicated servers, among others. Manos told me what solutions are the most popular among customers:

“Managed Hosting mainly when it comes to VPS, VPS For WordPress and Managed Dedicated servers in USA and EU. This is something we are really happy about as it’s our main goal since the beginning of GoZEN Host LLC …that’s why we call it Your Hosting Partner of Choice”.

VPS Plans

Gozen Host’s VPS plans have a load of features that make them exceptional value for money. Customers will enjoy inclusions such as:

  • DDoS protection
  • JetBackUp
  • Softaculous
  • Backup space

Prices for Gozen Host’s KVM VPS plans range from $8.99 per month to $143.88 per month. For the cheapest VPS hosting plan you can expect 1 CPU core, 1GB RAM, 20GB disk space, and 4TB bandwidth.

The most expensive plan, on the other hand, will afford you 16 CPU cores, 16GB RAM, 160 GB disk space, and 10TB bandwidth.

Business NVMe Hosting

Gozen Host’s Business NVMe plans are, as the name suggests, perfect for businesses. There is a plan for everyone, whether you are a non-profit organisation, a large enterprise, or anything in between.

It’s evident that Gozen Host has worked hard to keep the costs down while still providing an excellent range of features.

The best value hosting plan among the business plans costs just $10.58 per month. And, at the time of writing this, there is a very special offer that will bag you even more for your money. Usually, you will receive 3GB disk space, 100GB monthly bandwidth, and 3 domains. Currently, with this plan, you can expect 6GB disk space, 200GB bandwidth, and 6 domains. You will also get free DV SSL along with free daily backups.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Gozen Host’s dedicated servers offer a guaranteed uptime of 100% and customers will appreciate the rapid deployment rates, enterprise-grade hardware, and remote reboot capability. Prices for your very own dedicated server begin at $79.99. This is for the E3-1270 server model and it will get you:

  • 16GB DDR3
  • 1TB disk space
  • 10TB traffic
  • Optional control panel

New Developments From Gozen Host

As cloud servers rise in popularity, Gozen Host is keen to develop its cloud solutions further. Manos told me about the company’s plans to improve its cloud server solutions:

“We are in the process of re-thinking the way cloud works …not in terms of marketing but in usability and providing cloud solutions similar to how our cloud servers operate right now…without any downtime”.

Manos continued, saying:

“Also, since the huge cPanel/WHM price change we are the ones who managed to keep our cPanel servers at the same price and reacted proactively by offering solutions based on DirectAdmin and other Control Panels, without forcing our clients to move from cPanel to an alternative Control Panel. So today …if you want a new VPS or Dedicated server, we offer you also a free DirectAdmin license for real”.

To conclude this interview, Gozen Host is a fantastic hosting provider with lots of options. I’ve been really impressed with the company’s top notch support as well as the value for money that customers will undoubtedly enjoy. I’m sure the company will continue to thrive as it moves forward with its exciting plans. 

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