GlockApps Review and Interview

GlockApps Review and Interview


GlockApps is a service that contains all the tools you need to maximise the number of emails delivered to inboxes. With features such as Inbox Placement tester, domain checker, DMARC Analytics, and Uptime Monitor, it can help boost the productivity and the success rate of your email marketing campaigns.

GlockApps’s CEO, Alex Markov, took the time to answer some questions I had about the service and his company.

Some Impressive Info About GlockApps

GlockApps team has an impressive and long-standing history in the industry. As such, the service has encountered enormous success since its launch in 2015. Alex explained more about GlockApps’s success:

“The main goal of the company is to provide innovative and time-saving software products and services in the field of email marketing at a budget that all business owners can afford. With that in mind, we created the GlockApps email testing and monitoring service.

Today, Glocksoft LLC. is a privately held company working in different programming environments. Our company is proud to join an annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing MarTech Solutions and transforming businesses.

At this time, we have around 6000 GlockApps users including big organizations. Some of big email service providers such as Sendforensics, Drip, Sendx.io, and Moosend successfully integrated GlockApps with their service. Now we are focusing on growing our customer base by getting new and converting existing users into long-term customers”.

Building Customer Relationships

The GlockApps team is proactive in their customer support. They actively guide their customers on GlockApps so that they can get the most out of the service and all features it has to offer.

Alex spoke more about his company’s customer support:

“The experienced GlockApps support team works hand in hand with our customers to navigate them through the features and functionalities of the tool, help them with the configuration and data interpretation, both pre- and after-sales.

We cover all convenient ways of communications, users can contact us via email or live chat if they have an urgent query. We can set up a call via Skype, Zoom, or connect to the client’s desktop via TeamViewer to help them in real-time.

We practice a collaborative relationship with our customers. We follow them during their trial period to show them all the features and functionalities, we ask for the customer’s feedback and listen to their feature requests and suggestions to make our products easier to use and more practical.

On our blog, we publish guides, tutorials, and case studies that help users explore the product to get the most out of it”.

GlockApps has some very well-known clients including Groupon, SEMRUSH, and COMCAST, to name a few. Also, reviews on Capterra are rated a brilliant 4.9/5, further adding to the company’s overwhelmingly positive reputation amongst businesses worldwide.

The Great Features Of GlockApps

GlockApps has a plethora of features that make your email campaigns easier and more successful. Users can set up automatic tests that work based on the chosen time interval and help monitor sender reputation and deliverability over time. People using MailChimp as their email service provider can benefit from the direct integration with MailChimp and test their email campaigns created in MailChimp in their account in GlockApps. 

Email tests provide a lot of useful information for the user to assess how their email campaigns could be performing and what could be causing spam placements: IP blacklisting issues, high email spam score, failed email authentication, or bad domain reputation. Email test reports show a list of action steps that the user can follow to fix deliverability issues.

Alex had much to say about GlockApps array of features:

GlockApps helps email senders understand what will happen to their emails after they are sent, find out what causes the spam folder placement, and improve deliverability by optimizing the message and email system. It provides a set of tools for testing and monitoring sender reputation, domain authentication, IP address status, and email deliverability. With GlockApps, senders can understand which domain or IP address has a better reputation, which template performs better, or which links can trigger spam filters and optimize the message to get a high Inbox rate. GlockApps provides recommendations on how to improve deliverability based on the information it receives from tested messages, reports given by spam filters, and obtained Inbox and Spam rate”.

Alex continued:

“The best part of GlockApps is that it can perform email tests automatically and send alerts when it detects spam folder placements, and issues with the email authentication records and IP address, for example, when the sending IP address gets on a blacklist. The alerts can be integrated with email, Slack, and Telegram”.

GlockApps Plans And Pricing

GlockApps has four different paid plans to choose from, including a free trial. Beyond the trial, you’ll find the Basic, Business, and Enterprise plans. Alex told me which plans were most popular amongst GlockApps customers:

“With the GlockApps email testing service, the Basic subscription plan is mostly used. This plan provides access to all the tools available at GlockApps. This plan is popular among individual senders and small organizations which are concerned about their email deliverability.

Email service providers and large companies prefer the Enterprise plan which gives a high number of deliverability tests per month and allows to receive DMARC reports for a high volume of sent emails. Annual plans are popular among large companies as well. We allow users to create a free account with GlockApps and run 3 email tests to try the service. The 14-day trial period for DMARC Analytics is also available in the user’s account”.

The Basic plan costs $79/month and includes:

  • 500 email spam tests per month
  • 100,000 DMARC messages
  • 10 uptime monitors
  • 10 IP reputation monitors
  • 1 user
  • API access

And the Business plan, which costs $129/month, includes:

  • 1500 email spam tests per month
  • 1,000,000 DMARC messages
  • 25 uptime monitors
  • 25 IP reputation monitors
  • 5 users
  • API access

If you don’t find a suitable plan, you can create a custom plan specifically for your needs.

What Can We Expect From The Future Of GlockApps?

Lastly, Alex told me about some plans for the future and what the GlockApps team are working on at the moment:

“We will focus on new services and integrations to provide high-quality products to our existing and future customers.

Right now, we are working on the integration of GlockApps and our email tracking service. This integration will allow our users to have all the data centralized in one place”.

Thank you so much to Alex for answering my questions. After exploring the software and all its features, I think that it is an excellent solution to save businesses both time and money on their email marketing campaigns. I really like the flexibility of the plans, in that there is not only something to suit all budgets, but also the option to personalise plans to suit specific requirements. 

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