GloboTech Review

GloboTech Review


GloboTech offers perfect hosting solutions, deemed World-Class by the company’s experts. The Canadian hosting provider caters to more than 150 countries around the world and supports thousands of servers in their infrastructure.

Eric Simard, a representative of GoboTech, shared some company insights with us during an interview. 

GloboTech Hompage

Transforming An After-School Hobby Into A Successful Business

Here’s what Eric had to say “Founded in 1999 by two young entrepreneurs, GloboTech Communications has evolved over the years to become one of Canada’s leading hosting providers with a wide range of services and solutions”.

Eric continued “It’s all started out as an after-school hobby which then become a dream of building their own infrastructure. Two decades later, the company supports thousands of servers in its infrastructure, providing their expertise on standard and complex hosting solutions to customers in over 150 countries worldwide”.

An impressive achievement!

Types Of Hosting and Management Plans

Dedicated Server Features

GloboTech offers both cloud-based and dedicated managed hosting to support their customers through a myriad of industry-changes and business alterations. The scalable services are optimal for growing businesses. They also specialise in managed hosting and offer different options in this area.

Their Premium management plan offers server monitoring 24/7/365 with pro-active actions by their skilled system administrators, OS and security updates, and health and status of the storage units monitoring, managed backup, and more. Additionally, the support team offers lots of on-demand assistance.

GloboTech has introduced a new management plan (VIP management) based on client requests which is raising the bar in terms of management and includes more backup space, firewall optimisation, anti-spam protection for companies who want to rely on and outsource most of their IT burden to the GloboTech’s specialists.

Enterprise Cloud Server

GloboTech’s cloud hosting services are useful for businesses that want fully-flexible, low-cost hosting services for which you only pay for the resources you actually use. They are quick to set up, taking just 90 seconds to launch!

Prices begin at $0.0070 per hour, which equates to $5 per month. This will get you 1GB of memory, 1 VCPU, and 15 GB SSD storage. On the other end of the spectrum, for $0.11 per hour, you will receive 8GB of memory, 4 VCPU, and 160GB SSD storage.

All cloud-based plans have different management plans available to suits everyone needs and include firewall and security options, optimised routing, and root administrator access.

Dedicated Servers

Beginning at $59 per month, GloboTech’s powerful dedicated servers are completely customisable and put you in control. The service boasts a 100% network and power uptime which is backed by their high quality SLAs. With their team of committed experts on stand-by, you can have your high-performing dedicated server up and running within 4 hours.

When you select Globo.Tech’s dedicated servers, you’ll receive round-the-clock support, private IPMI access, ping monitoring, firewall optimisation and free OS reload.

Eric told us about more GloboTech’s super-fast network; “Our network would still be one of our core expertise and one of the highest achievements we’ve made. The network is carefully designed to ensure power and network uptime of 100% by being fully redundant and optimized all backed by our world class SLA’s”.

Learning With GloboTech

GloboTech’s Learning Centre

GloboTech don’t just offer impressive hosting services, but they also have a range of resources in their learning centre to educate their customers on a range of technologies. Resources include a detailed blog, a huge selection of tutorials, and practical “How To” guides for using their services.

Eric explained the reasons behind this educational approach to the business; “The Core philosophy of being thoughtful, clean, honest and helping our clients. This resonates from the early talks with our sales team to the implementation phase and it continues via assistance requests and consultation and evolution of their infrastructure following our client needs. We have employees that have been with us for many, many years and are still passionate which makes all the difference. Our client base, we still have clients from our early days and with time, the base grew up a lot just by word of mouth which is always extremely rewarding”.

Lots of Satisfied Customers

GloboTech has a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and strive to provide an exceptional level of customer care. They have lots of reviews by happy customers proudly displayed on their homepage. Open and transparent, GloboTech has three different communication methods available; live chat, phone, and email.

Eric told us more about their level of customer-centric services “Our Core believes and philosophy is to care about our clients. From small to very big project, we still use the same approach: We care about the client, their project and we evolve with them. Taking steps providing the require tools, infrastructure and offer them recommendation based on their specific needs. This mentality is reflected throughout all of our staff members and we are proud that we’ve built a strong support core..”

Eric also told us “We established an anonymous CSAT for our services 30 months ago and based on their results, we maintain an average score of 4.94 out of 5 of customer satisfaction rating. This, is an actual representation of the value that our clients think about GloboTech while using the services”.

Big Things To Come

Eric explained that we should expect big things from GloboTech this year, saying “This year’s is a big one for GloboTech as we reached quite a milestone for being in business for 20 years. For this, we are thankful to our dear customers as they put their trust and confidence in our team and expertise. Big things are coming this year, stay tuned!”

It was brilliant speaking with Eric and we’re looking forward to seeing what GloboTech will get up to this year!

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