GigeNET Cloud Review

GigeNET Cloud Review


GigeNET Cloud is a web host based in the U.S. state of Illinois. They offer multiple server locations in LA, Washington DC, and Chicago. GigeNET Cloud mission is to provide more than just a server, they want to be your IT business partner.

They aim to deliver top-tier web hosting so that their customers can rely on their hosting being online an impressive 100% of the time.  GigeNET Cloud offers all of the tools and support that you would ever need from your web host. GigeNET Cloud would like to be your outsourced IT experts that will always be there for you when you need them most.

Awesome Customer Support

GigeNET Cloud is on a mission to offer an unmatched level of customer service and support. They respect that their customers are entrusting their entire business infrastructure to them. They treat each customer account with extreme dedication and care. Watching over their servers day and night to make sure everything is always running smoothly.

100% Uptime Guarantee

Having your websites online and accessible 24/7 is critical to the success of modern business’ and that is something GigeNET Cloud is passionate about. For this reason, they deliver 100% uptime across their entire network. GigeNET Cloud is proud to boast that they offer the best network uptime in the industry.

Flexible Hosting when you need it most

GigeNET Cloud understands that their customers might need instant provisioning of their servers. If a client is running an advertising campaign or a launch, they may need additional resources with no prior warning. With GigeNET Cloud , you can upgrade or downgrade your servers via their customer self-service portal. Their portal offers an easy to use system to manage all areas of your hosting packages. Furthermore, their portal is continually being enhanced by their software engineers.

Utilizing eleven premium bandwidth providers via two diverse points to their private datacenter, GigeNET Cloud delivers their world class 100% uptime network. Successfully providing the performance and reliability that you would expect from your hosting infrastructure. Additionally, GigeNET Cloud uses redundant Juniper routers to direct traffic over their private fiber-optic network. This data is then delivered to their servers on Cisco’s 6500 series switching platform. Network latency is reduced by up to 50% thanks to FCP routing optimization. Every path out from their network is continuously monitored for latency, packet loss, route stability, and congestion

The GigeNET Cloud Portal

All of your cloud hosting services can be managed via the GigeNET Cloud Portal. Should you require to install firewalls, private networking, take backups, carry out restoration, monitor your services or scale your services up or down – then you can do all of this easily with the signature GigeNET Cloud Portal.

Maximum network performance

GigeNET Cloud maximizes their network performance in many ways. By utilizing Internap, they can monitor all aspects of their network for latency, packet loss, route stability, and congestion. Furthermore, Internap automatically routes traffic around major network outages and proactively identifies and chooses the best path at all times

Cloud Servers with GigeNET Cloud

GigeNET Cloud offers a wide range of ready-to-use servers. Therefore getting up and running is super quick and easy. Within a few clicks, you can select your server type and software requirements and instantly have access to your brand new cloud server.  This is the speed that GigeNET Cloud wants to offer, and for this reason, they don’t offer dedicated servers as the setup and management can be lengthy in comparison to the new cloud server offerings available.

The cloud servers with GigeNET Cloud are charged on a pay as you use basis. Therefore you only pay for the hours that you use. When the server is not active, you don’t have to pay. It is as simple as that. This type of billing structure can save a lot of money for servers that are not used 24/7.

You can dynamically scale your cloud server with GigeNET Cloud. Adding or removing resources is done quickly and easily with no need to speak to a member of staff. You can quickly scale your cloud server via your customer portal.

You can create a template to load balance or even to create a development server for your website or application. This is really great news for web developers who often spend a long time porting systems over to test, demo and live servers. Cloning a development environment with GigeNET Cloud is quick and easy.

How do Cloud Servers differ from Dedicated Servers?

A dedicated server is a physical computer that you lease from a web host. Whereas a cloud server is a virtual server that affords more control over your hosting environment. With a cloud server, you can scale the project seamlessly without the physical burden of administering a server. You can easily scale your project horizontally or vertically and even make a clone of your dev environment with cloud hosting within seconds, saving a lot of time and money.

Secure Enterprise-ready Servers

GigeNET Cloud offers one click, always on, DDoS Protection software. This level of protection is required in the web world. GigeNET Cloud customers have the peace of mind that their websites are secure and will not be hacked.  Their software continuously scans traffic entering your website for attacks. The software provides a great an fully automated security system for your website.

GigeNET Cloud Managed Servers

If you are looking for someone to completely manage your server then GigeNET Cloud offers a fully managed server service. Having experts run your server is certainly very appealing to a lot of business who don’t have the time or staff to manage their server.  Their managed hosting packages are flexible and created to work within your requirements and budget.

GigeNET Cloud Packages and Benefits

GigeNET Cloud provides scaleable cloud hosting packages at affordable prices. Below I have outlined the cloud hosting packages offered.

  • GCL Balanced 1 – 1 core,1GB Memory, 30GB Storage, 1TB transfer, Billed hourly – $0.01864/ monthly – $12.50
  • GCL Balanced 2 – 1 core, 2GB Memory, 60GB Storage, 1TB transfer, Billed hourly – $0.02974 / monthly – $20.00
  • GCL Balanced 4 – 2 cores, 4GB Memory, 90GB Storage, 5TB transfer, Billed hourly – $0.05213 / monthly – $35.00
  • GCL Balanced 8 – 4 cores, 8GB Memory, 120GB Storage, 5TB transfer, Billed hourly – $0.08929 / monthly – $60.00
  • GCL Core 2 – 2 cores, 2GB Memory, 60GB Storage, 5TB transfer, Billed hourly – $0.03720 / monthly – $25.00
  • GCL Core 4 – 4 cores, 4GB Memory, 90GB Storage, 5TB transfer, Billed hourly – $0.06696/ monthly – $45.00
  • GCL Core 8 – 8 cores, 8GB Memory, 180GB Storage, 5TB                transfer, Billed hourly -$0.13393, monthly – $90.00
  • GCL Max 8 – 2 cores, 8GB Memory, 180GB Storage, 5TB transfer, Billed hourly $0.07440, monthly – $50.00
  • GCL Max 16 – 4 cores      16GB Memory   360GB Storage  5TB transfer, Billed hourly $0.17857, monthly – $120.00

In Conclusion

GigeNET offers high-level cloud servers and is completely transparent about the whole process. They even have a comparison chart on their site to compare the features that they offer with other providers such as Amazon. GigeNET offer the best cloud hosting packages around and the support to back it up. If you are looking for cloud hosting, look no further than GigeNET.

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