Freethought Review

Freethought Review


If you are looking for an ethical environmentally friendly web hosting company then look no further than Freethought. Freethought is a longstanding certified carbon neutral UK based web host.

Founded way back in 2003, Freethought has a great deal of commercial experience when it comes to web hosting. At just 16 years of age Kieran Jones (the current director) founded Xion Internet and 3 years later (in 2006) the company merged and became Freethought.

Freethought started with just one server rack that diligently served friends and family.  To what is now an established hosting company with 2 data centres serving thousands of customers. However, Freethought still retains that tight-knit family ethos, with a small team of passionate employees that truly care about your website.

Friendly, down to earth Customer Service

“We sometimes go to ridiculous lengths to help our customers out when they’re stuck, sometimes with issues that aren’t even anything to do with the service we provide them!” Freethought

Freethought believes that being a small team enhances their ability to get to know their customers and provide a better level of customer care. They want to make their customer support experience streamlined so that you never hesitate to call them up. They go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that their customers are happy and don’t have any problems.

The Freethought team are able to provide immediate accurate and direct answers to your questions rather than generic answers that you may expect a large host to provide.  This is because of their small passionate team and the fact that they actually built the network, so know the systems inside and out.

Quality management and information security

Freethought holds ISO 9001 and 27001 certification from the British Assessment Bureau. This means that they have successfully passed the criteria needed to support and satisfy customers and stakeholders needs.  Freeth, therefore,efore adheres to the International standard that describes best practice for an ISMS (information security management system).

Relying on Word of Mouth

The fact that Freethought does not advertise speaks volumes about the quality of the hosting service they provide. Freethought does not invest in marketing or advertising agency work, and instead, rely on word of mouth. Starting as a family company and growing organically due to the quality of service offered has always been the approach at Freethought.

Freethought Ethics

Freethought has a unique approach to their business. They are keenly aware that targets and profits can override the ethos of any business.  They set out to reverse this trend. At Freethought they first and foremost want to provide a kind and supportive environment for their customers and society as a whole.

You will find traces of their ethos throughout the whole company, from pricing, products, tracking, employees pay, waste management, supply chain and much more. They set out to meet and surpass their core ethical values that they stand by. Freethought feel that their ethical values are more important than profit and should be put first.

Freethought believes in providing a truthful transparent offering and service that doesn’t over exaggerate wheat they can deliver. For example, they don’t offer 24/7 support or unlimited storage because they don’t want to say they can something that they can’t. (e.g. Unlimited storage is not possible because the hard drive will fill up sooner or later).

Working with clients to understand their needs

Rather than simply putting out a whole array of ready-made hosting solutions, Freethought aim to respond to the requirements of their customers. Altering their plans and offers to suit their customer’s needs and letting the customer guide their hosting service.

The “ULTRA Hosting package” that Freethought offers is a prime example of this mode of conduct. They listened to their customers who were asking for more than the shared hosting could offer, however they were not yet ready for a VPS. Keeping the sites per server low and enhancing the performance of the server – Freethought were able to meet the demands of the customer.

Because they are a small team, they can listen deeply to their customers and engineer an appropriate solution. This solution is then often something that many of their other customers would find extremely useful.

Freethought Hosting:  Packages and Benefits

Freethought offers 5 levels of hosting, starting at just £1.25 per month. All shared web hosting packages offered by Freethought are carbon neutral. Below is an overview of what you get with each package:

  • COPPER HOSTING – 500MB Diskspace, 10GB Data transfer, 5 Email accounts, 1 Database
  • BRONZE HOSTING – 5GB Diskspace, 250GB Data transfer, Unlimited Email accounts, Unlimited Databases
  • SILVER HOSTING – 10GB Diskspace, 500GB Data transfer, Unlimited Email accounts, Unlimited Database
  • GOLD HOSTING – 15GB Diskspace, 750GB Data transfer, Unlimited Email accounts, Unlimited Database
  • PLATINUM HOSTING – 20GB Diskspace, 1TB Data transfer, Unlimited Email accounts, Unlimited Database

ULTRA hosting

The Ultra Hosting with Freethought offers more than their shared hosting packages, created to meet the demands of customers who are not quite ready for their own VPS, but want a little more power. With SSD storage, low contention, and are carbon neutral.

  • BRONZE – 25GB Diskspace, 0.5TB Data transfer
  • SILVER – 50GB Diskspace, 1.0TB Data transfer
  • GOLD – 75GB Diskspace, 1.5TB Data transfer
  • PLATINUM – 100GB Diskspace, 2.0TB Data transfer

Windows web hosting

Carbon neutral Windows Web Hosting with Freethought runs on the latest Microsoft software including a Plesk control panel, ASP.net, Let’s Encrypt, IPv6, and hundreds of one-click install applications. You can also get free migration from an existing host if you need it, with packages to suit every budget and need.

  • COPPER – 500MB Diskspace, 10GB Data transfer, 5 Email accounts, 1 Database
  • BRONZE – 5GB Diskspace, 250GB Data transfer, Unlimited Email accounts, Unlimited Databases
  • SILVER – 10GB Diskspace, 500GB Data transfer, Unlimited Email accounts, Unlimited Databases
  • GOLD – 15GB Diskspace, 750GB Data transfer, Unlimited Email accounts, Unlimited Databases
  • PLATINUM – 20GB Diskspace, 1TB Data transfer, Unlimited Email accounts, Unlimited Databases

Charity web hosting

Freethought offer a 10% charity discount to support the work of charities online. all charities need to do is provide their registration number. They also offer additional support to charities that they feel is in alignment with their ethics. Freethought offer a personal service and love to get to know the charities and what they do for society.

Dedicated Servers with Freethought

If you are looking for a little more oomph, then freethought also custom builds dedicated servers to their customers’ requirements. Their dedicated servers use the latest generation hardware in either their London, or Manchester datacentres. All servers include 1Gbps ports, 2TB data transfer, dedicated IPv4, and unlimited dedicated IPv6.

VPS and Managed Servers

In addition to the hosting services outlined above, Freethought also offer virtual servers in a range of configurations as well as a fully managed service for those who want their own server without the hassle of managing it.

In Conclusion

Freethought is a compassionate hosting company, dedicated to give back to society. Whether that be with personal customer care, eco-friendly hosting or via charity giving, you get a clear picture of an ethical hosting company that you can trust. Offering a range of customized options that can be completely designed to the needs of your project or organisation, Freethought have the experience to deliver exactly what you need to deliver a professional brand image online.

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