FORA.tv Review

FORA.tv Review


Established in 2006, FORA.tv has been recognised in TIME, The Washington Post, and Digital Trends, just to name a few! FORA.tv specialises in video production, live streaming, custom editing, and social video campaigns. They serve huge companies like Capital One and Oracle.


FORA.tv offer a multitude of services, including:

  • Live streaming
  • Social video
  • Video production & video distribution
  • Video monetisation
  • Post-production & editing
  • Non-video based event services
  • FORA.tv studios

When I first came across FORA.tv I thought to myself “this will be another amateur company wanting to make a name in the video world”. How wrong I was! FORA.tv is far from amateur; it provides extremely professional services, and you can see that from their team alone.

FORA.tv’s YouTube channel is absolutely jam packed with examples of their work. What’s more, their customers report great things about them too via their Facebook page:

And on Twitter:

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a rapidly growing trend. 81% of internet audiences watched more live video in 2023 compared to previous years combined. Live streaming can be seen all over the world – via Facebook, in your office, or on the big screens.

With multi-channel live streaming, you can now stream to multiple social media networks at once. It’s a great opportunity to engage with a much wider audience as you can see from our social media marketing success infographic.

What I really admire about FORA.tv is that they cater to such a large customer base. From conventions to fashion shows, to company training and meetings. You won’t have to wait long to see your production either, as FORA.tv offer a same day posting service.

Social Video

As of the end of 2023, the number of social media users worldwide hit 4.9 billion. So if you’re looking to boost your event or business reach, social engagement is key!

Thankfully, FORA.tv coupled with today’s technology can make this happen. FORA.tv allows you to connect with your social media followers. You can stream live or simply create a video for your users to engage with.

Video production & distribution

Video production essentially takes multiple elements of video recording, streaming, etc. and integrates them to create an end product. When you’re watching a video, you’ll notice different camera angles, overlays, effects, branding, and more.

FORA.tv covers all aspects of video production – using a team of experienced specialists and the highest quality equipment. What I personally love about FORA.tv is that they understand circumstances can change, so they’re flexible. If there’s a last minute change of plans or demands are shifting, they’ll make every effort to accommodate.

Once your video has been created, FORA.tv offer a wide range of video distribution options. Their gallery portal, powered by Brightcove, can be used by you and your audience. You’ll have access to live streams, pre and post-event videos, calls to action, etc.

What’s more, you can use embedded video players across your website and social media network to engage your audience. Let your mind run free; create promotions and analyse how your audience is reacting to your videos. FORA.tv’s services allow for more than just video – it’s all about making your business go further with the technology they offer.

Video Monetization

Generating leads will in turn promote a wider audience to your business. FORA.tv has a range of video monetization services that can help you develop your strategy. These include video sponsorship, pay-per-view, point of purchase player, lead generation, and membership.

Post Production & Editing

This is where the excitement gets real for me! Once a video has been filmed, FORA.tv’s expert post-production team are on the case. They will manage the entire process and keep you updated as to how your video is coming along.

They’ll correct sound and colour where necessary, implement special effects, and prepare your video for it’s intended purpose. So whether you’re demonstrating a new piece of software or creating a DVD, FORA.tv will collaborate with you every step of the way.

Event Services (non-video)

Did I mention FORA.tv are more than just a video company? If your business is ready for an event, FORA.tv can offer professional lighting, custom staging, audio, monitors, and image magnification.

Admittedly, these services may not be applicable to everyone, but they are absolutely fantastic. That’s what really turns a good company into a great company in my eyes. Offering more than just the basics, and FORA.tv do it so well!

Customer Support

FORA.tv have several methods of support, including FAQs, telephone, email, and query form. Their FAQs are neatly divided into sections according to the services they offer. There’s a plethora of information, most of which probably answers any pre-sales questions.

When contacting FORA.tv, I’ve had nothing but pleasant experiences. They are kind, friendly, and most of all knowledgeable. As a team, they really know what they’re talking about – professional through and through, and certainly no complaints from me!


FORA.tv are an all-round video and events services company. From training DVDs and conferences to putting on a massive show, FORA.tv can help through every step. What strikes me the most about this company is that they are clearly professional. There’s no doubt in my mind that if I were to use their services, communication and delivery would be spot on.

Going the extra mile is something that’s been evident to me through my review of FORA.tv. For example, they don’t just offer video services – they allow you to analyse the videos that have been made to see how, where, and when they are generating larger audiences.

So much care and attention has been put into providing an overall business solution, not just a service with a smile. For all your video, production, and events needs, I’d highly recommend FORA.tv.

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