First2Host Review

First2Host Review


First2Host is a UK based web hosting company that was founded in 2003.  Although they are based in the UK they provide internet service solutions to customers worldwide.  They are able to offer IP’s in 14 different locations. First2Host has been up and running for 15 years now and retains their friendly, professional edge that they enjoyed as a young company.

They say that is why over 60% of new customers come to them via word of mouth as friends or family of existing First2Host service users. First2Host has a variety of professional hosting solutions from Dedicated Server Hosting, VPS Servers, Radio Hosting and even Cryptocurrency Mining. They are also known for having great value Reseller and VPS hosting solutions.

Offering the Latest in NVMe SSD Web Hosting

Shave valuable seconds off your website’s page load times with First2Host, they offer advanced NVMe SSD Web Hosting which provides the latest in web hosting technology. NVMe SSD Web Hosting delivers instant page load speeds and world-class reliability. First2Host say that NVMe SSD Web Hosting is 70% faster than SATA Web Hosting and 30% faster than SSD Web Hosting. NVMe is super fast because it uses PCIe slots in the server which speeds up the transfer of information as opposed to SATA cable connections.

First2Host: Customer Focus

First2Host provides an extensive knowledge database for their clients to navigate to provide solutions to their needs, whether that is a billing requirement or additional information on DNS Services.  The easy to navigate, comprehensive knowledge base is a fantastic resource for their clients.

They also provide extensive online management services so that their customer can be in control of their hosting accounts.  The Client Area controls put the client in the driver’s seat, you can even manage your SSD Reseller Account from your client area. As well as this you can create email accounts and sub-domains and keep an eye on your usage.

The customer service is pretty great; the only downside seems to be that there is no visible telephone number to get in touch to quickly resolve an issue.  You can, however, contact them via their ticketing system or their live responsive online chat.

Kyle over at First2Host was kind enough to set us up with a dummy account, where we could take a peek under the hood of their client portal.  The UX seemed intuitive and easy to use, the only thing is that we didn’t have any live services to try out their super speed NVMe SSD Web Hosting that is mentioned on their service pages.  I actually have a WordPress theme that is pretty laggy and wanted to try it out with them, perhaps we can sweet talk them into allowing us to try their super speed servers out someday soon.

Stacking up against the competition

First2Host told us that the main advantage of their services over a larger host like Hostgator is the fact users can choose their website location. Customers can have IPs located in countries like the UK, France, Poland and Spain. First2Host route the IPs to the server and place websites on top of the IPs which makes it appear as though the website is located in that IPs location when in fact the server is located in a different country. They say that this feature is particularly good for Resellers.

First2Host: Products and Services

Host your own online radio station with Shoutcast SSD Web Hosting

Shoutcast allows users to upload and stream media to online listeners like an online radio station. With AutoDJ enabled as standard allowing users to mix music, fade songs in and out, add adverts between songs. You can even allow access to other users so they can log in and host radio station slots, without giving them direct access to your website.

You can stream your radio station on any device, this includes Desktop PCs, Mobile devices, Laptops, Tablets and smart watches. Queue songs up in the playlist to automatically mix your music through the night without any need to get involved, the music playlist can play on a loop or in a “shuffle” format. Your radio station will have great bitrates to allow you to stream high-quality content.

Technical Spec: SSD Storage, Intel Xeon E5-2630v3 CPUs, 10 GBPS Internet Connections, AutoDJ Enabled, Shoutcast V2, Icecast v2 In Development with a Standard Bitrate of 128 BPS


All of the shared hosting packages over on First2Host come with free Instant Setup, Free SSL Certificate, Free Website Migration, 99.99% Uptime Guarantee, Management Control Panel, SSD Web Hosting, NVMe Web Hosting and Geographic IPs In 14 Locations, as standard.  Here is a brief overview of the packages offered by First2Host:

SSD Web Hosting – Basic, with 5 GB SSD Storage, 10 GB Bandwidth, 2 Sub-Domains, 2 Email Accounts, 2 MySQL Databases, Softaculous and  Daily Backups

SSD Web Hosting – Mini, with 15 GB SSD Storage, 25 GB Bandwidth, 10 Sub-Domains, 10 Email Accounts, 10 MySQL Databases, CloudFlare, Daily Backups, Softaculous and a Free Domain Name

SSD Web Hosting – Mid, with 50 GB SSD Storage, 100 GB Bandwidth, 10 Addon Domain Names, Unlimited Sub-Domains, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited MySQL Databases, CloudFlare, Daily Backups, Softaculous and a Free Domain Name

NVMe Web Hosting – NVMe Max, with 50 GB NVMe Storage, 30% Faster Than SSD Hosting, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Sub-Domains, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited MySQL Databases, CloudFlare, Daily Backups, Softaculous, Free Domain Name

First2Host provide a wide array of hosting services like SSD Web Hosting, Shoutcast Radio Hosting, Linux VPS Servers, OpenStack SSD VPS Servers, Windows VPS Servers, Dedicated Server Hosting and even Cryptocurrency Mining.

Additional Services

Domain Names, Software Licenses, Blacklist & Heartbeat Tracking, SSL Certificates, Cheap VPN Servers, Search Engine Optimisation and Customized services.

Pros and Cons


cPanel for free

One great thing about First2Host is that all servers come with cPanel and they offer an advance cPanel guide.

Instant Page loading 

The latest NVMe SSD Web Hosting services offered by First2Host are pretty impressive.  In particular, we love the concept of instant page loading.

Multiple IPs

First2Host offer a Geo-Location service whereby they have up to 14 IPs offered with their shared hosting which is a great USP for a reseller.

A Great Spread of Services

First2Host have a lot of great services that would suit almost every web hosting requirement.


No Phone Number

No phone number to contact them if you are in a situation where you require complex technical support.

24/7 Support only offered for outages

They don’t offer 24/7 support for everyone, so they might take a few days to get back to you if their UK offices are closed eg. during a weekend or bank holiday.

In summary

First2Host has some really interesting features, their multi-location IPs, Online Radio offering and also their super speed NVMe SSD Web Hosting stand out for us the most.    They provide all of the usual web hosting services too!  They allow you to set up your WordPress or other content management site with ease with their Softaculous offering.  You can resell all of their services, from their Shoutcast radio stations to VPS or dedicated servers, allowing great scope for entrepreneurs.

We were impressed with their broad range of products and services and also their customer support that receives 5 stars from customers continually.  All in all a very interesting host with some USPs that make them stand out from the crowd.

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