EasyMail7 Review and Interview

EasyMail7 Review and Interview


EasyMail7 is an email marketing software, used by more than 7,500 businesses. Fully customisable and integrated with Analytics and GlockApps email testing service, EasyMail7 provides an affordable and comprehensive solution to your email marketing campaigns.

Juia Gulevich, Glocksoft’s Head of Customer Success, was kind enough to pass on my interview questions to the company’s CEO Alex Markov.

Why Was EasyMail7 Developed?

Glocksoft LLC developed EasyMail7 and GlockApps to help businesses streamline and simplify their email marketing campaigns. The developers understood the issue that many businesses had; not knowing whether their emails are actually reaching their intended destinations. Alex Markov set out to develop a solution:

“In the modern world, almost all businesses and organizations are running websites and are using email marketing to promote and sell their products. They need to deliver email messages and deliver them to the user’s Inbox. But for many senders, email delivery is a real mystery. They don’t know when their emails get blocked or filtered, why it happens or what to do about it.

Thus, marketers need tools to determine how their message is treated by Internet providers around the world and whether it will be delivered to the Inbox, spam folder or blocked before reaching the recipient’s mailbox.

With that in mind, our company focuses on developing software solutions to help everyone, from beginners to advanced users, create and send email marketing campaigns with the confidence that the messages will reach the inbox.

The main goal of the company is to provide innovative and time-saving software products and services in the field of email marketing at a budget that all business owners can afford. With that in mind, we created the EasyMail7 email marketing software and the GlockApps email placement testing service”.

The Best Features Of EasyMail7

EasyMail7 has lots of features that make it a unique software. Alex Markov went into detail about what makes EasyMail7 stand out from the crowd:

“G-Lock EasyMail7 allows email marketers to create and deliver personalized emails to their customers. It can be used by companies with strict data security policies that do not allow customer data sharing onto 3rd party cloud-based services as well as by small to medium-size businesses, marketing, and sales professionals who are looking to have full control over their email messages, contact lists, autoresponders, email delivery, and reputation. EasyMail7 is integrated with the GlockApps email testing service which makes it easy to test deliverability and optimize the message for the real email campaign”.

The drag-and-drop message editor allows users to easily personalise their marketing emails. Choose from a good selection of professionally-design templates and use that as the basis of your emails. Alter aspects like text, images, buttons and footer blocks.

Some more notable features include:

  • Bulk subscribe/unsubscribe
  • No “powered by” link
  • Scheduling and autoresponders
  • Automated bounce, unsubscribe and complaint processing
  • Customisable unsubscribe link
  • Integration with email tracking and Inbox testing services

The Best Part of EasyMail7

Alex Markov went on to explain what he considers to be the best aspect of the EasyMail7 software:

“The best part of EasyMail7 is that it is designed on the client-server model when the Client and the Server parts can be installed on different computers. The Server part can be installed on a cloud server and the Clients on local computers allowing multiple users to work with the program at the same time”.

EasyMail7 Plans And Pricing

There are 3 different EasyMail7 plans to choose from; Personal, Business, and Enterprise. Alex Markov explained what the most popular option is and why:

“For G-Lock EasyMail7, the Personal package is the most popular one among customers. The best part is that the license doesn’t limit the customer on the number of emails they can send per day or month. Even with the Personal license, the customer can send unlimited messages provided that the SMTP server that they use in EasyMail7 is capable of receiving and sending unlimited email messages. Thanks to this, the Personal package suits perfectly to individual marketers, small and middle-size businesses. Large organizations can use the Business and Enterprise packages which allow to create multiple users and workplaces in the program and delegate email campaign creating and sending to different users”.

In my opinion, the great thing about EasyMail7 is that it is not subscription-based, meaning that customers will only need to pay a one-off fee to use it for a lifetime.

The Personal plan costs $159 which includes 30 spam tests. And, the Business plan costs $259 and includes 150 spam tests. Both these plans come with 12 months of free updates and premium technical support. Furthermore, if you want access to these after 12 months, you have the option of paying a significantly-discounted maintenance fee.

Looking After Customers

To help manage your new EasyMail7 software, you will find a host of tutorials, guides and other helpful resources on EasyMail7’s website. These are all focused on breaking down certain processes into easy-to-understand instructions.

More still, there are lots of excellent reviews splashed across the EasyMail7 website. Customers have some excellent things to say about the company’s customer support. Some describe it as “unbelievable”, “hands-on”, and “second-to-none”. The EasyMail7 team clearly put a lot of effort into supporting their customers, which is great to see.

To Conclude My Review Of EasyMail7

EasyMail7 is a feature-rich email marketing software. Its sole intent is to make the process of implementing your email campaigns as easy, thorough and effective. I’m also very impressed with the affordability of the software, especially as it only requires a one-off payment for lifetime access.

Last, but not least, thank you to Alex Markov for answering my interview questions. It’s been a fantastic experience learning about EasyMail7. 

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