Earth Girl Hosting Review and Interview

Earth Girl Hosting Review and Interview


Earth Girl Hosting is a hosting company that aims to be the “perfect fit” for small businesses. The woman-owned company strives to create a good balance between affordability, powerful services, and exceptional customer care.

Earth Girl Hosting’s founder, Amber Layton, was very cooperative when I approached her with my interview questions. Take a look at what we discussed…

Meeting The Needs Of Small Businesses

Amber wanted to create a hosting company that would provide small businesses with everything they need for the best hosting experience. Having been disappointed with hosting services she had received previously, Amber knew exactly what was needed. And so, she set out to bring her vision to life:

“When I first started out as an e-commerce store owner, I learned to design sites on my own but quickly found that hosting platforms didn’t offer everything I wanted. I jumped from host to host and never found the perfect fit. As I learned more about the industry I felt confident I could create a hosting platform that would meet my own needs, and as a result, other small business owners in my shoes. So, over 10 years ago, I did just that!”

Round-The-Clock Support

When speaking with Amber, she emphasised the importance of prompt customer care. She also told me that she gets involved with escalations personally, which I think is a really fantastic approach for a founder to take. Here’s what she said:

“This was one of the areas I found other hosts lacking. People who work websites often do it in the middle of the night when they have some quiet time. If something goes wrong, they want help right away. For this reason, our customers can get in touch with customer service 24/7/265 by ticket, chat, or phone. I also like to keep myself involved by watching over the tickets and handling escalations myself. It’s important to treat your customers as important as they are, and that’s what I aim to do”.

Earth Girl Hosting’s homepage also has lots of 5-star customer reviews. These speak very highly of the company with many customers specifically praising the customer support they received.

A Multi-Faceted Company

Earth Girl Hosting is a multi-faceted company with lots of positive resources and aspects. Amber described what she considers to be the company’s greatest strengths:

“Being multifaceted. Our support team is fantastic on the server side, they often spend extra time troubleshooting people’s issues and finding creative ways to fix problems. I have a background in web design, data management, SEO, and lite development so I’m always happy to help in the areas that standard hosts aren’t equipped for”.

Due to the company’s name, I was curious as to whether Earth Girl Hosting’s target customers were primarily female. I learned that this is actually not the case:

“Not necessarily and we have clients from all demographics. I hope to appeal to people, like me, who’ve come to realize that what they want in a host is hard to find”.

The Venus Package – An eCommerce Favourite

Earth Girl Hosting has two types of hosting to choose from; standard web hosting and eCommerce hosting. Amber explained to me that the “Venus” plan, which is part of the eCommerce hosting range, is the firm favourite among customers:

“Definitely our mid-size eCommerce package, we call it Venus. It’s a great package, it can usually accommodate a store with up to 1000 products. Our servers have excellent up-time and speed. It’s definitely a customer favorite!”

The Venus eCommerce package is great value for money at just $15.95 per month. It offers 5GB storage along with unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, websites and parked domains.

More still, customers will benefit from free Premium Cart installation. As part of Premium Shopping Cart, your store will be equipped with essentials such as a privacy policy, returns policy, and a shipping policy, among others.

“Standard” Website Hosting Packages

Earth Girl Hosting’s Standard Web Hosting is the perfect choice for those looking for basic shared hosting or WordPress hosting. It guarantees a 99.66% uptime and comes with a free SSL certificate, easy back-ups, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can essentially try before you buy.

Amber has gone for more astronomically-named plans for the company’s web hosting packages which are Star, Moon and Sun. I really like this approach to package names. It gives the company an interesting and fresh personality, and also makes it that little bit more fun!

The cheapest hosting plan is priced at $8.95 per month for the moon package. This affords customers 500MB storage, 3GB bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and 5 parked domains. This is a pretty good deal in my opinion.

A New And Exciting Partnership

Amber has some exciting plans in the making. When I asked her whether she has some new developments coming up, she told me:

“Yes! We’ve recently partnered with AlpineWebServices.com which caters to site owners that just don’t have the time or know-how to keep up with their web businesses. I think this is going to be a strong and mutually-beneficial partnership and we’re all really excited to see where it takes us”.

Speaking with Amber and learning about Earth Girl Hosting has been a great experience for me. The innovative company has a strong foothold in the hosting industry and has taken a unique approach to catering to customers. It’s clear that Amber’s passion for helping small businesses to grow has contributed to her company’s success. 

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