DoctorHoster Review and Interview

DoctorHoster Review and Interview


Doctor Hoster is a hosting provider with a strong focus on fair pricing and server speed. They offer “5 X Faster” speeds with some of the best cheap hosting plans available from an unbelievable $5.50 per year!

If that sounds good to you, keep reading because Doctor Hoster’s founder, Ali, kindly agreed to be interviewed so that I can share some insights into the company.

A Problem-Solving Company

Doctor Hoster was founded on the basis of solving some common problems that clients often faced. Ali explained:

“We were a group of professionals working in the software development industry for more than 15 years. During our career, we were able to use many web hosting service providers. But due to access limitations, we used to have many problems in the deployments of our client’s projects. So from here, we came up with an idea to come up with our very own web hosting company”.

An Outstanding Support Department

Low prices and fast servers mean very little if there is not solid support to accompany them. A good level of customer support is vital for a business to thrive and to ensure its customers are satisfied. Doctor Hoster’s founder is very proud of the support systems that he has put in place for his customers. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“The backbone of any online service is its support department. We have worked very hard to provide our customers with the best support experience. If anyone is new to web hosting, our support representatives also provide resolutions through remote desktop software”.

Ali continued:

“The greatest strength of ours is the support department. Most of the time our representatives get good compliments about the response time even before the problem is solved. Our support department is always willing to help our customers and make us grow our business”.

Should you have any problems, questions or queries, you can get in touch with the Doctor Hoster team via live chat, email, and telephone.

Plans And Services From Doctor Hoster

Doctor Hoster has a plethora of hosting plans available, all offering excellent value. Many plans also offer free domains too, saving you even more money on your overall website costs. But, what is Doctor Hoster’s best hosting option?

Ali answered this question:

“We have worked very hard designing our web hosting plans. We have tried to keep all customer requirements in mind during this process. The best-selling web hosting plan to date is UNLIMITED 2”.

On that note, let’s have a look at Doctor Hoster’s Unlimited 2 Plan…

The Best-Seller – Unlimited 2

Unlimited 2 is a shared hosting plan, meaning that customers will share their server space with other customers. This is the reason why shared hosting is normally so cheap compared to other server solutions such as dedicated and VPS hosting.

This particular plan uses Linux, as opposed to Windows, to host your website. Your unlimited specs include SSD storage, bandwidth, sub-domains, email accounts and databases. The only notable restriction is the number of websites that you can host, which is five. But, given the low cost of RS.5,100 (£24.14) per year, this is a really great deal.

The Cheapest Plan – Budget 0

As mentioned earlier, with Doctor Hoster, you can bag a hosting plan for the bargain price of just $5.50 per year. This is the company’s “Budget 0” plan and it is an exceptionally great buy for those on a tight budget.

This plan allows you to host one website with 2 email accounts and one database. You will receive 500MB SSD storage, 10GB bandwidth, and on top of those, you also get a free SSL certificate. Even better, is that if you order three years of hosting instead of one year, you will be able to enjoy a 10% discount.

The Most Expensive Plan – Unlimited 4

The Unlimited 4 is the truly unlimited hosting plan from Doctor Hoster. It has unlimited everything, including websites. I think this is a fantastic option for those wanting to be free from restrictions. This costs just RS.7,500 per year, which, at present, is equal to £35.52. Another great deal from Doctor Hoster!

Doctor Hoster’s Future Developments

I asked Ali about Doctor Hoster’s future plans and developments. He gave me a very enthusiastic and intriguing answer:

“Yes, every businessman has future plans and so do we. We are coming up with an amazing reseller portal to help people to come up with their own web hosting business. Our white-labelled reseller portal is coming very soon. Further details are quite confidential”.

I will be very interested in learning more about this reseller hosting portal when it’s launched. It sounds like it will be a good opportunity for the likes of web designers to branch out and offer their customers extra services.

I’ve been very impressed with Doctor Hoster, in particular with their budget-friendly approach to hosting services. I really appreciate Ali cooperating with me and answering my interview questions. I look forward to seeing what’s in store for Doctor Hoster next. 

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