‘corePHP’ Review and Interview

‘corePHP’ Review and Interview


‘corePHP’ describes itself as “your development partner” and can expertly construct websites and applications to your specifications. The talented team are pros at all things tech from web design, to web development, and from SEO to automated marketing.

They have both the ability and the capacity to take care of everything and produce customised projects just for you.

I caught up with Michael Pignataro to find out more about ‘corePHP’.

The Dawn of ‘corePHP’

‘corePHP’ has an exceptionally impressive history in technological pursuits. It’s evident from the way Michael speaks about the company that he and the rest of his team are incredibly passionate about their work. Here’s what he had to say:

“Headquartered in downtown Battle Creek, Michigan, ‘corePHP’ was founded by Steven Pignataro in 2001, specializing in PHP Development, specifically for creating custom Content Management Systems. ‘corePHP’ was a strong advocate of Mambo, which later became known as Joomla! Steven Pignataro, ‘corePHP’s CEO, is one of the original Joomla! co-founders.

‘corePHP’ product offerings exploded in popularity during the Open Source CMS revolution of 2005-2010, and that continues today. Since year one, corePHP’s focus has been on producing international, highly accessible websites, while offering highly useful software extensions for fast-growing businesses.

‘corePHP’ quickly morphed into a full service software development firm, serving organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to global, Fortune 500 corporations. We innovated new product offerings, responding to the market, adding e-commerce development, content marketing, optimization and content display components.

Today, ‘corePHP’ continues to provide top-of-the-line products and services, offering Joomla!, WordPress and Drupal development and design services among others, as we help our clients select and implement the right tools for the job, from CMS to e-commerce solutions, and many custom applications as well”.

Excellent Customer Service

‘corePHP’s Support Page

Customers will be pleased to learn that ‘corePHP’ puts customer service at the top of its list of priorities. As Michael explains:

“Our #1 focus is customer service. We want to make sure that if they have issues, they are taken care of ASAP. We pride ourselves on answering from all different medians, such as Phone, text messages, email, support center, live chat and more.

We are a team of problem solvers and we have the ability to build the most complex solution and meet clients’ expectations and so much more. Many of our clients have been with us for years”.

Additionally, Michael considers the company’s “communication” to be ‘corePHP’s greatest strength. It has had many notable clients including KFC, Albion College, and Thieme, to name a few.

A Best-Selling Service From ‘corePHP’

Symfony Development Framework

‘corePHP’ has a lot on offer. But, I was intrigued as to what service was most in-demand. Michael told me:

“Custom development in Symphony Framework

The development company’s Symfony Development Services enable businesses to streamline and optimise their development efforts. This means your development team can effectively harness Symfony to repeat high performances time and time again. Symfony Framework allows for high levels of flexibility and customisation, making it perfect for custom applications.

Many of ‘corePHP’ clients use Symfony to power their business applications from insurance quoting engines, to HR suite of software for DSP companies to communicate with Amazon more efficiently.

More Services From ‘corePHP’

‘corePHP’ has lots more products and solutions besides its popular Symfony development services, one being web design and development. Although some businesses opt for free website builders to create their websites, professional design and development services, like those from ‘corePHP’, can produce much more satisfactory results.

‘corePHP’ can design and create beautiful and high-functioning websites and applications from start to finish.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at a few of the company’s services in more detail:

WordPress Development

WordPress Development From ‘corePHP’

‘corePHP’ offers customers customised WordPress development services. The talented team can build you a completely new WP website from scratch, develop a unique WP widget, or “tweak” one of your plugins. Whatever you need for your WP website, ‘corePHP’ has the knowledge and skills to help.

The team can even take care of details such as SEO and testing for browser compatibility, while at the same time focusing on internet safety by keeping your website secure.

When hiring ‘corePHP’ for WP development services, you can be sure that whichever WordPress hosting provider you choose to host it, your new WP website will run optimally. In fact, most of the best hosting services we’ve reviewed are optimised for WordPress.

Chimp Your Joomla

‘corePHP’ can take the hassle out of adding email addresses to your mailing list. Chimp Your Joomla is a plugin that integrates with your MailChimp account. When someone signs up to your website, the email address will automatically be added to your MailChimp list of emails.

The process is easy to set up and to get to grips with, simplifying and streamlining your email marketing campaigns.

You can choose between Basic, which costs $7.00 and Pro, which costs $20.00. Naturally, the Pro version has more features and capabilities than the Basic. For example, you can customise layouts, add subscription boxes, and create “Opt out” and “Opt in” selections for your potential subscribers.

Custom Mobile App Development

To maximise sales and brand exposure, it’s often a good idea for businesses to have their own mobile apps. ‘corePHP’ can build you a custom app for both Android and iOS that will be an asset to your business.

Your customers will enjoy a seamless and intuitive app experience whether you want to offer them m-commerce, games, or something a little different like a health or insurance app.

Looking To The Future

‘corePHP’ is continually working towards its goals. Michael gave me one last positive statement about the company’s plans:

“Growing the divisions we have. Such as our digital marketing. Our goal here at ‘corePHP’ is to touch our clients in three different needs that we offer. This provides them with full services from one vendor needed to meet their needs. We have many clients for whom we already do this and want to continue to do this as it puts our client’s mind at ease knowing who to call and knowing it will get solved correctly”.

Speaking with Michael and learning about ‘corePHP’ has been great. The company has so many services and useful recourses to offer and it’s clear that the team are extremely skilled at what they do. I wish them the best of luck in achieving their goals!

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