CoreCommerce Review and Interview

CoreCommerce Review and Interview


CoreCommerce is an ultra-handy platform that enables users to seamlessly accept, customise and manage online payments. The platform caters to all, whether you are a merchant, agency, value added reseller, or an independent sales organisation.

Join me today as I review CoreCommerce and share the details of my interview with the company’s CEO, Daniel McGugin.

Continuous Development From CoreCommerce

Since its inception in 2001, CoreCommerce has been an innovative company, keeping up-to-date with technology trends and developments. Daniel explained more about how CoreCommerce has grown over the years:

“Established in 2001 and built on a proprietary and exceptionally robust and user-friendly shopping cart technology, CoreCommerce has grown into a world class omni-commerce payments provider. It attracts a thriving community of e- entrepreneurs from around the world. Our entire platform : payments services, hosted payments page, virtual terminal, shopping cart and more, CoreCommerce provides ongoing automatic upgrades and features consistent with evolving technology”.

A Partner-Centric Company

CoreCommerce has strived to treat users as partners, not customers. Daniel believes this unique approach has been a driving force behind the company’s success. He explained:

“CoreCommerce’s partner-centric approach is backed by our expert personal service. We truly value our role as a partner, not a vendor, for entities that utilize our platform. Their success is our success! We are most proud of the fact that we are solely focused on the best ways to serve our partners. This commitment to our partners drives all of our software development, sales and service initiatives”.

To help CoreCommerce’s partners, not only does the company have an intricate support system in place, but it also features an extensive knowledgebase. Partners will find thorough information, tutorials and guides on a wide range of essential topics. These include e-commerce trends, growing your online business, and cybersecurity, to name just a few.

It’s plain to see that Corecommerce genuinely values and appreciates each and every partner, which is great to see.

Feature-Rich Solutions From CoreCommerce

CoreCommerce’s platform is feature-rich, comprehensive and user-friendly. Users can easily customise their payment and shopping cart processes. Daniel spoke more about the CoreCommerce platform:

“CoreCommerce’s omni-commerce platform serves all business sizes and types. Each aspect of the platform is designed to provide seamless and efficient functionality for all customers. CoreCommerce is a dynamic system designed to suit all entities. Our platform has always welcomed customizations and tailoring to meet the needs of all of our partners”.

Let’s go through some of the most exciting features:

Shopping cart customisation

As an online merchant, you will know that not not all shopping carts are created equal. If you’re an eCommerce store owner, your shopping cart is that final hurdle that stands between browsing and buying. CoreCommerce enables users to customise their shopping carts with simple-to-use drag-and-drop templates. You can customise settings such as tax, shipping and products.

Hosted Payments Page

A hosted payments page will allow users to collect those all-important payments. CoreCommerce offers a range of simple tools to customise payment pages, again with drag-and-drop functionality. You don’t need any coding skills and all customisation can be done with ease.

Payment Processing

Security is essential when you’re processing payments on your eCommerce store. CoreCommerce lets customers set up secure payment processing options in minutes. Offer buyers a variety of payment methods and currencies, while protecting their data at the same time.

Let’s Conclude

CoreCommerce takes eCommmerce conversions and payment processes to the next level by providing a large range of templates and customisation tools. It is a great platform for all types of online businesses, from merchants to agencies. I’m particularly impressed with the partner-centric approach the company takes in treating customers as partners. The team understands that their own success is driven by the success of their partners.

Last, but not least, thank you to Daniel who was kind enough to answer my interview questions. Good luck with your CoreGateway launch next year!

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