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CiberConceito Review

CiberConceito Ltd is a Portuguese web hosting company that was founded in 1996 and was one of the first web hosts in Portugal.  CiberConceito has been providing a wide range of web hosting services for over two decades’. They offer very consumer-centric web hosting services for every level of web hosting client from simple personal websites to applications and larger business portals.

They pride themselves on providing responsive customer service and building close relationships with their clients.  The hosting at CiberConceito is done in Lisbon and Oporto, Portugal and they guarantee both speed and stability due to hosting all of the websites at their own data centers which are under 24/7 surveillance.  They offer all levels of web hosting from VPS, to dedicated servers and also more cost-effective shared web hosting.

CiberConcieto offers cloud hosting to ensure that your site will be online with fewer instances of downtime.  There is not much information on their cloud hosting published at this time however it is an area that they invest in.

24/7 Services with CiberConcieto

CiberConcieto offers great, around the clock support for both their customers and also for the technology.  Their support desk is open 24 hours 7 days per week and the whole facility also has permanent security (24 hours a day).

CiberConceito: Customer Service

CiberConceito is a company that is very dedicated to serving their customer base.  CiberConceito has won awards for their customer service, which is not much of a surprise due to them providing support 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week, all year round, with a maximum response time of 2 hours.  They offer a choice of 3 ways to get in touch: phone, email, and a live support desk.

CiberConceito: Backup Services

CiberConceito delivers essential online backup services, and offer an external storage of data with fast and unlimited access 24 hours a day. They understand the importance of data security provides backup policies to preserve the information. There are many instances that backups are required, such as fire, theft, and attacks.


CiberConceito has based its pricing plans on providing the best value for money.

CiberConceito:  Services and Packages


CiberConceito offers 4 levels of shared hosting services, all come with Sofaculous for instant installation of websites and 24/7/365 technical support.  Below we have outlined the shared hosting packages that are available.

Europa 1 – 10GB Disk space, billed twice per year with no monthly cost,
Unlimited Pop3 Email accounts, Unlimited Monthly traffic and 5 MySQL

Europa 2 – 20GB Disk space, billed twice per year with no monthly cost,
Unlimited Pop3 Email accounts, Unlimited Monthly traffic and 10 MySQL

Europa 3 – 40 GB Disk space, billed twice per year with no monthly cost,
Unlimited Pop3 Email accounts, Unlimited Monthly traffic and 25 MySQL

Europa 4 – 80GB Disk space, billed twice per year with no monthly cost,
Unlimited Pop3 Email accounts, Unlimited Monthly trffic and 100 MySQL


With a virtual server, VPS, on CiberConceito, is for more demanding services that are not possible to host on normal shared hosting.  The VPS comes with Technical support, Hardware Warranty, Assisted Power (UPS and generator), Heated room, Portugal data center, root access and free activation.  Below is an overview of the 4 VPS services that CiberConceito provide:

VPSL 1 – RAM 512 Mb, Disk Space 10 GB, Monthly Traffic 100 GB, 1 IP

VPSL 2 – RAM 1024 Mb, Disk Space 20 GB, Monthly Traffic 200 GB, 5 GB Backup FTP 1 IP

VPSL 3 – RAM 2048 Mb, Disk Space 40 GB, Monthly Traffic 400 GB, 10 GB Backup FTP 2 IPs

VPSL 4 – RAM 4048 Mb, Disk Space 80 GB, Monthly Traffic 800 GB, 20 GB Backup FTP 2 IPs


CiberConceito offers dedicated servers for more demanding services, which are not possible in shared hosting platforms.  They all come with cPanel, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam software, Softaculous for quick installation of WordPress and other CMS websites(only with Cpanel), Root access (administration), Heated Room, Power Assisted (UPS and Generator) and Hardware Warranty.  They offer 5 levels of dedicated server packages, with some great spec as outlined below:

Server 1 – Pentium Dual Core Processor, 2GB DDR2 max capacity: 4GB, 160 GB SATA2, 160 GB SATA2, 1 Tb traffic per month, 100 Mbps Bandwidth (Upload / Download), 5Gb, 1 IP

Server 2 – Core 2 Duo Processor, 2GB DDR2 max capacity: 8GB, 250 GB SATA2, 250 GB SATA2, 2 Tb traffic per month, 100 Mbps Bandwidth (Upload / Download), 10 Gb, 3 IPs

Server 3 – Xeon Quad Core 3220 Processor, 4GB DDR2 max capacity: 8GB, 500 GB SATA2, 500 GB SATA2, 5 Tb traffic per month, 100 Mbps Bandwidth (Upload / Download), 15 Gb, 4 IPs

Server 4 – Xeon Quad Core 3220 Processor, 4GB DDR2 max capacity: 8GB, SATA2 1TB, SATA2 1 TB, 10 Tb traffic per month, 100 Mbps Bandwidth (Upload / Download), 20 Gb, 5 IPs

There are a number of listed optional extra services that you can request for your server, these are: Server management, R1Soft Backups (Windows or Linux) – 100Gb, Server Management / Monitoring * with R1Soft Backup, DNS Replication, Remote Reboot Interface and additional memory, either Memory 1 GB DDR (2×512) or Memory 2 GB DDR (2×1024)

Additional Services

In addition to web hosting, CiberConceito has a dedicated Web Application Development team that can create web apps that are created to meet your individual specifications.  They have an extremely competent web development team that can draw on their experience to deliver the best possible solutions to fit their customer’s needs.

Some more great things about CiberConceito:

cPanel is provided as standard

All hosting comes with cPanel and you can also have a Portuguese language option with your cPanel

Custom Server Provision

CiberConceito offers a custom server build service, whereby if you don’t see the server configuration that you are looking for, you can ask them to build you an entirely custom server.

Both Linux and Windows Servers offered

It is great that CiberConceito offer both  Linux and Windows Servers offered in their VPS serversAll in All

CiberConceito offers a comprehensive range of services in all areas of web hosting, and seem to be dedicated to providing their Portuguese customer base with the best possible hosting.  This is especially useful for those who have local customers and web traffic specifically in Portugal and surrounding areas.  Certainly a very experienced host, and one not to be missed if you are looking for an experienced professional web host in Portugal.

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