Brand Scrubbers Review and Interview

Brand Scrubbers Review and Interview


Brand Scrubbers are here to scrub up your website and branding with its range of brand-enhancing services. Whether you’re in need of a professionally-designed logo, expert social media management, or a completely new website design, Brand Scrubbers are on hand to help.

Brand Scrubbers’ Services

To gain some insights into the company, Brand Scrubber’s founder, Sacha Brant, helped me by answering some interview questions.

A “Sassy” Start

Brand Scrubbers has not always been known as that name. The company was originally named “Sassy Lasses”. Sacha told me more about the beginning of her brand development company:

“Brand Scrubbers, which originally started as Sassy Lasses 5 years ago, has developed into what it is through a long, arduous though rewarding journey. At first, it was just me creating a business to support the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs from an operational and management standpoint. Why?

I had spent all those years working with large companies while seeing the little guys struggle to find the support they needed within a budget they could afford. When I left/was forced out of my corporate job, it was a natural next step; Providing big box support services to everyone at affordable rates.

The first 3 years I spent building the business almost entirely alone, minus a handful of contractors I hired to help as I grew. Year 4 we expanded the team and changed the branding and strategy to provide the niche of services we have become known for.

Now, more than 5 years later, we are Brand Scrubbers. We help you build your online business from startup to stardom. We’ve assisted more than 150 organizations across the globe, developed more than 75 websites, created more than 250 logos and assisted over 10 different non-profit organizations pro bono”.

Success Derived From Word Of Mouth

Some Excellent Reviews Of Brand Scrubbers

Brand Scrubbers believes that the best form of marketing is through word-of-mouth recommendation. In fact, Sacha attributes the company’s success to its heavy reliance on word-of-mouth. When I asked Sacha about Brand Scrubbers’ level of customer service, she told me:

“Truthfully, we don’t rate our own customer service. We rely on our customers to tell us how we’re doing and then share the word with others. Given that we believe in un-marketing (the idea of marketing without spending dollars or doodads), we rely heavily on word of mouth. If our customer service was lacking – we’d be out of the game by now. Instead, we’re on track to grow further this year, despite the global pandemic”.

I find this “un-marketing” approach to business both impressive and refreshing. You can rely on customer testimonials to be truthful about a company and include the good and the bad. Therefore, I think that building and marketing a business largely on the basis of customer recommendation is a really great tactic.

Brand Scrubbers’ Core Strengths

I was keen to find out about Brand Scrubbers’ core strengths. I wanted to learn what sets the company apart from competitors and what makes it grow and thrive. Sacha gave me a detailed answer:

“Brand Scrubbers is my baby, so you must understand it’s easy for me to want to talk strengths. I’m really proud of what we have created. However, I’ll stick with my personal top three:

1. Our Fully Remote Dedicated Team – Even before the pandemic, we had created a highly functional and completely remote team to manage our client workload. This is a strength for many reasons; We were able to support businesses online when the pandemic happened that otherwise would have been left without, and at a reduced cost. Additionally, it gives us the ability to work where we are needed and when we are needed without having to consider massive travel time. With a remote organization, it allows us to keep our overhead very low which enables us to provide the most reasonable rates for business owners and entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey.

2. We Empower Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to SUCCEED AND THRIVE – We are not here to rope you in and keep you paying forever and a day. We want to get you setup, looking and feeling good, and then teach you how to manage all aspects of what we’ve helped you develop. At that point, it enables the business owner or entrepreneur to stop our services (effectively saving them money) should they want to self manage or offer continuing support. We have done our job if your business is making money, you’re learning and growing, and perhaps you don’t even need us anymore.

3. Our Willingness Fail Leads to Success – Both personally, and culturally, our organization believes that failure is not finite, in fact it’s not even failure, so long as you get back up and try again. Like any other business owner, I’ve dealt with many bumps, bruises and challenges – the trick is always getting up and learning from it. It’s what I encouraged in my team, and in those we work with”.

Brand Scrubbers Gives Back

We already learned that Brand Scrubbers has admirably donated its time and resources to help non-profits pro-bono. This is the aspect of the company that Sacha is deservedly most proud of. Take a look at what she said about it:

“For me, personally, it’s all about the work I can do pro-bono or at reduced rates for those who are really in need. Because it’s my business, I know that as long as we are taking on enough folks to keep our finances in the black, I can take on as much pro-bono and volunteer work as I feel capable of taking. This has resulted in my donating time to many different organizations.

We are currently in the process of developing the online presence for The Veterans Food Bank of Calgary on a volunteer basis. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than making a difference, no matter how small, in the world around me”.

From Design To Marketing: An All-In-One Service

Web Design and Development

“Do it yourself” free website builders are great, but businesses often find it suits them much better to hire a professional designer. Brand Scrubbers can deliver everything a business will need to build its website and online presence. I asked Sacha which service was most in-demand:

“The bulk of our customers are full-service support – meaning we assist them from their earliest startup spots until they begin to thrive. This process usually involves; URL and Web Hosting, Brand Creation, Web Design and Development, SEO Research and Implementation, Social Media Integration (and later management), as well as On-Going Website Maintenance and Support.

Because we do provide start-to-finish, full-service assistance – it’s by far the most popular because our customers feel fully supported and guided without having to hire an army of different individuals and companies.

That being said, our next best is anything graphic design related. I’m the artist of our organization and I am routinely developing logos, brands, workbooks, brochures, flyers, outdoor signage, and product packaging for companies and individuals as needed”.

Brand Scrubbers’ all-in-one service is fantastic for continued support. It takes the pressure off businesses by taking care of loads of different aspects that every business needs to consider, such as developing their website. I’m really pleased to learn that the company also includes hosting services, as the best website hosting for businesses will ensure websites are powerful enough to keep up with the demand of increasing traffic.

A Promising Future

Brand Scrubbers has a promising future ahead of it. It will have a strong focus on ensuring customers can afford its services by only paying for what they need.

Sacha spoke in-depth about the plans she has for her company:

“We are always on the grow! Since the pandemic, we’ve been hard at work to develop more ways to assist more people at prices they can afford.

To this end, we release our Pay-As-You-Grow website packages allowing business owners and entrepreneurs to pay a small monthly fee for a FINITE AMOUNT OF TIME, after which they own their website and save their money (unlike other services which will charge you every single month for as long as you have your website).

Right now, we’re working on S.O.A.P. by Brand Scrubbers – Your Supportive, Online, Affordable Professionals. Also another pay-as-you-grow style of support for on-going services. We offer packages around website maintenance, graphic design and social media management. The services are already being offered, though the formal push has not yet happened.

Once S.O.A.P. has launched, we’ll be working on a new shopping directory platform for our local area here in BC to help stimulate local businesses while collecting funds to pour back into community programs through PPC”.

Some Final Words

Lastly, I was given a snippet of information about Sacha and her personality:

“Sacha Brant, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Brand Scrubbers and Multiplayer Apparel, is a survivor and badass business boss who has overcome great adversity in order to learn how to shine. She works with peers to help build their businesses from start-up to stardom. She has learned that being a survivor can be more of a strength than a weakness. Sacha has come to understand that her experiences and memories have turned into action and growth and helped shape who she is today”.

It’s been a great experience speaking with Sacha and learning all about Brand Scrubbers. It’s a really fantastic company to help businesses grow and develop their online presence. Brand Scrubbers has enjoyed immense success. The dedicated team does a wonderful job at supporting both its paying customers and its pro-bono customers alike. 

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