BNS Hosting Review and Interview

BNS Hosting Review and Interview


BNS Hosting is a boutique hosting company based in the Philippines. Customers love the technical support in addition to plenty of hosting options like 24×7 managed security, SEO services, streaming services and website traffic analysis.

I approached Wilson Chua and he kindly agreed to be interviewed for this review. I’m going to go through some of BNS Hosting’s best bits and show you what the company can do for you.

The Inception of BNS Hosting

Wilson has an interesting story about how BNS Hosting began. He explained:

“We operated a franchise for a paging company at a time when telephone facilities were hard to come by. It went well until the telephone company decided to launch their own paging service. That was the writing on the wall. This was also during this time that the Philippines’ first international 64kbps leased line was connected to the internet.

I decided to apply for a franchise from Mozcom to be their Point of presence in our area. And from there, it was a short step up to offering hosting services as well. This was how we got started in the hosting business”.

5 Star Customer Service

BNS Hosting’s FAQ Page

BNS Hosting has an impressive track record when it comes to its customer care. Wilson told me:

“We have been rated by our clients 5 out of 5 stars. We offer 24×7 support using omni channels: Phones, SMS, Online Chat and Social media. We are also Carbon friendly – having deployed solar panels to power up our data center”. 

There is additionally a detailed FAQ section on the BNS Hosting website to help customers with a variety of issues and queries. Furthermore, you will find lots of helpful resources such as articles, videos and also invitations to workshops. These were all created by the team of knowledgeable experts and teach lots of useful information.

Wilson is very proud of his dedicated team members and he considers them to be the company’s greatest strength. He told me:

“Our people are our greatest strength. They are the ones attending to our clients’ needs”.

Popular Hosting Packages From BNS Hosting

BNS Hosting has loads to offer but two services in particular sell very well; shared hosting and VPS. Wilson explained further:

“Shared hosting packages are the most popular ‘starter’ plan. Over time, we find that clients grow their online presence and then migrate/level up to virtual private servers. These are the two most popular plans in our company”.

Let’s look at these in more detail…

Shared Hosting

Windows Shared Hosting Plans

Shared hosting is normally the most preferred and best hosting choice for those just starting out on their website venture. This is because it is often low-cost and simple to set up and manage. BNS Hosting’s plans are very reasonable in price and generous in specifications such as disk space and bandwidth.

You have a choice of four different plans. These are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. As you may have guessed, the bronze plan is the cheapest of the four and costs P6048 per year. This converts to £95.82 per year. For this annual price, you will get:

  • 2GB bandwidth
  • 512MB disk space
  • 10 email accounts

BNS Hosting also utilises ASP.Net technology for its shared hosting services to make the process of building your web applications simpler.

VPS Hosting

A VPS, or Virtual Private Server, is a more powerful option than shared hosting and is generally considered to be more secure. This is because, rather than sharing server space, everyone has their own virtual environment which is isolated from all other accounts.

Naturally, it is pricier than shared hosting but the best VPS options will provide a lot more for your money. It is ideal for businesses that have outgrown shared hosting.

The cheapest VPS plan that BNS Hosting has available is its Mini Starter package. With the VPS plans, you have the option of paying monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually, which is nice and convenient. If you choose one of the latter three payment time-scales, you can enjoy a saving of 10%, 15% or 20%, respectively.

An annual payment will cost you around £340.69 per year and will get you:

  • 2 TB monthly bandwidth
  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • 40G storage
  • 4v CPU processors
  • 1GB RAM
  • 24×7 SNMP based monitoring
  • Full Root (admin) level access
  • 24×7 Tech Support (chat, phone, email)

Virtualized Green Package

Virtualized Green Packages

Even though Wilson didn’t include this package when he told me of his best-selling services, I thought that it was well worth a look at.

BNS Hosting has taken commendable steps towards helping the environment. Wilson told me: “BNS went GREEN. We have put up solar power to greatly reduce our carbon footprint”.

The hosting company proudly offers a Virtualized Private server Package which boasts high performance along with low power usage. Sounds good to me! With a promo code [WebCoUK], this package is priced at £12 per month! For this price, you will enjoy:

  • 30 GB Disk space
  • 1 vCPU
  • 1 gb ram Memory
  • 1 TB Transfer per month
  • IPv4 and IPv6 addressing
  • Full Root level (admin) access
  • 24×7 SNMP monitoring
  • 24×7 Tech Support (chat, phone, email)

The Future of BNS Hosting

When I asked Wilson about future plans for his company, he had a lot to say:

“We foresee the need for a managed and outsourced Security Operations Center. We already have manned 24×7 Network operations center. So offering our expertise to even non-hosted clients will be a logical next step.

We see businesses put more of their operations online. So too will hackers want to take a crack at these. And since not all businesses can afford 24×7 monitoring of their systems, I foresee a gap in the market. A gap that our people can serve. Towards this end, we are exploring adding new SIEM + AI to upgrade our current slew of monitoring platforms”.

BNS Hosting is a fantastic all-in-one provider of everything you need to power and maintain your website and applications. Its comprehensive approach means you can get everything from powerful hosting, SEO services, and website vulnerability testing, all in one place.

Thank you to Wilson for cooperating with me for this review!

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