BigBox Host Review and Interview

BigBox Host Review and Interview


BigBox Host is a hosting company with some impressive features. Stable, affordable, and reliable, the hosting provider offers something for everyone, from cheap web hosting, to dedicated servers and VPS solutions.

Saurabh Sonar, founder of BigBox Host, agreed to an interview where I learned more about the company and its services.

Impressive Company Growth

BigBox Host has grown impressively since its inception in 2010. Saurabh explained the reasons behind starting a hosting company:

“It was something around early 2009, I was studying for my B.Tech. degree and working on some websites for clients and also as a hobby building some websites, VPN solutions and torrent trackers. For a hosting requirement, I was dealing with free solutions within the market at that time.

Later I thought to put some bucks into buying a reseller account with a company of that age named ServerBing. There were many issues with their hosting services and the owner was unable to solve them. I made a few changes within my cPanel reseller account bought from ServerBing and many issues were solved. And then I guided the owner of that company on the issues and he asked me for help to fix the issues for other accounts on his server. I did it and he then offered me a job as system administrator for his servers management.

I worked for him for almost 1 year and then decided to start with some more premium, reliable and quality services in the market. At this time, I decided to start with BigBox around May 2010. That time I rented a server with other providers and started with hosting and reseller hosting services.

As with competitive pricing and good service, we grew to 50X within the year and added the team of 4 people. And also started with VPS services within 1 year. And now, BigBox has successfully completed 10 years in this Industry with 100+ employees, multiple owned hardware, DC locations. Also, BigBox is LIR at RIPE region, ISP in ARIN and APNIC region. Currently, we provide multiple solutions from domain name registration to dedicated server, colocations, custom cloud solution, web development etc”.

Many Satisfied Customers

The best hosting for businesses are those that provide excellent customer care, alongside their robust services. And, BigBox does just this. Saurabh makes the outstanding claim that BigBox has never had a dissatisfied customer and rates its customer service as 4.9/5!

He told me more about this:

“On that I can say nothing in this world is perfect. But till date, we haven’t had any customers unsatisfied with our customer service. We ensure all the tickets are responded to within 2 hours. Our current average support turnaround time is 40 min. Even after resolution of the matter we have a feedback system to rate the support experience. We regularly check and improve ourselves according to the customers’ feedback”.

To back this up, BigBox has a dedicated testimonial page where you can read some glowing testimonials from very happy customers. The company encourages all feedback, both good and bad.

BigBox Host’s Greatest Strengths

As a comprehensive yet cheap web hosting provider, BigBox Host understands the value of customer satisfaction. When I asked Saurabh what he considers to be the company’s greatest strengths, he placed further emphasis on taking care of his customers:

“First our customers and second our highly enthusiastic employees, who never make customers feel like they’re being left alone in a desert”.

More still, the quality of BigBox’s customer support is the one aspect that Saurabh is most proud of:

“The quality of service and support that makes customers return again after trying other providers”.

Low-Cost Hosting At Its Finest

BigBox Host focuses strongly on affordability. This is true whether you’re looking for basic web hosting, reseller hosting, or cheap VPS hosting. I was genuinely impressed with the prices displayed on the company’s website so I took a closer look at them.

I’m going to go through the ones that I think are most worth mentioning, but there are lots more including web design, SEO services, and domain name registration.

Web Hosting

First up is web hosting which is always much in-demand. Prices begin at just $1.95 per month for the “Basic” package. After this, you’ve got “Advanced” for $2.95 per month, and then “Pro” for $3.95 per month.

Not only are these prices super low, but the inclusive resources make them each an incredible bargain.

For example, the Basic plan gives you 5GB of storage along with 50GB data transfer. On the other hand, the Pro plan gives you 20GB storage and 200GB data transfer.

All plans are fully managed and have a guaranteed, hard-to-beat uptime of 99.9%. More still, customers can benefit from instant set-ups and 24/7 support.

VPS Hosting

The cost for BigBox Host’s VPS hosting remains low, with prices ranging from $2.95 per month to $12.95 per month, with three plans in between.

The most popular VPS plan from BigBox costs $7.95 per month which gives you 75GB disk space, 750GB bandwidth, 1024MB of RAM and 4 CPU cores.

These Virtual Private Servers are all self-managed, making them an ideal choice for people wanting more control over their hosting. However, if this isn’t for you, you can easily upgrade to a fully-managed VPS plan instead.

Dedicated Servers

Interestingly, dedicated servers are the most popular choice among BigBox customers. Saurabh told me:

“Considering current client-base, most of the clients buy a dedicated server with mid-range server configurations”.

As you can imagine, dedicated servers cost considerably more than shared hosting and VPS. The cheapest is $50.00 per month.

BigBox has many custom server configurations available, as well as some set plans. The middle-priced plan costs $75.00 per month. However, the amount of resources you receive for this price makes it excellent value for money. Here are the specs for this particular plan:

  • 48GB DDR3 ECC- RAM
  • 1TB SATA / 256GB SSD
  • 3TB bandwidth
  • Free installation

Some Secret Plans For The Future

I asked Saurabh about BigBox’s future plans and he was quite secretive about them:

“Yes, we have many plans and are currently working on some unique innovative solutions for the hosting industry. But I can’t disclose for now, soon we will update you on it”.

I’m intrigued to discover what these unique and innovative plans are and I can’t wait to learn more about them.

Saurabh has been really great with answering my interview questions. BigBox Host has an impressive array of hosting solutions and they are all excellent value for money. I was also really impressed with the company’s dedication to customer care. Good luck BigBox Host with your future plans. 

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