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A web host with a 100% uptime guarantee and HIPAA compliant.

Since 1994, have been serving New York, London, Toronto, San Francisco, Dallas, and Orlando with web hosting solutions. Originally named Internet Connect, aren’t afraid to show their customers how they’ve developed as a business. offer a range of hosting solutions, including HIPAA compliant hosting, cloud hosting, and managed hosting. They are one of the few hosting providers that boast a 100% uptime guarantee across all of their hosting products!

What is HIPAA compliance?

It’s a data protection standard set by The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Companies that work with protected health information (PHI) must conform to a set of network and security measures to ensure that they are HIPAA compliant.

Understandably this is quite a niche requirement when it comes to web hosting. However, someone has to provide this service, and by the looks of it, do it very well! HIPAA requirements for hosting include:

  • Firewall
  • Encrypted VPN
  • Offside backups
  • Multi factor authentication
  • Private hosted environment
  • SSL certificate
  • SSAE 18 SOC 1 SOC 2 Certifications
  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

Cloud Hosting

Cloud-based hosting servers give customers a lot more control compared to shared hosting. With, your server will be deployed within 30 seconds and won’t tie you into any form of contract. You can choose to sign up and pay monthly, or you can enter into a 1 or 3 year term where the overall price is reduced.

All of the company’s cloud hosting plans use top-notch infrastructure. Your server will come equipped with RAID-10 SSD storage, giving you a performance edge like no other. If you need additional resources, you can scale up your server at any point in time.

General Purpose1 GB140 GB3 TB$8/mo ($0.0119/hr)$14/mo ($0.0208/hr)
General Purpose2 GB280 GB4 TB$17/mo ($0.0253/hr)$27/mo ($0.0402/hr)
General Purpose4 GB2100 GB5 TB$34/mo ($0.0506/hr)$54/mo ($0.0804/hr)
General Purpose8 GB4160 GB6 TB$68/mo ($0.1012/hr)$108/mo ($0.1607/hr)
General Purpose16 GB8200 GB7 TB$136/mo ($0.2024/hr)$216/mo ($0.3214/hr)
General Purpose32 GB12350 GB8 TB$272/mo ($0.4048/hr)$432/mo ($0.6429/hr)
General Purpose64 GB20650 GB9 TB$544/mo ($0.8095/hr)$864/mo ($1.2857/hr)
Storage Optimized16 GB2500 GB10 TB$105/mo ($0.1563/hr)$145/mo ($0.2158/hr)
Storage Optimized32 GB41 TB10 TB$180/mo ($0.2679/hr)$260/mo ($0.3869/hr)
Storage Optimized64 GB82 TB10 TB$330/mo ($0.4911/hr)$490/mo ($0.7292/hr)
Storage Optimized96 GB123 TB10 TB$465/mo ($0.692/hr)$705/mo ($1.0491/hr)
Storage Optimized128 GB164 TB10 TB$599/mo ($0.8914/hr)$919/mo ($1.3676/hr)
Memory Optimized16 GB240 GB10 TB$52/mo ($0.0774/hr)$92/mo ($0.1369/hr)
Memory Optimized32 GB480 GB10 TB$101/mo ($0.1503/hr)$181/mo ($0.2693/hr)
Memory Optimized64 GB8160 GB10 TB$200/mo ($0.2976/hr)$360/mo ($0.5357/hr)
Memory Optimized128 GB16350 GB10 TB$396/mo ($0.5893/hr)$716/mo ($1.0655/hr)
Compute Optimized8 GB440 GB10 TB$67/mo ($0.0997/hr)$87/mo ($0.1295/hr)
Compute Optimized16 GB880 GB10 TB$133/mo ($0.1979/hr)$173/mo ($0.2574/hr)
Compute Optimized32 GB16160 GB10 TB$263/mo ($0.3914/hr)$343/mo ($0.5104/hr)
Compute Optimized64 GB20350 GB10 TB$461/mo ($0.686/hr)$621/mo ($0.9241/hr)

As you can see, there’s a lot to choose from. It’s one of the reasons I really like – you’re almost spoiled for choice, and that’s not a bad thing when it comes to web hosting. At the end of the day, not everyone’s needs can fit into one, two, or even three boxes. Scaleable and customisable options are the way forward.


Live support is offered with any type of account. Unlike some hosting providers, will offer the same level of support regardless of what type of customer you are.

Flexible pricing plans are on offer throughout their range of products. Whether you’re looking at VPS, cloud, or dedicated hosting, you can almost tailor make a package to suit you.

Choices are available on almost everything aspect of their hosting solutions. You can choose between Linux and Windows, RAM, storage, bandwidth, etc.


cPanel and WHM cost extra if you want them included. For example, on their cloud hosting plans, you’ll need to add $14.97 per month for WHM/cPanel License. That’s almost 50% of the cost of their most basic cloud plan.

Complex pricing can be off-putting to some customers. A lot of’s services require a custom quote which takes time to obtain.


There’s a lot of services on offer, but one thing rings true throughout all of them. undoubtedly offer some high class features across the board. Regardless of the size of your website or business, there’s something to suit everyone.

100% uptime guarantee is something you don’t see very often in the hosting world!’s confidence in their hardware is reflected in their promises.

Data center’s are all HIPAA compliant. Although only London is covered in Europe, hope to provide data center’s in other locations soon.

Support is one of this company’s key features. They proactively monitor servers to ensure the best performance. They are always on hand on a multi-tiered approach so every customer will receive the best support.

Security is excellent, including service organisation control, HIPAA audited, and HITECH audited.

Conclusion, for me, is a high-end hosting solution for professionals and business. Yes, their pricing plans are very flexible, so any type of customer could benefit. However, I would really recommend their services to users who know what they’re after.

The technology and security behind each of’s servers is absolutely top of it’s game. If you’re not willing to risk even 1% downtime on your website, you’ll be secure with this company.

From cloud hosting to managed services, you will receive a 5 star support approach from beginning to end. can customise any solution to suit your needs, and are on hand throughout every stage of the process.

If you’re looking for a simple site builder or pre-installed server, then this isn’t going to be right for you. However, if you’re after a world of features at affordable prices, including scalability and root access, you won’t be disappointed with

Anna thrives on providing helpful articles to her readers, taking time to really get to know the products and services she reviews and interviews. An enthusiast of the world wide web, Anna hopes her research proves useful and interesting.

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