AppSave® Review and Interview

AppSave® Review and Interview


AppSave® is a one-of-a-kind shopping app, designed to help businesses and consumers alike. Consumers can benefit from saving time and money with tasks such as finding the best deals. Businesses, on the other hand, get a unique geotargeting experience to boost their customer retention rate and sales.

I spoke with Dr. Rick Mayer, the founder of AppSave®, to discuss the app and all the features it has available.

A Deep Understanding Of Marketing

Dr. Mayer wanted to create a whole new shopping experience that would benefit both businesses and consumers. He told me about why he decided to build his business:

“I have been involved in the GeoTargeting market for several years with different companies. In each case, the company owners didn’t understand the Proximity Marketing customer and worse, they didn’t understand marketing.

I decided to formulate my own company and hire my own developers to develop a product that would truly help the small to medium sized business owner grow their business with what many experts, including C/NET, say will be the hottest marketing trend of 2021. Geo Targeted Proximity Marketing direct to the consumers Smartphone, based upon Location.

I could not find what I needed on the open market. There were many companies saying they could build what I needed but all were merely building off an existing app or a template, or were merely a reseller from a different company”.

Free Marketing Solutions

Keeping costs low is especially important to many businesses right now, too many of which are struggling to stay afloat. The good news for these businesses is that AppSave® offers a range of marketing solutions which are completely free of charge. This is made possible by AppsSave®’s excellent and generous supporters such as CloserDeals™, Maverik, and copUp, to name a few.

Dr. Mayer spoke about this in-depth:

“We help the business owner grow by giving them the single Least Expensive and Most Effective form of Customer Acquisition and Retention on the market today. IBM said it best, “If you aren’t engaging them on their device, when and where they want, and your competitor is… your company may be out of business.

COVID has literally decimated the small business community. There are enough scams out there trying to take what little money a business has.

We have some excellent supporters allowing us to help the business now, in the recovery phase, and then later, in the growth phase.

We have several products that are Free. www.ScanOfTheDay.com is free now and will always be. We show a business how to tap into the direct marketing to consumers, on their own for free.

www.AppVOLV.com like you saw, is a site that shows business owners how to get their business online, and do it the Correct way by complying with the Google Rules of Engagement…a Big factor.

www.SaveMyBusiness.net is our final product and currently Free because of our supporters. Down the road, after this Covid nightmare is past, we may charge a subscription fee but that is currently up in the air.

We also give a business free listings in www.GooMaps.net and CloserDeals™ (where we currently have 5 states and growing.)”

Dr Mayer continued and told me how proud he is to be able to help small businesses:

“I am proud of the fact that we have so many top supporters and are able to offer relief and help to the small business community for FREE”.

AppSave®‘s Customer Support

Even though AppSave® has a lot to offer at no cost, Dr Mayer and his team still provide a good level of customer care. He explained:

“Because we are offering Free services we can’t afford to man an extensive customer support center. Our service is via email and when a customer comes onboard we use ZOOM for Q&A and training. The bulk of what we do is via. online training via How-to websites that pretty much answer most questions and show folks how to do the things they need”.

AppSave®’s Greatest Strengths

AppSave® has lots going for it. Consumers can enjoy features like finding deals in the area they are in at the time. They are only shown information that is relevant to them, what they want and where they are.

Businesses will benefit from sharing highly-targeted ads and information to relevant prospective customers, thus optimising their conversion rates. It’s a win-win, being a real asset to both businesses and consumers. Dr.Mayer told me what he considers to be his company’s greatest strength:

“We have systems that work and are exclusive. There are other companies out there in the GeoTargeting field but most lock a customer into a contract, and that’s usually to the tune of around $10,000 a year!

We let the customer bite off as much as they need with a menu system that allows them to tailor what they need, but right now it’s Free”.

AppSave®‘s Up And Coming Plans

Dr Mayer and his team have been busy working on something brand new and exciting. Here’s what he told me:

“Yes, we are working on  www.GooVR.net, which will be launched in a few weeks. We are working on a system that will take shopping to the next level. Experts predict that in as little as 15 years the Mall and even the store front will disappear”.

This sounds very interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing what GooVR™ will bring to the market!

Last, but not least, Thank you to Dr. Mayer for speaking to me about AppSave®. I think what the company is doing is very commendable and I’m sure that a lot of businesses will appreciate the extra support. 

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