Almond Solutions Review and Interview

Almond Solutions Review and Interview


Almond Solutions offers customers a good choice of digital marketing, web development, and hosting services. Founded in 2005, the company was built out of a passion to provide a range of marketing and website solutions all under one roof.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Derar Barqawi, a representative of Almond solutions told me that the company’s digital marketing services sell the best. There are lots to choose from and the team really does cover all bases. I’m going to go through some of these to give you a more detailed insight into what Almond Solutions have on offer.


Almond Solutions gives site visitors the opportunity to get their websites audited in just three minutes! Even better, this is a free service whereby you will receive a detailed report that will explain your site’s SEO “health” and inform you of any issues there might be.

Beyond that, Almonds Solutions’ SEO services are completely tailored to you. You can expect inclusions such as keyword research, page optimisation, link building and content development. The team works hard to get your website ranking high on Google and Bing.

Social Media Marketing

Almond Solutions can manage your social media platforms too. Working from a bespoke and carefully-crafted social media strategy, they will create content to drive engagement and build your following. The company’s goal here is to drive “value for your audience and your business”. They can effectively manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

More still, part of the strategy will include aspects such as analysing your strengths and weaknesses, finding new clients, and helping you to make the most out of the resources they give you so that you can continue on the same successful path.

Email Marketing

You may have lots of great ideas for your email marketing campaign. But, you might soon discover that the process can be both tricky and costly. There are lots of aspects to consider such as how many people on your email list open your emails and how many click on any links and offers.

Almond Solutions has the perfect solution; AlmondMailer, which streamlines and simplifies the process. It is an invaluable software that can be tailored to your campaigns. Easily create bespoke offers and send them out to specific groups of people on your mailing list.

Furthermore, there are no monthly subscription fees, which makes it even better!

Almond Solutions Has 5-Star Customer Service

I asked Derar how he rates the company’s customer service. He told me:

“According to Google reviews, I can rate it as 5-star (you can find this on our website under “Google Reviews”). We are serving our customers via a well-trained team and using a modern internal methodology”.

Google reviews describe Almond Solutions as “very professional”, “one of the best”, and “knowledgeable and very responsive”. These are just a few of the many extremely impressive comments from satisfied clients.

Once you fill out the online form, Almond Solutions promises to get back you quickly. You can also give them a phone call if you prefer, which is a convenient additional option for reaching out.

Derar also spoke very highly of the Almond Solutions team. He said:

“The greatest strength is we have a nerds team who think big and outside the box”.

Keeping Up With Trends

The company considers its ability to keep up with current digital marketing trends to be the aspect its most proud of. The people behind Almond Solutions work hard to deliver news and updates on matters such as SEO, Google algorithms, and Google Ads.

These are all displayed in its news and updates section where you will find loads of interesting articles with all the latest information.

Almond Solutions’ Future

The future is looking bright for Almond Solutions. Derar explained the company’s ambitious mission:

“Yes, we are working hard to deliver our solutions worldwide, and really we are at the middle of this road”.

I wish the team the best of luck on delivering their solutions all across the world. I have no doubt they’ll make it! Almond Solutions is a really great company that strives to deliver personalised digital marketing and website solutions to its customers. The Google reviews of the company speak volumes about both its customer care and their skills as digital marketers and web developers. I’ve been really impressed with what I’ve seen today. 

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