AccuWebHosting Review

AccuWebHosting Review


AccuWebHosting was founded back in 2002 by Rahul Vaghasia in New Jersey, USA. Now 16 years young, AccuWebHosting is a long-standing hosting provider and offers a plethora of products and services to meet the growing needs of their customers.

Initially, AccuWebHosting was created to fill a requirement for high-quality Windows-based hosting. However, they have since significantly expanded their offering. AccuWebHosting now also provide more advanced Application Hosting such as Node.js Hosting and MEAN.js (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node). As well as offering a full suite of Cloud Hosting packages for both Windows and Linux.

Over time AccuWebHosting has listened carefully to the needs of their customers and have grown an impressive suite of web services to fulfill those needs.

Customer Support

AccuWebHosting offers 24/7 customer support using online chat and provides expert phone representatives that can quickly answer any questions that come up. Client responsiveness is pivotal to the success of AccuWebHosting and has led to the development of many solutions to meet the growing needs of their clients.

AccuWebHosting believes in better serving customers through listening and developing solutions to fulfill their needs.  They have a dedicated research and development department to further complement their team.

Innovative Solutions with AccuWebHosting

AccuWebHosting has some really innovative solutions that provide FREE hosting to both ambassadors of the company and also students. We are really impressed by how they support their community by giving back so generously. Below we will delve into both of their free hosting services.

Free Hosting for life

AccuWebHosting has a unique system whereby their customers can earn free hosting by boasting about AccuWebHosting online. The system is fairly straightforward, say great things about AccuWebHosting, then earn points that can accumulate and then be used towards your Accu hosting bills. These are known as “BoastPoints”…

You get 30 boast points for writing a review, 1 BoastPoint for mentioning them on twitter, 1 BoastPoints for a Facebbook like, 1 boastpoint for sharing their Google Plus posts, 5 boatponts for creating a thread on StackExchange, 1 boatpoint for Pinterest, 10 boastpoints for creating a Youtube video about Accu We Hosting. The ways of sharing are quite vast, you can even write a 500 word blog on their site and gain 15 boastpoints.

Free Hosting for Students

AccuWebHosting is committed to helping computer and systems engineer students and therefore offer free hosting for qualifying students. The aim is to help students afford to host their projects online and succeed on their chosen career path in technology. The package that is provided is pretty impressive. The spec of the Free student package with Accuweb hosting is as follows:

cPanel/WHM control panel, Pure SSD storage, PHP 5.x, 7.x, Perl & Python Support, mySQL Database Support, No Advertisement, Multiple Layer DDOS Protection, KnowledgeBase and Video Tutorials, IMAP / SMTP / POP3 protocol support and 99.9% uptime guarantee

Free Domain Registration

AccuWebHosting.com offers free domain registration with some of their hosting plans. If you are signing up for the first time or even if you are already registered with them and choose one of their annual, biennially or triennially billing cycles, they offer free domain registration. If you already have a domain name, AccuWebHosting provides the opportunity to renew select domain names for free for a year.

Windows VPS with AccuWebHosting

AccuWebHosting offers affordable Windows VPS that are super fast, completely scalable, and secure. You can run your own windows computer virtually with AccuwebHosting with no need for any physical barriers or obstacles. With plans that cater to every budget while still providing the highest quality.

With Windows virtual machines specially designed for all types of applications from Classic or Cloud to Forex specific Windows VPS. There are a wide range of Windows VPS available from AccuWeHosting that you can use as your own virtual windows computer.

WordPress Hosting with AccuWebHosting

The three packages of WordPress hosting available with AccuWebHosting allow you to start your WordPress project inexpensively or even for free. When signing up for their free WP hosting, you don’t even have to provide any credit card details and there are no banners or adverts on your new WordPress site. This is an amazing lifetime offer of free WordPress hosting. Below I have outlined the three WordPress packages available with AccuWebHosting.

  • Free for LifeTime – 1 Website, 2GB SSD Storage, up to 5000 monthly visitors, 30GB monthly bandwidth, 15 connections, Shared CPU, 768 MB RAM, 125000 files, 100 outgoing emails per hour, 15 MySQL connections per user, 5 FTP accounts, 25 email accounts, 10 MySQL databases and limited ticket support.
  • WordPress PersonalUnlimited Websites, 10GB SSD Storage, up to 30,000 monthly visitors, 60GB monthly bandwidth, 20 connections, 50% 1 core, 1024 MB RAM, 250000 files, 500 outgoing emails per hour, 40 MySQL connections per user, Unlimited FTP accounts, Unlimited email accounts, Unlimited MySQL databases and ticket support within 45mins.
  • WordPress Business – Unlimited Websites, 30GB SSD Storage, up to 75,000 monthly visitors, 100GB monthly bandwidth, 30 connections, 75% 1 core, 1280 MB RAM, 250000 files, 500 outgoing emails per hour, 40 MySQL connections per user, Unlimited FTP accounts, Unlimited email accounts, Unlimited MySQL databases and ticket support within 45mins.

With the two paid tiers you also get the following services as standard:-

  • Chat Support
  • Phone Support
  • Wp-speed Optimized
  • Free Website Migration
  • Daily Backup
  • Shell Access
  • Fully Managed Support
  • Free Domain Registration
  • Instant Account Activation

AccuWebHosting: Automation

AccuWebHosting offers a lot of automation throughout to ensure that costs to end users are kept low and all customers receive the optimal level of service. They have a fully functional, automated migration tool that was developed in-house.  This is backed up with a migration support team that specifically helps people who are moving their websites and projects over to AccuWebHosting.

AccuWebHosting: Packages and Benefits

AccuWebHosting offer Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Services and Dedicated Web Services. We have already had a look at their WordPress specific hosting packages, let’s review their other hosting packages and what you get with them.

Reseller Hosting with AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting offers 3 levels of reseller hosting that allow you to provide a fully managed hosting service to your own customer base. They offer both Windows and Linux reseller hosting as well as VPS reseller and cloud plans with super fast SSD.

Staying True to their Roots

AccuWebHosting Packages reflect the fact that the company was initially set up as a Windows hosting provider. They offer a full suite of Windows services from ASP.net and MSSQL to older 2008 based windows offerings.

Below are the shared web hosting services offered by AccuWeb Hosting:

  • Linux Web Hosting – Linux Hosting on Cloud Servers, Linux Hosting on SSD Servers, WordPress Hosting on SSD Servers
  • Windows Web Hosting – Cloud Windows Hosting, SSD Windows Hosting, Windows 2012 Hosting, Windows 2008 Hosting
  • Application Hosting – Drupal Web Hosting, Joomla Web Hosting, OSCommerce Web Hosting, ASP.Net 4.5 Web Hosting and IIS 8 Web Hosting

Cloud Hosting with AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting offers both shared and VPS Cloud hosting packages with an amazing 100% uptime guarantee! They offer both Windows and Linux cloud hosting packages.  All of the Cloud Hosting Packages with AccuWeb Hosting come with Instant Account Activation, Classic ASP Supported, Latest ASP.Net Framework, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, Latest ASP.Net Framework with PHP, Perl and Ajax Support, SSL Certificate as ADD-ON for both of the lower plans and a free SSL certificate comes with the “Cirrus Cloud” when bought with an annual subscription.

In Summary

AccuWebHosting is an experienced web host that provides a wide range of services to suit every size of web project and budget. They have lots of incentives such as their BoastPoints, Free domains as well as top class support from experts. The company has evolved over the past 16 years to deliver a tonne of hosting services that grow with your business. With worldwide servers and the know-how needed to get you off the ground and build your online presence, AccuWeb Hosting is not to be missed.

Furthermore, if you study technology at a reputable University, you can apply for free hosting to take your project to the next level and enhance your career. They certainly are a one-stop shop for all of your hosting requirements.

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