With an advertisement at just $2.75 a month, it’s hard not to seem enticed by the deal. Especially when they’re offering things like free templates, a WYSIWYG site builder for free and other free perks on the front page. We were also delighted to see that they currently offer advertising credits on popular platforms such as Yahoo, Bing and Google AdWords. eHost currently powers over one million sites and while they aren’t as well-known as some of the other major hosting competitors, how do they hold up to the big boys?

Packages & Pricing



This is where eHost really shines in terms of pricing and what they offer for the price of just $2.75 a month. Obviously, eHost is a one package all host where you have the one shared hosting plan and that’s it but we wanted to explore what you got with that plan. The pricing of only $2.75 a month made us a bit nervous so here’s what we found in terms of how the price held up.

So while there’s not much to expand on in terms of the packages you get with eHost, we were thoroughly impressed with what you got for the price. There are hosts out there that didn’t offer us even half the features we were offered at eHost and we had to pay extra for those. You can’t find a better deal on the market today for the pricing, so with that in mind, we’re holding eHost as one of the industry leaders in terms of the one package they have and the value that you get.



How easy is the platform to use and how easy is it for non-tech savvy customers to navigate around all the functionality that eHost offers? eHost offers cPanel which is standard for most web hosting companies today. cPanel is relatively easy to navigate and impossible to get lost in. cPanel offers a lot of functionality which is point and click, meaning you can click on the function you want and install it just like that.

For the avid blogger, there’s multiple CMS platforms like WordPress available at your fingertips. If you’ve never used WordPress, it’s a popular blogging platform that allows people to easily build a site or a blog with limited knowledge of coding or no knowledge of coding at all. The interface for the billing and control panel at eHost is straight forward and very easy to navigate around.

If you ever have any trouble navigating or have any questions, their technical support is right around the corner and available 24/7. We only had to contact their support team a couple of times and the phone was answered in a couple of minutes. We never had an issue go unresolved for longer than 5 minutes with eHost.

Performance & Uptime

When we were monitoring the performance of our websites on eHost, we would send out pings to websites several times throughout the day to see if there was a particular rise or peak in server response time. On average, we were quite impressed with the results as we naturally only saw a high of 30 and most of the response times averaged in the mid-20s.

Fast speed and server readiness is crucial to delivering content because if a website doesn’t load instantly, you could lose a customer. Slow web hosts often promise 99.9% uptime but generally don’t live up to that promise. From our experience at eHost, we never had any downtime what so ever and we never had to contact support over downtime.

Again, impressing us with the reliability and the speed of a host that only costs $2.75 a month to host whatever we wanted to put on there. Their uptime guarantee is one of a kind as well, it’s something you can’t beat in this industry. If you’re not satisfied with your uptime, they might even credit you for an entire free month if you didn’t get 99.9% uptime, like stated in their contract.

Tools & Options


When it comes to the tools and functionality you get at eHost, they blew our minds and their competition out of the water. We were introduced to a lot of free tools such as network performance and marketing guides. Here’s a short list of some of the tools at your disposal with eHost.


The support of eHost is really top of the line, top notch and one of a kind in this business. You wouldn’t expect such great support for the price but when we had to contact them, the representative answered our call in a couple of minutes. We were greeted professionally and helped swiftly, our issue was resolved in a mere five minutes. This is something we don’t see at other hosting companies.

There’s step by step tutorials for people who’d like to problem solve themselves and if you’re unhappy, there’s a 45 day money back guarantee. The best part is, if you hate phone support, they even have a 24/7 active chat support for people who want to avoid the wait times on the phone.

Pros & Cons




eHost is one of the premiere leaders when it comes to offering cheap hosting for people on a budget and still delivering top notch solutions. eHost has delivered on every single promise they claimed was given for a mere $2.75 a month. We were thoroughly impressed with all the options we were given for the price paid and the support blew us away.

We can’t recommend eHost enough if you’re operating a small website or would like to start a blog. If there’s something you’re not satisfied with for any reason, you can simply contact eHost and get all of your money back in a 45 day guaranteed money back contract.