ZeroBounce Review and Interview

ZeroBounce Review and Interview


ZeroBounce is the ultimate email campaign companion. As the name suggests, the software helps you to manage your bounce rate by informing you in advance which emails will bounce. This is just one feature of the intuitive and ultra-handy email validation service.

Liviu Tanase, ZeroBounce’s CEO, discussed the company with me and was good enough to answer my interview questions.

A Background Of ZeroBounce

Liviu Tanase, along with his partners, decided to build ZeroBounce when he saw a gap in the market. Being a tech entrepreneur, a comprehensive email validation platform like ZeroBounce would have been invaluable. But, no such one existed that provided everything he needed. Two years later, ZeroBounce came into fruition.

Liviu explained:

“I’ve been a tech entrepreneur for a long time. My partners and I had been involved in the email industry for a few years and weren’t able to find an email validation platform that offered everything we needed. So we decided to build one ourselves. That was around 2015.

Two years later, we launched ZeroBounce as an email verification and list enhancement platform. It grew quickly into one of the top players on the market, and that only motivated us to get better and expand our services”.

Continuous Innovation From ZeroBounce

2018 saw ZeroBounce add to its list of services and features as Liviu and his partners expanded their business. Liviu spoke in-depth about ZeroBounce’s services and what they do for customers:

“In 2018, we added an A.I powered email scoring system to our suite of services. Once they validate their email lists, our customers can then score them to detect the contacts that are most active and likely to engage. It’s also an excellent way to validate catch-all emails, which good email verifiers can detect, but can’t determine their validity.

This year, we launched three more tools to better serve our customers and help them land their emails in the inbox.

Email Server Tester Tool
  • The mail server tester allows you to see whether your email server is configured correctly. We run more than 100 tests to detect possible issues and give you a chance to fix them before you send out your campaigns.
  • The inbox placement tester gives you a clear perspective on your deliverability: will your email go to inbox or spam, or not even get delivered? ZeroBounce gives you 20 testing email addresses associated with some of the most popular providers across the world. Before you send it to your list, send your email to these addresses first so you can see where it lands. If it’s not in the inbox, you can adjust your content and settings until you reach that goal.
  • The blacklist monitoring service notifies you about being added to any blacklists. Monitoring the IP and the domain you send from is essential to your deliverability. ZeroBounce verifies more than 200 blacklists, and if you get flagged, you’ll be able to act upon it before things get worse.

Nobody has time – or even the ability – to check and score every email address one by one, test their deliverability, or determine if they’re on a blacklist. ZeroBounce does it in minutes so you have less to worry about. Plus, our system is something anyone can use, no matter their technological proficiency”.

Customer Service Is Top Priority For ZeroBounce

Great Testimonials From ZeroBounce Customers

ZeroBounce is big on customer service. When entering the ZeroBounce website, you will straight away notice the live chat box pop up, letting you know that the team is there to help if you need them. They also offer telephone, social media, and email support, so there are lots of ways to reach out to them with any queries.

Liviu spoke about ZeroBounce’s high level of customer care:

“Offering our customers the attention and care they deserve has been a priority for us from day one. That’s why we’ve provided 24/7 customer service from the very beginning. It’s also been a differentiator in the market. At the time when we launched, I don’t remember any other similar platform offering 24/7 customer support.

Currently, ZeroBounce has a team of 12 email experts available around the clock to answer any question and guide you through using the platform. Wherever you are in the world, if you reach out to us, someone’s going to respond right away – often within seconds.

Not only that, but customers rave about our support team. If you take a look at our reviews, you’ll see that many of them mention and thank our support specialists. You can’t get people to say such positive things unless they really have a positive experience”.

ZeroBounce has thousands of satisfied customers and an impressive TrustPilot score of 4.6 out of 5. Customers describe the company’s customer service as “amazing”, “top-notch”, and “unparalleled”.

ZeroBounce’s Greatest Strengths

ZeroBounce has enjoyed rapid growth in the three years since its inception. Liviu explained to me the company’s strengths that he considers responsible for its success:

“Our 98% guaranteed accuracy has been a clear differentiator and one of the reasons our company grew so fast. People tried the service, saw that it delivered results, and the word spread.

Another strength is the way we protect customer data. ZeroBounce uses military-grade encryption algorithms to ensure the security of files and personal information. Also, we are GDPR and SOC2 compliant, and partner with well-respected cybersecurity companies that assess our systems monthly. Our customers validate their email lists with confidence knowing their data is safe with us.

Finally, our excellent team: they are the ones who’ve made ZeroBounce “the best email validation service,” as our customer Gene Massey said.

I’m most proud of our team. Thanks to their hard work and full-hearted commitment, ZeroBounce has become a leader in email validation in just three years.

In 2019, we made the Inc. 5000 list for the first time, taking no. 851. In 2020, we rose to no. 40 on the Inc. list of the fastest-growing companies in America”.

ZeroBounce’s track record is certainly impressive and its achievements speak volumes about both the software and the team behind it.

ZeroBounce Plans and Pricing

ZeroBounce Plans

ZeroBounce has different plans to choose from, each offering its own benefits and features. There is even a free plan available which includes 100 monthly email validation and scoring credits, as well as access to the deliverability toolkit.

For the paid email validation service, you can choose to pay monthly or pay as you go. The pay as you go option is convenient for those who only want to pay for what they use and don’t want to be locked into a contract.

The pay monthly option works out a little cheaper and begins at just $15.00 per month for 2,000 credits.

Liviu went into detail about the specifics of the platform:

“ZeroBounce is an email verification, scoring and deliverability platform helping businesses improve their inbox placement. The service detects email typos, nonexistent and abusive email accounts, spam traps and other risky email addresses. ZeroBounce also provides an email scoring system, a mail server tester, and an inbox placement tester to further enhance email deliverability.

The company operates a military-grade security infrastructure, ensuring customer data is protected at the highest levels.

With more than 4 billion emails validated to date, ZeroBounce serves 85,000+ businesses in 190+ countries and adds up to 150 new clients every day. Companies using email lists validated by ZeroBounce report a 98%+ accuracy rate and maintain a good sending reputation”.

Further Expansion For ZeroBounce

Liviu has big plans for ZeroBounce, including further expansion. He told me:

“We’ve launched three tools this year and it’s been so exciting to see our customers adopt them so quickly. You can expect our platform to expand even more – we’re always working on creating new products.

Each tool we offer empowers our customers to communicate more efficiently through email and improve the results of their email campaigns. Seeing them succeed is our greatest satisfaction”.

My Final Thoughts On ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is an all-inclusive, one-of-kind platform with an impressive customer care team. It provides essential tools for businesses to run successful email marketing campaigns, thus helping them to grow and thrive.

We can expect even more great things from the company in the future, including new tools that can further help businesses with their own successes. Thank you to Liviu Tanase for these insights into your company. It’s been a fantastic learning experience!

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