Weebly Review

Weebly Review


Weebly’s easy-to-use website builder has stolen the hearts of over 50 million users. It’s a perfect choice for bloggers, small businesses, and individuals who want to showcase their portfolios online.

Find out why Weebly could be your next website builder in my Weebly review.

Weebly Review Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Great for small businesses and basic online stores Customisation is limited to an extent and in some cases forces you to use the Code Editor
Easy to use with handy SEO guides and helpful support staff Cannot restore your site by yourself, you have to rely on the support team
Customisable templates and themes which are all mobile responsive No ADI option like Wix so you have to create your site manually

Our Weebly review will take you through all of the areas we’ve researched and tested, covering the pros and cons in more detail. We’ll talk about ease of use, themes and designs, pricing, and features, in order to help you decide which is the perfect website builder for you.


Is Weebly Right For Me?
Weebly is best for personal websites and portfolios due to it’s simple and responsive themes. It’s also a great place for small businesses to start their websites with features ideal for building a site quickly and easily. Weebly’s huge app store helps you customise your website beyond the basics of a website theme at an affordable price.


Ease of Use

Weebly’s website builder is known as WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), meaning what’s on the screen is what you’d see if it went live to the worldwide web. You don’t have to skip to and from a backend editor like WordPress, so any changes you make can be seen straight away.

Weebly’s drag and drop editor makes it simple to move elements like text boxes and images around your page. It’s super easy to build your website, even if you’ve never looked at a line of code before in your life. That’s the beauty of most website builders in all honesty.

A lot of website builders use drag and drop technology to entice novice’s in, so it’s hard not to compare to other platforms like Wix, which I found to be much more intuitive than Weebly. That said, Weebly wasn’t difficult to use by any means, it just wasn’t as good as Wix’s editor.

Weebly lacks somewhat in the customisation department. The basics are all there and you can build a website really quickly, but if you have something specific in mind, it could be difficult to achieve.

On the whole, Weebly is easy, simple and uncomplicated, which is what you want in a website builder. Once you’ve figured out where everything is, it will take no time at all to build a professional website without changing too much on your chosen theme.

Weebly Customer Reviews

It’s always interesting to see what other people think of the platforms we research and review. After scouring the internet, here are a variety of reviews about Weebly’s website builder and what people thought when they used it.

Had a great experience using weebly. The website builder is very easy to use.

It seems quite common for a lot of people to agree with the notion that Weebly is easy to use, however, some customers found it disheartening when things went wrong.

I had a bad experience designing my website in weebly. The UI feels more janky and not well handled. I would give it another shot but my first experience was pretty discouraging.

On the other hand, a lot of people appreciated the features Weebly offers, as well as the fact you didn’t need any web development knowledge to get started.

The free version id amazing and the add-ons are reasonable for those businesses that require them. No programming knowledge is required, I urge you to take a look at it!!!


weebly featured themesWeebly doesn’t have the biggest range of themes in comparison to other website builders, however, what they do have is pretty good.

All of Weebly’s themes are mobile responsive meaning your website will look great on any device. With well over half of all website traffic worldwide coming from mobile devices, this should be a top priority in your search!

Weebly’s themes are stylish and modern, offering a range of styles to suit most types of websites. However, I would say they focus more heavily on grid layouts and full-screen layouts which would probably be more suitable for a blog or portfolio.

One of my favourite features about Weebly’s themes is that you can switch your layout at any time, unlike Wix which can be very frustrating. If you change your mind about your site’s theme or have some creative inspiration, it allows you to switch things up whenever you like.

weebly portfolio themes

All of Weebly’s themes are free via their website, but you could look elsewhere if you wanted a specific theme built by a Weebly web developer.

It’s easy to search through Weebly’s themes, simply filter by category and start customising your favourite theme.


Weebly ticks most boxes when it comes to the basics, and their theme customisation doesn’t fall far from the same tree. The themes are free, they are responsive, and there’s a good variety to choose from, however, does their customizability scream simplicity?

One of the reasons why people choose to give website builder themes a complete overhaul or purchase themes via the likes of ThemeForest is because they want their website to look unique. Some website builders offer a wealth of customisation options to make this happen, but unfortunately, Weebly offers much less creative freedom.

Weebly’s themes take on more of a structured approach; unlike some builders, you can’t drag and drop whatever you like wherever you like. This is a positive note for beginners or those who don’t feel very confident building websites, but if you want to inject some creative flair, it’s going to be a challenge.

Tools & Features

In comparison to its themes, Weebly’s features really shine. They offer a wide selection of scalable features which will help you build and grow your website.

App Center

weebly app center

Weebly’s App Center has a range of free and paid apps to enhance your website with. Simply install each app with the click of a button, whether it be FAQs, eCommerce enhancements, or social integration.

Apps are arranged into categories, namely: eCommerce, Marketing, Communication, Social, Site tools and features. It’s easy to look for the type of app you want to find, with hundreds to browse through to find the perfect app for your website.

weebly social apps

There are so many useful apps including pricing tables, Instagram feed, Facebook messenger, etc. What I love about Weebly’s App Center is that you can build upon your existing website without needing extra coding knowledge. Whilst some of the apps are paid, I really think they are worth the money to take your website that one step further.


Since being acquired by Square, Weebly’s eCommerce features have grown somewhat. Weebly’s free plan now allows you to sell online with a range of eCommerce tools including:

  • Shopping cart
  • Quick Shop
  • Items
  • Inventory management
  • In-store pickup

However, if you are serious about selling products, I recommend upgrading to Weebly’s paid plans. You’ll have access to more Ecommerce tools like item reviews and PayPal payments, and lots more.

Weebly is a good platform for small online stores, but if you plan to sell big, consider another eCommerce site builder like Shopify which is designed for larger-scale selling.


If you want to boost your website’s ranking on search engines like Google, you’ll need to build up a good SEO score on your website. Most websites are designed for people to be seen, so growing your online presence should be another top priority.

Some website builders aren’t so great with SEO tools, however, Weebly seems to have managed to tick the boxes in this area, offering strong features that can help boost your website. These include:

  • SEO-friendly formatting
  • Meta descriptions
  • Sitemap
  • Responsive designs

You’ll also be able to edit your site’s meta titles and descriptions and access more SEO features like alt text, page-specific descriptions, and more.

Once you’ve set your website’s SEO up, you can track your website data using Weebly’s Insights tool. You’ll have access to real-time statistics about your website and any traffic patterns or behaviour you can monitor.

Weebly Review Pricing

Website Builder Features Free Plan Paid Plan


Free SSL
Custom Domain
Remove Branding

Before taking a deeper dive into Weebly’s pricing, let’s talk about their free plan. If you sign up for Weebly, you can build your website and sell online for free with no time limit. Weebly’s free plan is ideal if you want to test out its features or begin using a website builder to see if it’s right for you.

However, I wouldn’t recommend staying on Weebly’s free plan forever. You won’t be able to connect your own custom domain and your website will have Weebly branding across it which doesn’t look professional.

Weebly Pricing Plan Annual Cost Monthly Equivalent
Connect £48 £4
Pro £108 £9
Business £216 £18
Business Plus £336 £28

When you’re ready to upgrade, Weebly’s pricing plans start from £4 per month. The Connect plan is quite similar to the free plan, however, you can connect your own domain. Though you’ll still only have access to basic features.

Term Length (monthly equivalent) Pro Business Business Plus
1 month £14 £26 £32
1-month savings £0 £0 £0
1 year £9 £18 £28

What can be a bit of a shock is that Weebly’s pricing plans are displayed per month, but billed yearly. You can choose to pay monthly if you wish, however, you’ll get bigger discounts overall if you sign up for the year.

Weebly Review Customer Support

You can contact Weebly via phone, live chat, or customer support.

Our Customer Success team is available every day during the following hours:

Monday – Friday: 6AM – 6PM Pacific Time (9AM – 9PM Eastern Time) Saturday – Sunday: 8AM – 5PM Pacific Time (11AM – 8PM Eastern)

However, you’ll only get access to Weebly’s phone support if you have signed up to the Pro plan or above. That in itself is frustrating for me, and I think many people feel the same about Weebly’s customer support.

Weebly’s live chat is only available during certain times as can be seen above, however, you can contact Weebly via their Facebook or Twitter pages.

weebly community forum

There’s also a large online Weebly community forum where you can discuss issues and help each other out. The forum is split into helpful categories like App Center, domains, eCommerce, SEO, etc.

Weebly Review Summary

After thoroughly testing Weebly’s website builder for my Weebly review, I can safely say that it’s a great website builder for blogs, portfolios, and small online stores. It’s simple to use and doesn’t require any coding experience to get started.

Whilst it may not be as easy to use as Wix, it certainly doesn’t take a lot of brainpower to figure it out. You can customise your website further if you’re confident in using HTML and CSS, however, you may find it offers less creative freedom than the likes of SquareSpace and Wix.

If you want to give Weebly a go after reading this Weebly review, you can try their free plan with no strings attached. If you like what you see, you can upgrade easily to any of Weebly’s paid plans.

Weebly Review FAQs

Is Weebly better than Wix?

In my testing and humble opinion, I prefer Wix. There’s a lot more in the way of customisation, creative freedom, and ease of use. Whilst both website builders are easy to use, I find Wix far more intuitive. Both website builders have a free plan, so it’s worth testing them out to make your own informed decision.

Can you create an online store with Weebly?

Yes! In fact, you can sell products on Weebly’s free plan if you want to try out their eCommerce tools before committing to a paid plan.

Should I use Weebly or WordPress to create a blog?

Weebly is really easy to get started with if you want to make a blog. You’ll be able to create your website/blog for free, and hosting is included within all of the plans. However, WordPress.org offers a lot more in terms of creativity and features, though you will have to fork out your own web hosting suitable for a WordPress website.


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