Webnode Review and Interview

Webnode Review and Interview


Webnode invites you to join its 40 million users and build your website for free. Take inspiration from the multitude of website templates. And, save yourself both time and money with the website builder that was designed with simplicity in mind.

I got in touch with Josef Hos, Webnode’s CEO, to learn more about the company.

An Interesting Story Behind Webnode’s Inception

The idea of Webnode was originally something quite different from what it is today. However, after encountering some scaling issues with the initial technology, the team decided to drastically shake up their plans and create something new. Josef explained:

“There is an interesting story behind the idea of Webnode. The company did focus on creating websites but using a custom-developed CMS, which was designed for large customers and complex websites. Nice piece of technology, but it did not scale well and was pretty much a local play. So back in 2006 a decision was made to change everything – a fully hosted platform, that runs in the cloud, does not require any hardware installation by customers, and it is really easy to use without sacrificing the website quality. That’s how Webnode was born. And shortly after the first launch, it won the Best Start-up Award at the LeWeb conference in Paris”.

A Simple And Accessible Solution

Webnode focuses strongly on simplicity and accessibility. It boasts the huge advantage of having everything you need for your website or eCommerce site in one convenient place. Josef told me about what sets Webnode apart from competitors:

“It is accessible and simple. There is no need for hardware, technical, and design skills, everything is covered by Webnode. You are able to create and run your website or sell stuff online in just a few minutes and using just a mobile phone. It is risk-free, with minimum investment and a very quick route to market. It offers you everything you need in one place – website, blog, e-commerce platform, premium email, and internet domain”.

Josef continued to tell me what aspect of Webnode the team are most proud of:

“It is how Webnode revolutionized the way websites and e-commerce stores are built. Before you need a lot of resources, technical knowledge, time, and money, to create a professional online presence. With Webnode, it is very easy and streamlined”.

Webnode Helps Customers Succeed

The Webnode team’s purpose is to help their customers gain success. After all, their customers’ success is their success too. To achieve this, the Webnode customer care team undergo in-depth training and continually monitor the satisfaction of customers. Josef explained more about Webnode’s customer care:

“Local and experienced customer care is one of the key values of Webnode. We are here to help our customers to be successful online. There are no outsourced call centers, we keep our team in-house, and focus on in-depth training and knowledge. Each customer interaction is rated to monitor overall satisfaction”.

On Webnode’s website, you will find lots of glowing testimonials from happy customers. Many directly reference the excellent customer support they experienced, explaining how helpful and supportive the support team was. Furthermore, customers describe their experience with the WebNode platform as being “easy”, “reliable”, “fun” and “intuitive”.

Webnode Plans And Pricing

As explained already, Webnode is free for everyone to use, with no credit card required. Furthermore, the free plan includes an unlimited number of web pages, plus free website hosting.

There are also premium plans available, which include even more features.

Josef told me what Webnode’s most popular plan was:

“The free plan is the most popular by far, with millions of customers using it for their websites. Speaking about the premium plans, both Standard and Profi are picked, with Profi being choice #1 for e-commerce”.

The Profi and Standard plans cost $22.90/month and $12.90/month, respectively. Take a look at the table below to compare the two plans:

  Profi Standard
Storage 5GB 2GB
Bandwidth Unlimited 10GB
Email accounts 100 20
Membership registration Unlimited 100 members
Languages Unlimited 2
Backup and recovery Unlimited 5 backups

Both plans also come with features like premium support and website statistics, in addition to integrating with Google Analytics and Google Adsense. Another plus-point for these two plans is that there will be no Webnode ads on your website, giving you complete control.

Webnode Future Investments And Developments

Webnode is working on further developing its platform to include even more useful and exciting features. They are focusing on things that they know users will enjoy and benefit from. Josef told me more about the company’s future plans:

“We continue to develop our platform to become a one-stop-shop for doing business online. Most of the investment is coming to the e-commerce platform to support advanced features, customizations, more currencies, etc. The second area of focus is additional marketing services that help to acquire more customers and engage with the better – SEO, ad platforms support, email marketing integrations, etc”.

Concluding My Review Of Webnode

Webnode is a fantastic website builder and excellent eCommerce platform. I think it really stands out from the crowd, especially considering all you can achieve for absolutely no cost at all. Customers are clearly very happy with the platform, as stated in the numerous testimonials on the website

I’m looking forward to seeing the further developments Webnode is – and will be – working on. And, I wish the team the best of luck with their plans! 

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