Unihost Review

Unihost Review


The Unihost team are experienced dedicated web server providers founded in 2001 and based in Ukraine. However, they are very much an international dedicated server provider with impressive multilingual customer service support. They offer dedicated hosting servers, full server management and software licensing.

They also provide the industry standard cPanel and basic server management as standard. The Unihost website can be easily translated into 3 languages – Russian, Ukrainian and English (which is really handy).

Unihost specializes in providing dedicated servers that require a large number of resources – such as streaming servers and large e-commerce stores. They also offer high-end gaming servers and enable BigData to be handled efficiently without lag.

So if you are looking for high quality dedicated server hosting, Unihost might be the host for you. The only downside is that they don’t offer shared hosting.

Not a web host for the amateur or complete hosting noob.

For businesses who want to outsource their server management team, Unihost offer a full server management package with 24/7 monitoring.

Furthermore, they state that the pricing and packages offered on their website are not set in stone, and can be altered/tailor made to suit your individual circumstances. Which is a nice touch!

Payment Automation

When you choose Unihost as your hosting provider you will be taken through a secure, automated payment process. Where your server will be up and running within just 2 hours (in most cases). You can pay via a wide range of payment options that automatically take payment and process your order.

Unihost: Customer Service

Unihost has a very responsive live chat service, should you get stuck at any point. Their customer service team is quick and straight to the point, allowing you to focus on the job in hand. The company has many flexible offerings that will allow you to get your online project up and running quickly.

The Unihost customer service team is always on hand with multi-lingual support via Skype, Telegram and Viber. They even offer a freephone number in Ukraine (nice!). Moreover, if you are looking for a host with a Russian presence, Unihost is a great option. There are so many ways to get in touch with Unihost, no matter where you are in the world – so their customers have complete peace of mind.

We love the flexibility that Unihost offers their customers. You get the feeling that they will go the extra mile to fit their service inside your vision of both project, server, and budget.

Low Prices & High Quality

Using both automation and a team that really know what they are doing, Unhost manages to offer the highest quality of dedicated server hosting at the lowest prices.

They select only the highest qualified partners to work with to ensure that everything is done perfectly first time. Additionally, Unihost has a strong and flexible infrastructure that can handle even the most complex tasks.

Unihost is always staying ahead of the game. They are continually developing their network of partners and tech to ensure that they can provide the highest quality of looking for a new host

Unihost: Packages, Pricing & Benefits

When you are looking for a new host, it is important to take a lot of things into consideration. Not least – the pricing.

Unihost offer their dedicated servers at already rock bottom prices, however, it always pays to check out their “promotions” tab where you can find some decent discount codes. They currently offer an additional $10 off several of their hosting packages.

You can also access a variety of “hot deals” that include competitions, cashback schemes and additional coupons for you to save and win with Unihost. Budget servers with Unihost start at around $30-$40 per month.

More Than Just Russian & Ukrainian Hosting

When looking for a fast web host, it pays to select hosts that have servers in the location that you want to serve – eg. where your customers reside.

With Unihost you can choose from servers in Canada, France, Ukraine, Russia, Netherlands, Poland and Germany.  Like I said before they specialize in streaming/ high-load server provision. So although they are cost-effective, they are probably not the best option for grassroots operations who simply want a basic shared web host.

Dedicated Game Servers

There is an increasing number of virtual offerings provided by many global hosts. However, Unihost is focused on providing high -level dedicated servers for gamers who are tired of experiencing problems with virtual hosting. Unihost allows gamers to rent out their own server to experience stability and speed in their own online playground.

The gaming servers from Unihost are set up manually and normally take up to 12 hours to get up and running. However, the company does state that sometimes this setup process can take up to 5 days to complete. So, something to keep in mind.

Game Server Packages and Pricing

Unihost offer some great Dedicated Game Servers that come at some awesome speeds, with enhanced security as it is your own rented server space. They also offer overclocking (I am presuming these blazingly fast servers are suitably cooled down).  Below is a spec list of their three Dedicated Game Server Packages currently offered.

  • MC-32 – Based in – Candada, France or Poland. CPU – Core i7-6700K, 4c/8t x 4.0 / 4.2 GHz, 32 GB DDR4, 2400MHz RAM and Disks – 2x450GB NVMe SoftRAID + 1x4TB SATA, Traffic allowed:- 500 Mbps, Unlimited – Priced at $135.23 per month
  • MC-64 – Based in Canada or France, with CPU – Core i7-7700K , 4c/8t x 4.2/4.5 GHz and 64 GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM. Disks = 2x450GB NVMe SoftRAID + 1x4TB SATA, Traffic allowed = 500 Mbps Unlimited – Priced at $180.68
  • MC-64 Overclocked – based in Canada or France, CPU = Core i7-7700K Overclocked – 4c/8t x 4.7/5.0 GHz, RAM = 64 GB DDR4, 2400MHz, 2x450GB NVMe SoftRAID + 1x4TB SATA Traffic allowed = 500 Mbps, Unlimited – Priced at $187.50 per month.

BigData Dedicated Servers

The increasing requirement to safely store, analyze and retrieve data is becoming of extreme importance for all sizes of business. The BigData Servers that are offered by Unihost are designed to work seamlessly with large amounts of data.

Prices start at just over $100 per month with a small $55.68 set up fee.

Other services offered

  • Image Hosting – This service is great for graphic designers, artists or photographers who deal with large volumes of digital images. Keeping digital assets safe requires new services, like leasing your own Image Hosting server to secure your content creations.  Prices start at around about $70+ per month
  • Video/ Audio Hosting – Digital content creation is becoming a big thing and our online space is jam-packed with gifs, videos, and audio for our delight. However keeping these assets safe is of equal importance, due to the fact that free online solutions can disappear or change their rules overnight. By renting out your own dedicated server, you can organize your assets and secure them in one central location.

The Final Analysis

As far as hosts go – Unihost is focused on providing top-notch dedicated servers that can handle large amounts of data. This focus has allowed Unihost to create a suite of hosting services that are specifically designed with BigData and Seamless Streaming in mind. If you are looking for dedicated servers in Canada, France, Ukraine, Russia, Netherlands, Poland or Germany that will offer some lightning fast speeds and have the capability to handle huge amounts of data, then Unihost is a great host to take a look at.

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