SweetScape Review

SweetScape Review


SweetScape is a family run software business founded in 2002 in Prince Edward Island, Canada by father and son team: Lowell and Graeme Sweet. SweetScape has a key focus on software innovation as the two founders are highly qualified in the area of mathematics and technology.

Their signature software “010 Editor” is a continually evolving data editing software platform that allows users to collaborate and edit raw Hex code. The duo created the company over a decade ago “to build great editing, programming, and Ham radio software”.

With over 40 years’ experience in Ham Radio and working as a Professor of Mathematics for over 25 years, Lowell Sweet has the credentials to allow him to successfully create and innovate to the highest standard. His son Graeme Sweet holds a Master’s Degree in computer science (specializing in human-computer interaction).

The team is passionate about developing the software to meet the demands of their worldwide customer base. Additionally, the company is dedicated to customer satisfaction and goes the extra mile to ensure that their customers get the most out of their software. They even go so far as to offer one of the longest money back guarantees in the industry.

Easy to Use Raw Data Processing Software

SweetScape was created as a convenient solution to edit and process raw data. In 2002 there was an opening in the market for software that could offer a collaborative hex code tool. Prior to founding SweetScape Graeme Sweet worked in IT, writing professional software for many years.

SweetScape was born out of a need to streamline the data editing process. Although created originally to satisfy his own requirements, the 010 Editor was an instant hit and quickly gained popularity worldwide. Their customers include business from around the globe such as industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies. SweetScape now has customers in over 70 countries worldwide.


One of the Longest Money Back Guarantees in the Industry

SweetScape stands behind their software 100% and for that reason, they offer a very generous 60-day money back guarantee. Should a customer not be fully satisfied with 010 Editor, SweetScape will work to improve their product or offer a prompt full refund. SweetScape works diligently to create a high-quality product with well designed, well-structured code. They have been known to restructure entire sections of code until their software works seamlessly.

Customer Service: Centred around Old-Fashioned Values

SweetScape operates their entire company from a customer-driven approach. Their software has been improved and developed over the years in response to their customer feedback. This is a continual process, whereby they invite their customers to get in touch with any improvements that they might like to add to the tool.

The aim at SweetScape is to create software that makes their customer’s lives easier. They are passionate about running their company with honorable old-fashioned values like honesty and integrity. To contact SweetScape they have both a physical postal address and also several email address’ that they respond to within 24 hours.

SweetScape: Continual Innovation

True to their word, SweetScape works intensely to enhance their already feature-rich software. On October 10th, 2018 SweetScape released the new and improved 010 Editor – Version 9.0. In the most recent update, they have added Syntax Highlighters that can be used by selecting the syntax section above each editor.

You can download the latest version of 010 Editor easily from SweetScape.com and read about the extensive upgrades. In the latest version, they have worked to create feature-rich, sharable syntax highlighting. There has also been a lot of work done on file interfaces, character sets, external functions in DLLs, templates and scripts as well as fixing a wide variety of bugs that had been discovered.

How can 010 Editor be Used?

010 Editor can be used as a hex or text editor to tweak and edit files in an easy to use, user-friendly interface. Although the software is very technical, SweetScape work to ensure that the user interface is simple and easy to use. By simplifying the look and feel of the software, users can quickly jump in and edit code without having to view large amounts of unnecessary data.

010 Editor makes it straightforward to collaborate with binary templates. This is done in many ways, including displaying the file’s data structure hierarchy. Thus allowing enhanced visibility and flexibility to jump in and edit code that could otherwise seem confusing.

Binary files can be from any format such as audio files, videos, compiled programs or images. However, when viewed as raw source, the data appears as large blocks of code. Therefore, 010 Editor makes it easy to analyze and edit large volumes of binary templates. The versatile software allows the upload and collaboration of massive 100GB files. Responding to the market’s needs is at the heart of what SweetScape does, especially when it comes to the ever-growing popularity of worldwide collaboration.

SweetScape: Suite of Products

SweetScape currently offers three software products that can be downloaded directly via their site. These products are the signature 010 Editor, 010 Memorizer and Hamic. The website is very comprehensive and has a lot of information about all of their products including release notes and handy online software tours that demonstrate the capabilities of the software in question.  Let’s look into some of the features of each of their products in more detail.

Overview of Key features of 010 Editor

  • Feature Rich Software – With over 300 different functions for operating on data.
  • Easy Editing — You can quickly Download and install 010 Editor and upload files to be presented with the raw data for easy editing.
  • Deep Analysis – Drill into binary files, analze and edit. Including Powerful Binary Comparison tool for analyzing byte-by-byte differences between two files.
  • Find & Replace – Find in Files, and Replace in Files functionality for many different data types.
  • Histogram tool – count byte occurrences and visualize data.
  • Computes Check Sum/Hash Algorithms including CRC-16, CRC-32, Adler32, MD2, MD4, MD5, RIPEMD160, SHA-1, SHA-256, TIGER, etc.
  • Automate Editing – Simple or complex editing operations can be automated using a syntax similar to C/C++.

010 Memorizer – Freeware

memorize your numbers and you’ll never forget them again!

O10 Memorizer is a neat tool that solves the problem of memorizing numbers. The way it works is by offering more memorable “words” to memorize important numbers  By utilizing the Phonetic System / Major System that was devised by Stanislaus Mink von Wennsshein in the seventeenth century, 010 Memorizer quickly converts numbers into words. Once you have the word then you create associations to ensure that you never forget the number again. 010 memorizer can be used to memorize any hard to remember sequence of numbers such as the following:-

  • Phone Numbers
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • PINs
  • Passwords
  • Zip Codes
  • Atomic Numbers
  • Social Insurance Numbers
  • Dates
  • Bible References
  • IP Addresses

Hamic – The Ham Intelligent Calculator

(Freeware – Currently offered for free)

Created for Ham Radio Hobbyists, Hamic simplifies complex calculations used by Hams. Solving calculations via a simple to use UI that allows the end user to perform calculations such as solving simple circuits such as resistors in series or parallel or or more complex circuits such as L networks or T networks.

In Conclusion

SweetScape is a software development company that is dedicated to providing extremely accurate data analysis and data editing software that is more suited to professionals that want to drill deeply into files to solve complex problems. The company offers thorough solutions that are continually being enhanced and developed to meet market demands. I do like the number memorizing software that you can download for free via their site to quickly memorize any number and feel this would be novel and suitable for any level of user.  The signature 010 Editor is a robust and versatile software solution offering advanced raw data manipulation to some of the worlds leading companies.

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