SkySilk Review

SkySilk Review


SkySilk is a well-established company that specialises in cloud hosting services. Scalable and affordable, SkySilk has a range of options to suit all business needs and it is utilised in more than 220 countries across the globe!

We caught up with SkySilk’s project manager, Matt Atkin, to discover more about the world-renowned company.

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The Beginning of SkySilk

Founded in 2005, SkySilk was created to meet the growing public demand for virtualisation hardware. Its founders combined their expertise, knowledge, and skill-sets to create the cloud-based platform the public desired. Matt told us “SkySilk was created by a team of IT & Virtualisation professionals who, after noticing a rise in requests for virtualisation hardware from their existing customers, decided it would be advantageous to offer our own cloud platform. Our founding members put their heads together and started brainstorming. The project was large enough that it warranted its own branding, and thus, SkySilk was born!”

Since their inception, SkySilk has worked to keep relevant and up-to-date within the industry, and actively apply themselves to the challenges that go hand-in-hand with working with ever-changing technologies. 

The SkySilk team have a commendable attitude towards the challenges they face in the dynamic industry; “Technology is ever-changing and progressing exponentially, with new software and use-cases popping up every day. Figuring out how to best cater our environment to our users and their plethora of use cases is a challenge we enjoy tackling every day”.

What Technologies Do SkySilk Work With?

SkySilk Use Open Source Technologies

SkySilk are big users of open source technology and embrace the practice of sharing new insights, information, and code for others to enjoy too. They appreciate the flexibility and diversity that comes with working with such technologies.

Here are just some of the technologies that SkySilk deploy:

  • Ceph
  • LAMP
  • EMU
  • OvS

Matt spoke about SkySilk’s use of such technologies: “Our cloud platform is completely open-source and powered by Proxmox VE, allowing for greater customisation and control on an infrastructure level over providers who use say VMWare or other hypervisors”.

SkySilk Hosting Plans And Pricing

VPS Hosting Plans

SkySilk offers its customers a choice of three different plans to suit their needs and budgets. The plans act as a starting point to build upon, and after selecting your plan, you are able to customise it. Choose your data centre, processor, and hardware. 

Let’s take a look at the three available plans:

1) Basic

The basic package is available from a super-low $2 per month. It comes with 6TB of data transfer, up to 100mb/s of bandwidth, and Dual Replicated SSD.

2) Standard

The standard package costs from $5 per month and offers up to 500mb/s bandwidth, up to 12TB of data transfer, and Triple Replicated SSD.

3) Premium

Lastly, SkySilk offer a premium plan priced from $10 per month. This premium package boasts unlimited data transfer, up to 800mb/s bandwidth, and Triple Replicated NVMe Storage!

With each plan, you can select your own template such as WordPress, Magento, Debian, and CentOS, to name just a few.

SkySilk Rewards – Giving Back to Customers

Earn SkyPoints

SkySilk has a very generous rewards programme and rewards their customers with SkyPoints. These points are awarded based on the amount you spend with them each month. You earn points with every transaction you make for their services.

The system is quite simple – 100 SkyPoints is worth $1, which you can redeem in the rewards portal. Rewards include gift cards for places like Amazon, Starbucks, and Google Play. You can also enjoy monthly statement credit it you prefer.

Matt had this to say about SkyPoints “Tangible differences that set SkySilk apart include SkySilk Rewards (aka SkyPoints) which rewards users based on their monthly usage. Users can then redeem SkyPoints for SkySilk Account Credit, or for real rewards from our certified partners including Starbucks, Best Buy, Visa, and more”.

We think this rewards system is a fantastic incentive for customers wanting their money to go a little bit further each month. Plus, it’s always nice to feel appreciated!

Plans For this Year And Beyond

SkySilk has some exciting ventures coming up in the near future. Matt explained “The future for SkySilk is incredibly bright! Our plans for the future are extremely exciting, including things like built-in domain name management, Windows VPS offerings, additional SkySilk Rewards partners, and more!”

Matt also explained the company’s ultimate goals “We plan for SkySilk to be a major leader in Cloud Hosting, Virtualisation Management, and Enterprise-level Data Security. We have plans to expand globally to be able to better provide coverage to international users”.

SkySilk offers incredible value for money and an impressive rewards scheme. We had a great time learning about the hosting company and speaking with Matt. Good luck SkySilk team!

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