ServerPronto Review

ServerPronto Review


ServerPronto (Affordable Hosting, Done Right) is a long-standing, award-winning web host founded in January 1999 in Miami, Florida, United States. ServerPronto offers dedicated servers shared, and cloud hosting solutions. Additionally, they provide total disaster avoidance with their Geo-Redundant Cloud hosting packages.

In 2012 the company came under new ownership which resulted in a more customer-focused approach. The new management team is dedicated to continually developing and improving their network to provide high quality hosting at the lowest possible price.

They pride themselves in providing a world-class experience when using their servers for any purpose including web development, web hosting, gaming, email, data backup, database or reselling. Their key focus is on providing the best value in the dedicated server business. When you search up ServerPronto on Google, then you will arrive at their Dedicated Server page.

ServerPronto Data Center

ServerPronto owns and operates out of their very own dedicated data center in the US, which affords them the opportunity to offer 24X7X365 guaranteed uptime. Their data center provides a safe, reliable environment to keep your website running online 24/7. They have a fault-tolerant network (through unique fiber-optic cable entrances and paths) and a power grid to ensure maximum uptime.

Offering Advanced Hosting Solutions

…with 100% uptime guarantee

ServerPronto offers Dedicated, Cloud, and VPS services that are perfectly suited for seasoned server administrators, developers, and coders, in addition to business owners and programming geeks of all types. With ServerPronto you get the flexibility and support you need to create your applications and solutions.

Because they own the entire network, infrastructure, and facility on which their servers run, Serverpronto can guarantee flexibility, reliability, security, and redundancy for their client’s digital assets. Thus, allowing their customers to focus solely on building their dream projects.

ServerPronto offers an enterprise-level network, support, and hardware that can grow with your project or company. They offer solutions for all sizes of project, from a static website or blog to a large web application with millions of congruent users.

Serverpronto is Committed to Continuous Innovation

Since the company began almost 2 decades ago, Serverpronto has been committed to continuous innovation. They started by offering the lowest dedicated server package on the market and they still focus on advancing their dedicated server offerings to this day.  Now they also offer smart dedicated servers, secure private clouds and cutting-edge disaster recovery/ avoidance solutions.

Their Signature Offering

High quality dedicated servers at the lowest possible price have always been a key focus at Serverpronto. To this day they offer competitive dedicated servers and cloud hosting packages. ServerPronto offers fast, reliable, and affordable dedicated server and cloud hosting. Their dedicated servers start at just $39.95, with 500GB of storage, 5 terabytes of traffic and a variety of both Linux and Windows Servers.

Your Outsourced IT Team with ServerPronto

ServerPronto offers expert technical support when you need it most.  You can choose to manage your server on your own or use the ServerPronto engineers as your outsourced IT team.

Customer Support with Serverpronto

With a focus on superior customer satisfaction, there are over 5000 happy customers with reviews stating how happy they are with the ServerPronto service.

Since the company was acquired in 2012 the new management has worked tirelessly to create a supportive customer help desk.  ServerPronto provides responsive and highly experienced 24/7 customer support via e-mail, online chat, phone, and a ticketing system.

A Focus on Right Pricing

ServerPronto focuses on providing unmatched value while retaining the high quality of service. They don’t want to be known as just a “Value” or “Cheap” hosting provider. Instead, they focus on what they call “Right Pricing” by offering the best value for money with hardware, service and support to match.

ServerPronto Security

ServerPronto places the security of their customer data at the top of their priorities. They have developed multiple security solutions for their customer’s digital assets, such as:

  • McAfee Server Security
  • Idera (R1Soft) Managed Backup Solutions
  • Hardware RAID Configurations
  • Cisco and SonicWall Firewall Options
  • PCI Compliant Facility Security
  • Free Security Consultation with an Expert

Stability & Reliability

ServerPronto offers fault-tolerant Internet connectivity by utilizing multiple providers at minimal speeds of 10Gbit/s per provider link. Their fault-tolerant power systems run with multiple building-wide UPS systems and utilize diesel generators. Furthermore, their data center is SSAE16 Certified.

Accredited Solution Partners & Certifications

ServerPronto has developed several strategic business relationships to offer a competitive advantage and additional benefits for their customers. They successfully leverage their partner’s features and services to offer a superior level of service.

Serverpronto has several business partnerships such as being a  DELL Business Partner, Microsoft Certified Partner, Supermicro Hardware Partner and an Idera Authorized Partner. Additionally, Severpronto is an Intel Technology Provider and holds Dun & Bradstreet – Credibility at Silver.

ServerPronto Packages and Benefits

ServerPronto offers both single and dual processor dedicated servers with some really amazing spec at great prices.  All servers are fully customizable, with up to Octa-core CPUs. They offer a managed hardware and network service with 1-hour avg. provisioning and 100% uptime.

Single Processor Dedicated Servers

  •    Standard – Intel Xeon X3220 (Quad-Core CPU), 4 x 2.4GHz, 8GB (RAM-DDR3), 500GB SATA (SSD avl.) and 10TB
  •  E-Standard – Intel Xeon X3220 (Quad-Core CPU), 4 x 2.4GHz, 16GB RAM                500GB SSD HDD, and 10TB
  •   E-Power – Intel E3-1230 V2 (Quad-Core CPU), 4c/8t x 3.3GHz, 32GB RAM-DDR3  500GB SSD HD and 20TB
  • Power v5- Intel E3-1230 v5 (Quad-Core CPU), 4c/8t x 3.4GHz, 32GB RAM-DDR4  500GB SSD and 20TB

Dual Processor Dedicated Servers

  • E-Professional – 2 x Intel Xeon E5530 (Quad-Core CPUs), 8c/16t x 2.4GHz, 96GB RAM, DDR3, 2 x 500GB SSD HDD and 20TB
  • Enterprise 2-Quad -2 x Intel E5-2407 (Quad-Core CPUs), 8c x 2.2GHz, 64GB RAM-DDR3, 2x 1TB SATA RAID (SSD avl.) and 30TB
  • Enterprise 2-Hexa -2 x Intel E5-2430, (Hexa-Core CPUs), 12c/24t x 2.2GHz, 96GB RAM-DDR3, 2x 500GB SSD RAID and 30TB
  • Enterprise 2-Octa -2 x Intel E5-2690 (Octa-Core CPUs)     16c/32t x 2.9GHz, 128GB RAM-DDR3, 2 x 1TB SSD RAID and 30TB

Shared Hosting with ServerPronto

The shared hosting on ServerPronto is what they call “a complete web hosting solution for the best possible price”. Below is a table showing an overview of their shared hosting packages:

ServerPronto offers Geo Redundant Fail-Proof Cloud Hosting

Serverpronto offers what they call “The World’s First True High-Availability Cloud Hosting”, Offering total disaster avoidance with their Geo-Redundant Cloud hosting packages. The packages are as follows:

  • Geo-Redundant Cloud Standard – 2 Cores and 4GB RAM 25GB
  • Geo-Redundant Cloud Professional – 8 Cores and 16GB RAM 75GB

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