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Partnered with RH & Co. IT Services, RHC hosting was established in 2008. RHC hosting focuses on web hosting for small and large websites alike, as well as dedicated servers across the globe.

Web Hosting

Keeping it simple, RHC hosting offer Linux shared web hosting and virtual dedicated servers. Their shared servers start from $0.99 per month and include cPanel, Softaculous, CloudFlare, PHP 5&7 and a 99% guaranteed uptime.

Shared Hosting

When you first navigate to RHC hosting’s shared plans you don’t get that much information. However, once you start the checkout process, you do get to see further details on domains, FTP accounts, email accounts, etc.

I’ve put together a table of RHC hosting’s shared web hosting plans so you can see what they offer. It’s a good way to compare their varying plans and make a decision as to whether this host may be suitable for you.

Disk Space 250 MB 25 GB 100 GB
Bandwidth 5 GB 100 GB 500 GB
Free Domains 0 0 1
FTP Accounts 1 5 10
MySQL Databases 1 5 15
Mail Accounts 5 10 50
Mail Storage 250 MB 250 MB 10 GB
Additional Domains 0 2 5
Dedicated IP No No Yes
Price (GBP) / monthly £0.76 £3.08 £5.39

Due to various reasons, the average website page size is now around 2 MB. So, when you see 250 MB disk space on RHC hosting’s beginner plan, that may not seem like much, but it’s probably plenty.

Disk space is affected by how your website is built. If you’re using lots of images and videos, you’ll see the page size increase. Scripts like JavaScript and CSS can be bulky too, unless you minify your code. If you’re sensible, however, you may be surprised at how much disk space you actually don’t need to use!

Bandwidth relates to how many visitors your website is likely to receive (how much traffic your website generates). Imagine you’ve got 5 small web pages and the average page size is 30 KB, and you receive 50 visitors per day who all visit your 5 web pages. Your monthly website bandwidth will be around 0.25 GB per month.


When you put it into perspective, it makes you realise that unlimited resources aren’t always necessary for your needs. But, it’s all dependent on what your website is used for of course. RHC hosting’s MGJ-TEST&KEEP plan is ideal for those with a small website. Perhaps someone who wants to host their portfolio or blog and doesn’t anticipate too much monthly traffic.


Turning the heat up a little, RHC hosting’s starter plan is a real middle of the road hosting option. If you know that your website is going to be image or video heavy, or even starting off with eCommerce, this may be the best option.

At only £3.08 per month, you’ll get a decent amount of disk space and bandwidth. You’ll also start seeing an increase in your FTP and email accounts, something that would definitely be useful for a small business.


From only £5.39 per month, you can expect much more from the SILVER-PRO plan. You’ll be entitled to receive a free domain, 50 mail accounts, and a dedicated IP address. If you know you’re going to be needing an eCommerce website, I’d recommend this plan over the others.

Remember, all of your accounts are backed up daily to a datacenter, so you won’t need to worry about losing your files. You’ll also have malware and firewall protection, protecting you and your customers from potential attacks.

VPS Hosting

RHC hosting offer VPS hosting, as well as shared hosting. I’m not going to go into too much detail around their VPS hosting plans (they have lots). From as little as £2.31 per month, yopu can get a VDS 2-core 10 GB HDD with 1 GB RAM. There’s a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% with each server.

You’ll get a control panel included with your server, but cPanel costs an extra £13.11 per month – ouch! However, you will have unlimited reinstallations of your OS with various available e.g. Windows, Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu. You’re also guaranteed:

  • Fast provisioning
  • Upgradeable resources
  • Full SSD
  • SSL installations
  • Full root server access
  • All ports open
  • Hardware Firewall

RHC hosting’s dedicated servers give you such a wide range of options, there’s likely something for everyone. If you’re not keen on shared hosting but don’t want an entirely dedicated server, VPS is a no-brainer option.

Customer Support

RHC hosting offer a wide range of support options. They’re contactable via telephone, Skype, email, ticket system, and live chat (thank goodness)! It’s such a relief to see that they offer a live chat option, as many hosting providers don’t, and it’s really frustrating.

Unfortunately, I was unable to test the live chat option; after 10 minutes of initiating a chat and it displaying I was 1st in the queue, my message wasn’t responded to. Perhaps there was a technical issue, or someone genuinely wasn’t available – who knows.

The impression I’ve got from other reviews and their large following on Facebook suggests that RHC hosting’s customer service is extremely good. They also have a huge knowledge base full of articles; I imagine it would be hard not to find the answer you were looking for.


Although they don’t offer a massive selection of services, RHC hosting plate up a great range of plans for all users. If you’re simply looking to run a small blog or personal website, you can get your web hosting for less than £1 per month! Alternatively, if you want more control, you can nab yourself a virtual dedicated server.

Plans are scaleable, which is great when you’re not 100% sure what resources you might need. Performance wise, web hosting services come in middle of the road – you can pay more elsewhere for performance that packs a punch. But, if you’re happy with a 99% uptime guarantee, I’m confident you won’t have many issues with RHC hosting.

There are certainly aspects of RHC hosting’s services that I’d like to see more of. For example, there’s no option to select a data center, which most hosts do offer. There’s also limited information about each plan until you get to the checkout stage, so user experience wise, it’s not super slick.

All in all though, for the price, the features you’ll receive will certainly allow you to host a website of any size. You’ll have customer support on hand in various methods 24/7, and you’re guaranteed a quick setup turnaround time.


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