MotoCMS Review and Interview

MotoCMS Review and Interview

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MotoCMS seemingly has it all, whether you need expert SEO, compelling copywriting, a responsive website, or a beautifully-designed logo. MotoCMS are on hand to help, offering a unique and personalised experience.

What’s The Story Behind The Launch?

MotoCMS prides itself on its innovation and its abilities to keep up-to-date and relevant. The team has worked hard to build on their original business model, ensuring they remain on-the-ball when it comes to industry developments. The founder of MotoCMS, Demetrio Fortman explained more about the company’s inception:

“Our company was launched in 2008 and it has been known as FlashMoto for a considerable time. We came up with a speedy and intuitive Flash-powered CMS, but time passed, and new technologies replaced the old ones. Going with the times, FlashMoto was rebuilt to adjust to the market and, as a result, we got MotoCMS – the second generation of our website builder based on HTML. The MotoCMS 3 version released in 2015 is a responsive website builder with a massive collection of lightning-fast templates”.

10 Years Of Five-Star Customer Service

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MotoCMS has an impressive track record with its customer service. It has a dedicated help centre brimming with expert advice, guides, tutorials and information. There is also a community where you can ask your questions as well read answers to questions that others have asked. Demetrio Fortman told me more about MotoCMS’s commitment to its customer service and how positive its been for the company:

“MotoCMS is a team of friends aimed at getting great results. Our crucial mission is to make clients happy with our services. The MotoCMS technical support guys work around the clock and give personal technical assistance at any time of day and night. We are proud to hold a 5*-star customer care rating on Trustpilot and Sitejabber for more than ten years!”

Helping Businesses Increase Productivity

Creating a website can be time-consuming and tricky. However, MotoCMS simplifies the process by providing an easy platform to build from. Businesses will have more time to focus on elements such as content creation and other business logistics. Demetrio explained further:

Starting your website with MotoCMS, you can spend more time on content creation and business processes because we already have all the design elements, features, and widgets you need. Exquisite galleries, video, and audio players, advanced sliders, accordions, and tabs. Moreover, you have powerful integrations with Google Maps, Disqus, Social Networks, Google Search, Airbnb, Acquity, Live Chat, PayPal, and more! Even if you don’t see this feature in your initial design, you can easily drag and drop it from your admin panel”.

Specialists To Be Proud Of

I asked Demetrio which aspect of his business he is most proud of. He told me:

“It’s impossible to highlight only one aspect of MotoCMS that I’m proud of. MotoCMS offers an incredible collection of professional, pre-designed website themes in 60+ subcategories. Our specialists know how to make SEO work for your website right from the start. We are proud that everyone can create a website of one’s dream without web designers and developers using MotoCMS drag-and-drop website builder”.

Services From MotoCMS

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As mentioned already, MotoCMS has lots of services to offer. I was keen to discover which ones were the most popular for its customers. Here’s what Demetrio told me:

“MotoCMS strives to enable customers with the enjoyable experience of website creation. The list of our services includes logo design, professional web banner design for any promotion, website customization, uptime monitoring, SEO services, online store development, and even web hosting. Besides, we keep on improving our products and services following the highest standards the modern world requires.

As for our top-selling services, customers often favor on-page SEO optimization, template customization, Google AdWords, and logo design”.

With that in mind, let’s go through these services in more detail…

On-Page SEO

If you want to extend your website’s organic reach, it’s vital that your web pages are optimised for search engines. There are lots of elements that contribute to your website’s search engine ranking such as its speed, your keywords, meta titles and descriptions, as well as a well-structured site XML map. MotoCMS covers all this and more, ensuring you achieve high SERP rankings and ultimately increase your ROI.

Logo Design

Designing a logo is a very important aspect of working online with your own website. Your logo will contribute to how you are identified by customers and potential customers. It will act as a large part of your overall brand image. MotoCMS will design your logo to reflect your brand, the message you want to communicate, and the image you want to portray. You will receive multiple revisions to ensure complete satisfaction, as well as your logo delivered in different file formats.

Google Ads

Google Ads can be daunting for those with little or no prior experience with it. There are so many different things to consider such as ad variations, your keywords, your target audience, and remarketing, to name just a few.

MotoCMS are specialists at leveraging Google Ads to work in your favour. This ensures you’re not pouring money into advertisements that just aren’t working. The company takes an analytical approach, tracking the successes of each campaign and delivering results.

Website Builder Templates

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MotoCMS has website builder templates suitable for all industries. Customers will appreciate their flawless designs, their responsiveness, and the simplicity of customising them. Prices are very fair too, with many multi-page sites costing just $5.80 per month, with the option of trying them for free!

Continuing To Provide The Best Experience

I asked Demetrio what his future plans were for MotoCMS. Here’s what he told me:

“Despite the changes in technology, MotoCMS’s focus remains the same – to provide both novices and pros with the best website building experience. We keep improving our products and services for your day in, day out, following the most state-of-art standards. We plan to build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with numerous businesses by sharing our expertise to help our clients build a robust online presence to flourish truly, especially in the hard times of the global pandemic”.

MotoCMS is far more than just a simple website builder. It is an exciting and vibrant company that has everything you need to create a responsive and visually-appealing website. More still, customers will benefit from the convenience of going to one source for all their requirements, whether that’s optimising their websites for search engines, writing their website content, or managing a successful Google Ads campaign. The team at MotoCMS have the specialist skills to help you build and grow your website. 

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