Mageplaza Review And Interview

Mageplaza Review And Interview


Mageplaza is a Magento extension builder with loads to offer Magento users. The aim is to add functionality to your Magento store and increase your profits. There are a plethora of extensions to choose from across a variety of categories including User Experience, Shipping & Fee, Order Management, and B2B. There is even a selection of free extensions that users can take advantage of.

I spoke with Mr Sam Thomas, Mageplaza’s CEO and Founder, to learn more about the Magento extension builder and what it can do for its customers.

A Humble Beginning

Mageplaza started life with just 3 team members. From there, it has grown into a substantial business that has served as many as 80,000 customers. Sam explained more about the beginning of Mageplaza:

“Mageplaza is an extension builder for Magento. Mageplaza was established 7 years ago and it was a humble start with only 3 members. We were young and enthusiastic and had nothing else other than our ambition and dedication. The first days of Mageplaza witnessed the most difficulties yet the most patience and hard work of the whole team. After 3 months, we released the first extension, marking a significant milestone of our journey as we started having our first customers. Since the establishment, Mageplaza has been through a lot of changes and innovation, ups and downs; however, one thing we’ve never changed is our attitude towards customers. They are the most valuable asset of Mageplaza.

I built Mageplaza with a dream to help a million stores increase their revenues. That’s why Mageplaza extensions are very easy to use and practical to most online stores now. We want as many customers to approach our products as possible. So far, roughly 80,000 customers have bought and used Mageplaza products”.

A Customer-Centric Company

Mageplaza is very customer-centric. The customer support team undergo intensive training to make sure they are equipped with the right skills and mind-set to provide the best possible support to customers. This shows in the high ratings from customers across multiple platforms. Sam told me more about Mageplaza’s dedication to customer support:

“We employ a system of helpdesk, livechat and other chat platforms to communicate with customers as well as to provide technical support. On every platform, we work hard to ensure the rate to be above 9/10 but always get above 9.3. Mageplaza is very confident with our customer service as we do not just base on the statistics to evaluate the quality, but also continually provide intensive training for our supporters to make sure their know-how and skills are adequate to serve customers. Besides, we actively ask for customer feedback and reviews and keep communicating with customers until every concern is solved completely”.

Sam continued to explain the company’s greatest strengths:

“Mageplaza perceives every customer who uses our products as a friend. Hence, we are completely focused on the support service. Our customers are able to talk to us, get personal support and be listened to as a friend. Mageplaza also provides a big category of extensions which are compatible with each other and native Magento. This helps online stores save a lot of time and resources in looking for extensions which actually work well with their existing system”.

MagePlaza’s Most Popular Extensions

Mageplaza has a huge library brimming with useful Magento extensions. I asked Sam which ones were the most popular amongst Mageplaza customers. He explained:

“Mageplaza is very well-known for our free extensions. Among these, the most popular are SMTP and Social Login. Besides, One step checkout extension is also our best-seller as this helps optimize website’s checkout page and store conversion rates”.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these popular extensions:

SMTP – The Magento 2 SMTP free extension is excellent for increasing the impact and conversion rates of your email marketing campaigns. It enables users to improve their email reputation. It does this by ensuring emails are sent to the appropriate box, instead of being sent straight to spam. The free extension gives store owners an (almost) 99% chance of their emails successfully making their way to customers.

Social Login – Another freebie, Social Login makes it simpler for your customers to sign in to their store accounts by auto-taking their personal information like email addresses and passwords. The extension supports social accounts like Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft and Google, to name a few.

One Step Checkout – Boost your eCommerce conversion rates with this One Step Checkout extension. It reduces the checkout time for your customers by 88% and significantly decreases shopping cart abandonment. It claims it can ‘increase the conversion rate drastically’. One Step Checkout has some great features such as optimising your checkout page and shopping cart abandonment recovery. It supports most payment methods and enables users easy customisation with aspects such as drag-and-drop checkout fields. The cost for the extension begins at $199 for the standard version.

Big Ambitions

Sam is very ambitious and aims to help one million customers increase their revenues. To achieve this, he has some big plans in place. Here’s what Sam told me about the future of Mageplaza:

“I’ve always been keeping my ambition big from day one – to help a million stores increase their revenues. To achieve this, apart from keeping Mageplaza moving ahead greater, we have been striving to research and develop eCommerce solutions for multiple platforms. The new project, AVADA Commerce is doing very well with nearly 40,000 customers after only a year. On this project, we are focused on marketing solutions such as email marketing and leads collection. In the future, we hope to deliver email marketing solutions to multiple platforms as SaaS”.

Rounding Off My Review Of Mageplaza

It’s been a great experience learning about Mageplaza and the different resources and extensions it has to offer. I’ve been impressed with not only the large range of extensions available to purchase, but also with what they have available for free.

Customers are clearly very happy with their dealings with Mageplaza too. SMTP, for example, has an impressive 1.09 million downloads. And, the One Step Checkout extension, has 190 positive reviews, most of which have rated the extension 5 stars!

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