Kawuk Review and Interview

Kawuk Review and Interview


Based in Guadeloupe, Kawuk is a digital agency that specialises in website design and creation, SEO, digital marketing, and hosting solutions.

I spoke with Lionel, the agency’s CEO, to ask him a few questions about his company.

Back To The Beginning

Founded in 2012, Kawuk has steadily gained traction over the years and has become increasingly popular amongst online merchants. It has also undergone some significant changes since its inception. Lionel explained more about the beginning of Kawuk:

“The company was created in February 2012 and was initially named ANOLEES in relation to a small lizard (Anolie) that can be found all over the French West Indies. Over the years, the company has made its way and has become known little by little.

And then following the containment we all experienced, caused by the COVID19 pandemic, I decided to start radically on a new basis and something completely radical and new with the idea of leaving everything that was prior to 2020 behind and leaving on new auspices for 2021 and its future.

We start by changing name: Agence Digitale KAWUK and location. This momentum was propelled by a strong demand from merchants who were looking to sell their services and products through online solutions”.

How Is Kawuk’s Customer Support?

The Kawuk team works hard to keep customers happy and respond quickly to issues. Lionel believes that communication is the key to gaining customers’ trust and developing a positive relationship. Lionel explained more about Kawuk’s customer support:

“Regarding our hosting and collaborative solutions, we think we are the only ones on the island to offer a reactivity and a restoration of services within 2 hours. We use a monitoring system that alerts us before our customers do.

We try to make accessible to the smallest companies a level of quality and services at the most reasonable cost”.

Lionel continued:

“What we are most proud of is that we have managed to gain the trust of our clients, because we communicate little and have a lot of feedback from recommendations. Kawuk is a small agency, we don’t try to flood the market and therefore we play on proximity to the client and availability”.

To further support its customers, Kawuk has many in-depth tutorials and tips posted in its “Blogosphere”. There, you will find a whole host of technical information teaching topics such as:

  • Crawling and indexing content
  • Creating title tags
  • Performing on-site SEO
  • SEO ranking factors

The Kawuk team clearly knows their industries well which shows in the thoroughness of each article and guide in their blogosphere.

Solutions From Kawuk

Web design is the most in-demand solution from Kawuk, but all its services are popular amongst customers. Lionel told me:

“Today, the main demand that is made is for website design. And often the rest of our services are solicited by our customers. It goes without saying that we include in our creations of site necessarily an adapted hosting service. But also maintenance, implementation of collaborative solutions and web marketing”.

Let’s take a closer look at each of Kawuk’s services:

Website Design and Creation

Kawuk doesn’t just create beautiful websites. The team will also ensure that your website is responsive and runs smoothly, is user-friendly and, equally as important, is optimised for search engines. The company aims to design and build a website that appeals to your specific audience and also focuses on conversion rate optimisation.

Kawuk implements a number of methods to ensure your website is top-notch. These methods include building a strategy, designing and prototyping, and responsive upstream development, to name a few.

SEO And Website Marketing

The talented team at Kawuk are also experts at SEO and website marketing. They will organise and implement a strategy that will get you the best results online. Areas of expertise include:

SEO – This includes keyword research, creating inbound and outbound links, and writing engaging content for your audience read and enjoy.

Content Marketing – Kawuk will tailor content by monitoring the reactions of your target audience. This will provide an authentic and engaging experience for your audience.

Analytics – The team at Kuwak understand that analytics are essential for building marketing campaigns and measuring their successes. Kawuk will use analytical reports to determine areas of improvement and identify new opportunities.

PPC – If you’re looking to extend beyond your organic reach, consider hiring Kawuk to create targeted and engaging PPC ads. These will promote your business in a unique way and encourage your audience to take action.

Hosting Solutions

Kawuk will get your website on the net with powerful and robust hosting services that you can depend on. Whether you want shared hosting, cloud hosting, or dedicated server hosting, Kawuk emphasises speed and performance to be exceptionally important. As your website’s speed and performance influences your SEO, investing in the right hosting solution will serve you better in the search engines.

Furthermore, if you’re not sure what hosting type to opt for, Kawuk provides a handy guide to help you find the best hosting solution for your business.

Aiming For Steady Growth

Lionel wants Kawuk to grow slowly and steadily over time so that he can ensure that he maintains a high standard of service. He explained about Kawuk’s future in more detail:

“As explained above, we do not wish to become a leader, because this implies the development of technical and human resources that will play a role in quality over time. That’s what I think!

We simply wish to become a local reference and to grow slowly by offering the best services”.

To Conclude My Review Of Kawuk

The team at Kawuk have an impressive amount of knowledge and expertise in the web design, web development, digital marketing, and hosting industries. This shows in the thorough and complete services they provide. It’s also evident in the tutorials and guides posted in the company’s blogosphere.

I think it’s refreshing to see how Lionel has prioritised service quality and happy customers over rapid business growth. By remaining a small agency, the team can provide customers with a more personalised service.

Lastly, thank you to Lionel for answering my interview questions. Good luck to the whole Kawuk team moving forward!

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