jAlbum Review

jAlbum Review


jAlbum is a professional software application created by Swedish programmer David Ekholm in 2002. jAlbum specializes in delivering high-quality web galleries which can include all digital media: photos, videos and audio files.

Photos are automatically downscaled to web and thumbnail size to perfectly fit your website and can be published on your site or blog. jAlbum.net is also used as a social photo sharing website, you can sign up with jAlbum to receive a 30-day trial with 4 GB web space.

To set up the jAlbum utility on your website you must obtain a license (after your 30day trial period expires). Once deployed you can use their user-friendly UI to edit images, rotate images, crop images, apply filters, exclude elements or create a full-screen slideshow for your website.

Gallery Organisation with jAlbum

Organisation is a breeze with jAlbum, you can easily organise and edit filenames, add tags, write descriptions and titles below each thumbnail. The easy to use UX allows you to easily manage multiple photo albums and quickly sort them in ascending or descending alphabetical order. Additionally, you can easily sort by name, last modified date, rate, title or caption. The flexible nature of the utility allows you to manipulate your images with jAlbum to suit your website or individual needs.

The look and feel of your photo album can be tailored to suit your website. jAlbum calls their themes/ designs “skins”. They have over 60 skins available on their website that are pre-made to choose from and quickly install in your utility. If you don’t like any of the pre-made skins available, then you can customize them to suit your project. Alternatively, you can create a brand new skin that perfectly fits your brand using their built-in editor.  jAlbum has a busy forum that offers a lot of in-depth information on how to customize or create your own jAlbum skins.

Often people have important memories lying around on various disks, physical photos and memory cards. This situation is easily organized when using jAlbum. You can upload your images and automatically jAlbum will organize them into clear folder trees based on the time the photo was taken, location or date. The advanced organizational features that jAlbum provides offers a real-life solution to organizing your precious photo albums, whether in a personal or business capacity.

How to import media files into jAlbum

There are a variety of different ways to import your media files into jAlbum. You can simply copy files or folders from your computer to a jAlbum project providing you have enough disc space to store all of the media. You can also import stored albums in a JAP format. One great thing that you can do is automatically perform changes on your jAlbum images when you specify a user defined folder.

jAlbum Image Editing

jAlbum allows you to edit images to create media that suits your brand. You can crop down the image to remove or frame the image in a specific way. Additionally, you can freely rotate your image in any direction (especially good if you have accidentally used your phone at the wrong angle when taking images). There are some more advanced image features that you can use to manipulate your images such as applying filters, changing brightness and contrast, altering image levels and changing the hue and saturation.

jAlbum allows you to edit your images in an advanced way, much the same as you would do with Adobe Photoshop. However, with jAlbum everything is in one place. You can blur out areas, remove red eye, write a caption on your images or desaturate them and present the images in black and white or sepia. Additionally, you can add HTML to further optimize your album, add copy and generally make the whole album tailor-made to your individual needs. You can also add watermarks to your images via the advanced configurations settings.

Add Video Clips to your Gallery

With jAlbum, you can upload video clips to your gallery albums in almost any video format (such as AMR, APC, ASF, AVI, 3GP, ASF, PSP, MPEG, MOV, WMV, VOB, VOC)  jAlbum then automatically converts the files to MP4 so that they are compatible for internet use.

Previewing your Albums

You can preview your album in jAlbum in their “Preview Panel” to ensure that everything is perfect prior to publishing. The entire album can be previewed to check it all over, you can scroll through each image by using the next arrows. The preview section is easy to navigate to allow you to check everything in detail. You can even allow users to autoplay the album in the front end.

Publishing your albums

When you are happy with your album then it is time to publish. You can choose to either upload and host your media on the jAlbum website or publish directly on your website. Your published albums can be set to private so that you are in control of who looks at your album. You can then provide a username and password to only the people you want to see the album. This is useful when you only want your team to view images if a project is not ready to be made public, or if you only want to show your album to family and friends.

Responsive, Shareable Galleries

The galleries are responsive, meaning they can be easily viewed on tablet and smartphones. This happens automatically, however, if you don’t want this feature you can disable it. Most of the features on jAlbum are fully customizable to make sure your albums are presented as you see fit.

There is the ability to add icons at the bottom of the album to allow users to share your album on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr and other social media networks.

Upload Your Album to any site

Your albums can be embedded in any website or place on the internet including social media and blogs. For people who don’t have their own website: jAlbum can host your album in their community website. The jAlbum site has been created to optimize the whole sharing, storing and showcasing photo albums online no matter if you have a website or not.

Optimized to Support HUGE image volumes

Images and videos take up a lot of space. That is why jAlbum has been optimized to process large volumes of media content. You can sync this up with your own folder structure, allowing you to update your albums in record time.

The jAlbum utility can handle hundreds of thousands of images and present them in an easy to use slideshow/ portfolio format. For a lot of organizations, the fact that you can sync up your folders saves them a lot of time when uploading multiple images from events etc.

In Conclusion

If you have a lot of photos that really need to be backed up, presented and organized in a clear manner then jAlbum offers a really great solution. Their feature-rich utility provides an end to end photo/media management, presentation, processing and organisation all in one place. With a free 30 day trial and an easy to use interface, jAlbum is a great go-too gallery management software for all of your digital media requirements.

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