Inmatrix Review

Inmatrix Review


Inmatrix is a software company established in 1998 that offers an easy-to-use, flexible media player software that goes by the name “Zoom Player”. Zoom Player is Inmatrix’s signature product that is a sophisticated video player for Windows. Yaron Gur began his project to create Zoom Player in the late 1990’s so that he could view his favorite movies and videos in full view.

At that time, most screens and monitors used the old-fashioned cathode ray tubes, rather than the modern screen technology. This meant that videos often did not display correctly on these screens, they were a little blurry and sometimes the edges were cropped off. This was super frustrating when you were watching your favorite film and you couldn’t see everything clearly on the screen.

I remember when the tops of people’s heads were cropped with the old-fashioned TVs and monitors – not good! Zoom Player was created as a solution to Gur’s frustration with video players at that time.

Fast forward to 2018 and Zoom player is still being used by millions of users all over the world. Inmatrix has now launched “Zoom Player 14” which is an updated and enhanced version of their software.

Robust and Flexible Software Solutions

The project started out to solve a personal irritation, by zooming into videos so that they would display correctly on curved cathode ray screens, hence the name “Zoom Player”. Once the software was developed Gur thought that the software might benefit others, thus he rolled it out to the public.

Zoom Player has been continuously updated since it was first created 1998 so that it works with all of the latest technologies. Keeping their eye on the ball so that they can incorporate any new advancements in technology into the Inmatrix/ Zoom Player software solution, Zoom Player has become an intuitive and flexible software solution. New features and settings are added frequently to help the Zoom playerusers continue to have a flexible program, that will support a broad range of media files, in a fast-paced and developing area of business.

Although Zoom Player is currently in version number 14 Gur and his team are already working on the next version. This continually evolving piece of software has been improved to offer better performance, stability, and versatility. The newest release offers the ability to track torrent downloads, download larger files, optimize settings and also has additional Windows Media folder structures.

Innovative and Continually Evolving Software

The Zoom Player platform is completely customizable, which gives Inmatrix greater flexibility than Windows Media Player. However, keeping up with the latest advancements in technology is a must for Inmatrix, to keep up with the latest advancements in technology. There are always giant leaps forward in technology and to keep up with this requires continuous effort and due diligence.

For SEO and social media users, Zoom Player has added metadata. This provides users and also the search engines with more information on the videos. Additionally, this can be extremely useful for adding data on all aspects of a video, from producers, actors, and performers to plotlines and even ratings.

In tandem to the metadata that you can add, there is also the ability to scrape data from a video, to show more information on the video you are watching (like the actors and performers). Additionally, Yaron Gur of Inmatrix has added other features that their users love, such as Youtube Integration and multi-monitor setups.

Inmatrix has to move extremely quickly to keep up with all of the updates to software and hardware that are continually being pushed out. Some changes to software can completely alter the landscape of apps. Meaning that software or apps can be made obsolete, if they don’t move fast, and keep up with the many changes to the tech landscape.

Changes to OS (Operating Systems) are one of the biggest challenges for a software developer to keep up with. A simple change to an operating system can completely change how software behaves.

Customer Feedback Driving Development

Listening to user’s feedback is invaluable for software companies. Second to this is ensuring to respond quickly to their feedback. For instance, if an OS update alters the functionality of the software, then the customers should be encouraged to quickly share their experience.  This is something that Inmatrix excels at. Since the beginning, Gur has enjoyed learning about the users and helping them to overcome any issues.

Other than bugs or glitches, the Inmatrix team need to audit the customer feedback received with a view to assisting the whole community. Additionally, they have to take into consideration the amount of time the feature would take to develop. The Inmatrix Company values their customers as part of a supported and growing community.

Computers & Phones Becoming Entertainment Centers

It is not uncommon for people in the 21st century to use their PC and phone for almost everything. During their next phase of development, the Inmatrix team are going to focus on developing features to fit this niche. For example, they are going to create features such as using your mobile phone as a remote control for your PC. In the first instance, this feature will be created for Android phones interfacing with Zoom Player.

It is already possible to control Zoom Player with your Xbox or Playstation handsets. Additionally you can already use your keyboard and mouse to interact with Zoom Player, however as people are glued to their phones these days, mobile phone interfacing will be a great feature to add to their already feature-rich software. All of the new features will be created with the end user in mind by inviting their feedback.

Whitewash Wizard

Another super cool piece of software from Inmatrix is the “Whitewash Wizard”. This piece of software solves a very real 21st-century problem. When a plasma or CRT screen is left running for a long time it can become imprinted with the static image from the screen. For example, I have had this issue with Youtube on my phone. We leave it running playing music, and then the Youtube logo and frame are indelibly burned onto your screen as though it has been hit with a branding iron.

This is where Whitewash Wizard steps in to solve this burning issue (pardon the pun). The marking that has been burned onto your screen obstructs the view when trying to watch other videos. This is especially true when viewing dimly lit videos. Whitewash Wizard can easily solve this issue and allow you to be able to view all videos without this branding getting in the way. They do this by forcing pixels through a bright and dark cycle which affects the contrast and resolves the issue. Pretty awesome if you ask me!

Inmatrix media solutions also offer skin packs which allow you to alter how your video collection is displayed. navigating your video collection is made easy with their cool skin collections. Finally, Inmatrix has developed a great piece of software called Zoom Commander. This piece of software allows you to create digital signage solutions (video walls, store-front TV ads) and use the latest cloud synchronization technologies to instantly distribute your ad content across multiple internet connected devices.

All in All

Inmatrix offers a fantastic array of video software to allow users to easily navigate, download and play videos with ease. The software is continually advancing to keep abreast of the quickly changing tech landscape. Yaron Gur and his team at Inmatrix do a fantastic job of keeping their software relevant and useful to their millions of global users.

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