HostBill App Review

HostBill App Review


HostBill was founded back in 2009 in Poland as an online B2B service provider. The privately owned company currently help over two thousand business’ worldwide. Their motto is “Keep on innovating”, which is a slogan they stand by throughout the organization. They provide a comprehensive platform that ensures stable billing, support,  automation, and a client management solution, all in one easy-to-use platform.

The platform was the brainchild of two tech professionals working in software development and system administration. HostBill has evolved over the past 10 years since the idea was born in 2008.

Through passion and determination, the platform has risen to become a trend setter that sets the professional standards in the industry. The system is designed to provide companywide automation to optimize the business processes from client procurement to billing and management.

HostBill was created to make hosting companies and system administrators lives easier by creating a comprehensive all-in-one platform. Combining tools that service the full lifecycle of a hosting company (or other online service provider) such as Client Acquisition, Automated Billing, Hosting Automation, Client Management all in one Self-Service Portal. The passion and dedication shine through the fact that there are continual updates. The new releases are fuelled by a strong community who stand by HostBill to provide a strong foundation for their business.

HostBill: The Cultural Trinity

HostBill keeps things simple and stands by the following 3 morals:

  • Innovation
  • Simplicity
  • Performance

These cornerstones form the company culture and how their company is managed. Their flexible feature-rich platform is continually being enhanced to keep ahead of the game. This is something that gives them a distinct advantage in the fast-paced tech industry. The focus on innovation and the speed at which they fire out updates ensures that they are head and shoulders above the crowd.

Responsive Innovation

HostBill is always keen to hear users feedback so that they can ensure that their customers have everything that they need to succeed. Valued customers become part of the community and are happy to feedback on how HostBill could be improved going forward. This not only enhances the platform, but it also gives their users a chance to contribute to the ongoing development of the HostBill app.

Their UI (user interface) is simple and easy to use. Although feature rich, HostBill has gone to extra lengths to ensure that users can easily navigate their clean and intuitive UI. HostBill is determined to always be:

“clear in its purpose, elegant in its execution and simple in its use”

The performance piece is of supreme importance, as the platform is used throughout their clients business’.  A dependable and reliable service provider that knows the industry inside and out.

Customers Rave Reviews

HostBill users gain so much from the platform, it saves them having to go to different suppliers for the various tools that HostBill offers. Many of their users have either tried to create a piece of software in-house or used other apps prior to migrating to HostBill. The fact that they respond so quickly to users feedback both enhances the platform and also gives their customers a sense that they have their own outsourced tech team.  Having everything on autopilot and firmly rooted in reliable software allows HostBill Customers to focus on their core business and gives them more time to build their brands.

A Flexible Feature Rich Online Business Solution

From the very first contact that a customer makes with a clients company, HostBill begins the automation process. HostBill provides everything that an online business could possibly require. Offering a selection of templates to gracefully showcase their business that has great features like complete hosting configuration. This allows the end user or customer to create tailor-made hosting packages in a visually appealing and easy to use interface. This solution can also be used for other online service providers such as Teco’s and ISPs.

The HostBill team really have thought of everything, every step of the way! They have included a full suite of fully customizable eCommerce solutions that include coupon codes, multi-item baskets, configuration, affiliate systems and even fraud prevention. The customers then get fed seamlessly into a comprehensive client support and management system.

The Client Support and Mangement system allows a birds-eye view of all of the customers and some key metrics to monitor and manage the whole process in one dashboard. This includes the ability to answer and manage support tickets. HostBill unifies all client information inside one easy to use interface. This enhanced company-wide transparency has proven to increase customer satisfaction because the customer service agents within a hosting company can respond more directly to the client’s requests across all channels of communication.

Great communication is key to a successful business. Both as a team and also when interacting with customers. HostBill offers everything from live chat, email and a trackable ticket system. You can even turn an email into a ticket or a ticket into an email. The flexibility and thorough nature of the platform gives companies that use HostBill a distinct competitive advantage.

Support teams can focus on their job and become more efficient thanks to the massive range of tools at their disposal inside HostBill. Customer support teams can be easily segmented into departments with a range of permissions, so staff know exactly what their task in hand is. Company directors and managers can easily view the company and how effective everyone is. Customers never have to repeat themselves when speaking to a different member of staff because of the greater visibility of their account.  This makes life easier for both the customer and the end user.

Who can benefit from using HostBill App?

HostBill offers a 30 Day free trial, so that you can try the app out for yourself and decide if it is a fit for your organization. HostBill has been developed to cover all aspects of running a successful online business. Therefore the system is perfectly suited for a variety of industries such as:

  • Cloud/ VPS
  • Data Centers
  • Managed Service Providers
  • Website Hosting
  • Telcos and ISPs
  • Complete App Development

As well as providing their signature software, HostBill offers a software development service whereby they can integrate a specific system with HostBill. Alternatively, they will also work with you to build an entirely custom piece of software. They offer a free quotation service where you can discuss issues that your company would like to overcome. HostBill will then go ahead and design a solution to solve that issue.

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