Host Koala Review

Host Koala Review


As a fairly new web host in the market, Host Koala was established in 2010. They provide web hosting globally with data centers in Las Vegas, Atlanta (USA), UK, Luxembourg & Netherlands (EU) & Singapore (ASIA).

As a company, Host Koala pride themselves on their uptime and server status. They openly publish their statistics on their website. Their uptime history shows 100% in the last 30 days which is very impressive!

Web Hosting

Host Koala are an affordable web hosting provider. They don’t claim that they’re cheap and then offer highly priced plans – they genuinely are cheap! Their starter plan is only $5 per year, and their enterprise plan only $5 per month.

As you can see, all plans come with unlimited subdomains, email accounts, FTP accounts, a free SSL certificate, and a choice of 6 data center locations. Now, they might not offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, but do you really need that?

Disk space is based on the amount of data you can store on your server. The majority of web pages don’t exceed 3MB in size. Unless you’re taking an image or video heavy (very heavy) approach, you’ll be surprised at how little space your website takes up.

Bandwidth refers to the amount of traffic your website can receive in a given period. It’s worth considering how much your website will generate to assess whether you’ll need more or not. Even if you start out with one of Host Koala’s affordable plans, you can always upgrade your web hosting at a later date.


Performance: Host Koala’s servers are rigged up with Intel Xeon processors. In layman’s terms, this translates to high speeds and low downtime. The perfect combination for any web hosting!

Daily backups: Lots of web hosts unfortunately charge for daily backups. Host Koala offer daily backups to all their clients so they can restore their files should anything go wrong with their website.

Support: Customer support is available with a response time within 24 hours. Whilst this seems like a good turnaround time, I feel like up to 1 day could be perceived as quite lengthy compared to other hosts.

Migrations: Another free bonus! If you already have a website that you wish to migrate to Host Koala, they will help you do this for free. A lot of hosts charge for this service which is frustrating as it takes a short time to do.

99.9% uptime: Keeping in line with the majority of its competitors. Host Koala guarantees a 99.9% uptime, and they display this information on their website. For the past 30 days, no downtime has been recorded – perfect!

As far as features go, Host Koala provide the essentials that most users would look for in a web host. Granted, nothing strikes me as outstanding, but when you’re paying as little as $5 per year, what more could you want?

Data Centers

Personally, I think it’s really important to have a selection of data centers. If you’re a U.K. based customer and your web host only has U.S. data centers, you could be slowing your users down.

When a user visits your website, the server (based at the data center) sends information to your users’ location. Data is then displayed to the end user in order to access and view your website. The further away your target market/visitors are from your data center, the slower the information will be received.

If you’re aiming for a decent SEO score in order to generate more traffic, speed should be high up on your priority list! Over 50% of mobile users will abandon a website if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. Your chosen data center could make the difference between a user staying or abandoning your website.

Customer Support

Host Koala offer customer support through email, support ticket, or through their knowledge base. They don’t boast 24/7 support or live chat, but they do say they’ll respond within 24 hours.

If I’m choosing a web host, I tend to check whether the host offers live chat or at least a form of quick response if needed. Most methods of customer support do take more than 1 day, but when it comes to web hosting, it should really be a bit quicker!

Because I wasn’t 100% sure about their customer support, I visited Host Koala’s Facebook page. I was pleasantly surprised to see they had received 100% 5 star positive feedback. Their customers certainly praise their support and efforts as a web host.

It’s very reassuring to know you can get a web hosting package for $5 per year with great support and a stable performing server! Why aren’t more web hosts taking this approach?


Host Koala is a great choice web host for those who need an affordable solution. If you know you’re going to need unlimited disk space or bandwidth, then look elsewhere. However, if your website is of an average size (blog, personal, and even eCommerce), then you’ll find Host Koala will likely meet your needs!

You won’t be overwhelmed with tonnes of features or in-house created apps. But, you will get the standard features most users would look for in a web host. cPanel access, 1-click installs SSL certificate, daily backups, free migration, and more!

I was really impressed by Host Koala’s pricing plans. I thought I had read the yearly cost incorrectly at first sight! Especially considering there’s a choice of 6 data center locations. I know lots of web hosts who charge an awful lot more with very little choice.

Their support may not be 24/7, and they don’t have an instant response service like live chat. But their existing customers do report great things, and they guarantee a 24 hour response time when you contact them.

If you’re after a cheap web host who guarantees 99.9% uptime, high-speed server technology, and friendly support – Host Koala will give you just that!

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