Hola VPN Review

Hola VPN Review


Launched in 2012, Hola VPN is a VPN provider that offers both free and paid services. It enables its 203 million users across the globe to safely browse the web without any restrictions, making the internet a more open and secure place.

Hola VPN combines a fast user-experience with a reliable service and no bandwidth restrictions.

At Top 10 Website Hosting we’re always curious to interview CEO’s in the tech space so we had a chat with Eyal Yoskovitz, Hola VPN CEO, to learn more about what they have to offer. He was keen to share his insights to help us write this review.

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How Does Hola Free VPN Work?

Hola VPN is a value-exchange network – the first community-based VPN . As part of its technology, in addition to its own network of proxy servers across the world, Hola VPN is powered by a community of users that collectively create a peer-to-peer network.

When needed, Hola’s free service routes the users’ internet usage through peers in the network instead of through costly proxy servers. In exchange, users provide a small amount of idle network power to keep the process running smoothly.

This peer-to-peer networking is the first of its kind and makes the VPN more difficult to detect.

Eyal shared the original concept behind Hola; “In 2008, Ofer Vilenski and Derry Shribman started investigating the idea of using software to greatly improve our Internet experience and facilitate content routing. Later this year they started Hola. The product “Hola VPN” was launched in late 2012, and it became viral in January 2013″.

Eyal continued “Hola VPN was founded with the goal of making a better Internet through advanced routing technologies – making web browsing faster and more open. We’ve fundamentally disrupted markets with our products. This is the only VPN service that effectively covers all the countries in the world, over 190 countries “.

Free VPN From Hola

Furthermore, Eyal told us “We’re very fond of the technology that is dedicated to allowing internet users to browse the web more openly. We believe that this right should be available to everyone and this free version is a perfect solution”.

What Does “Shared Idle Resources” Really Mean?

Hola VPN routes part of its traffic through devices of free users that are connected to the network. This only includes devices that are not in use and not battery-powered. Eyal told us “The amount of traffic that passes through a network peer on average per day is less than a single YouTube clip”.

Hola also emphasises that no body ever has access to your device, it is simply used as a proxy. Not only that, but they boast that their value-exchange set-up allows them to offer an ad-free service, even for their free VPN users!

The user always have the option not to share resources and subscribe to the PLUS version. Users of the Hola VPN browser extensions (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera) don’t share their resources either.

How Does Their Paid Service Work?

Hola VPN Plus Plans

Hola’s paid service, Hola VPN Plus, enables users to be part of the network without having to contribute their own idle resources. They are essentially paying to use the network without having to put anything in themselves. Additionally, subscriber users have security and privacy features as part of the product.

Furthermore, Hola VPN Plus can use the service on 10 different devices, so they can share the advantages with their friends and family.

Eyal had this to say about Hola’s VPN Plus subscription; “Currently, Hola VPN runs in a hybrid mode – combining traditional VPN architecture and peer-to-peer technology. Those who like Hola VPN but prefer not to share their bandwidth with others can upgrade to the paid version – Hola VPN
PLUS. Subscribed users also get added privacy and security, unlimited HD streaming and more”.

The price for VPN Plus is super low at just $2.99 per month if you choose to pay for the 3 years subscription plan.

Do They Offer Any Other Products or Services?

Yes! In addition to the free VPS and VPS Plus options, Hola has an ad blocker, a “Change GPS Location” app, a browser, and an accelerator that helps users to stream videos quicker. All products are dedicated to keeping your browsing smooth, speedy, low-cost and secure!

Hola’s Ultimate Goals

Hola is an ambitious company. Take a look at what Eyal said about their goals:

“Our ultimate goal is to provide every internet user over the world the option for free open browsing, with no blocked sites based on geographical restrictions or political and government-imposed restrictions. For those users who need it – our goal is to provide the necessary privacy and security with our paid version. To achieve these goals we are working to increase our user-base so everyone in every country can enjoy our products, either our free product or our premium VPN for enhanced privacy and security”.

Hola is actively “striving to be the most popular VPN service worldwide, constantly improving our product and creating a reality, in which there is no more censorship over the internet – neither geographical nor political”.

Hola is a company that is evidently passionate about providing an open, safe and secure service. We welcome the change in internet rules and offer our best wishes to Hola in bringing about global internet privacy.

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