HelioHost Review

HelioHost Review


HelioHost is a Free Webhost and classified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run by Ben Frede CEO. The company was founded in 2005 by Ashoat Tevosyan.  They have been offering free hosting to their community of hobbyists for over 13 years.  HelioHost are dedicated to make a difference and support those who want to get to know the tech industry.

Completely FREE Hosting

HelioHost offer completely free professional hosting and make a promise to never upsell you to paid services. However, they do request that people consider sending them in donations. They offer unlimited domains and unlimited bandwidth to their users. HelioHost has grown largely due to word of mouth marketing. They never use any advertising or sales methods to attract users.

Supported by an impressive community of over 10,000 users, HelioHost relies on donations from the community to run. They are dedicated to their cause and are even willing to lose money to enable others to access free hosting.

Their supporters work closely with the organization to provide whatever they can to allow HelioHost to continue the great work. This includes providing support via phone, chat and online forums for free. In an effort to support the growing HelioHost community. The whole project is funded by generous donors.

HelioHost Datacenters

HelioHost has their own data center and they own their own tech. They run a professional full-stack datacentre based in Silicon Valley. The level of hosting that you get for free from HelioHost is extraordinary. They offer feature-rich hosting that supports all of the most common programming languages and databases. Such as PHP, ASP.net, Java/ JSP, Ruby on Rails, Django, Perl and Python.

HelioHost also offers all of the most up to date solutions such as Softalicious and cPanel – all completely FREE! Whatsmore, they offer unlimited bandwidth and databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite.

Active Community Forums

HelioHost users are extremely active on their online forums. It is no surprise, as that is how the entire company began. Helping each other daily in their tech projects, the community is extremely helpful and supportive, and for that reason, many users stick around and show their gratitude to HelioHost.

The community, share, learn and grow together online. Because there is such a high demand for free hosting, HelioHost relies on their community to provide the answers.

The members seem to get enjoyment out of helping others learn. Many of the Forum users get more and more involved with the company until they become part of the furniture. That is what happened to Ben Frede – the current CEO. He began as a user and then grew to be part of the company and then eventually the CEO.

A Warm Hearted Alternative to Paid Hosting

The HelioHost story is very inspirational. It began as a hosting support forum. The support forum is still very much thriving over a decade on.  At the time HelioHost began there were a lot of hosts providing free hosting with advertisements. HelioHost aimed to move away from this business model and offer a completely free hosting solution that ran solely from donations alone.

HelioHost aims to offer Freemium hosting without the added frustration of substandard tech or invasive advertisements. They offer a feature-rich premium hosting service completely free of charge. Powered solely by donations. They want to set themselves apart from hosting companies who want to lure you in with a free offer and then charge you for something later.

100% Transparency

Surprisingly, Heliohost only officially became a charity in 2017. The main reason they went down this route was to be able to allow their donors to gift tax-free contributions to HelioHost.  They are completely transparent about what they do with all of their money. in the “Wiki” section of their, site HelioHost disclose how much money they have earned and if they are on target. I have pasted the most recent funding meter from their site below:


Ben Frede the CEO wants their donors to feel completely confident about where their money is going and for that reason, transparency is extremely important to HelioHost.

How Donations are Gathered by HelioHost

Donations are generally collected by modern online payment gateways such as Skrill or PayPal. However, this year they mixed it up and tried crowdfunding via the goFundMe platform. They decided to go down this route to raise money for a piece of hardware that would offer additional storage space for their users.

The Crowdfunding campaign was successful and raised $710 within 2 weeks and their target was $500. People enjoy funding HelioHost because it gives students a chance to learn, people want to support their education. The strong community provides support while they grow and there is no talk of money, so that part is completely taken care of. Leaving HelioHosters free’d up to focus on their online projects.

Why have I not heard of HelioHost Yet?

Normally free hosting is somewhat restricted. However, with HelioHost they offer professional hosting completely free. I am not sure why I have only just learned about their awesome company today. The only reason can be that they don’t spend any money on paid advertisements, so they can get buried under a lot of online noise.

The main attractions at HelioHost for new users are the free Python and Tomcat Java Hosting. People search for this hosting free online and then come across HelioHost. Their traffic is completely organic, so other than word of mouth, people can find HelioHost with some search terms. Namely free python hosting and free Tomcat Java Hosting.

You can even run automated cron jobs with HelioHost – they truly over deliver and provide the most comprehensive hosting that I have seen anywhere for free. I will actually be telling all of my programmer friends and my son who is a digital media student about HelioHosts.

Keeping True to their Roots

Keeping true to their roots, Ben has an account on Quora where he offers free advice on hosting. Similar to how the company began – growing and learning via their online forums. Users are often attracted to HelioHost via Ben’s helpful advice on Quora. Additionally social media channels like Linked in and Facebook provide some more traffic and exposure for HelioHost.

In Conclusion

I have never seen a free hosting provider that delivers the whole package completely free with no strings attached. HelioHost seriously is an amazing company doing a great service to humanity. Offering such high-level hosting that requires no financial investment seriously removes all of the barriers to entry.

There can be no more excuses for people who want to learn coding and take their career to the next level. This company is robust and has been around for over a decade so you know that you can trust them to stick around and safely host your next big project. HelioHost has both the community and world-class solutions on offer to all those who require them. so what are you waiting for? – jump over to HelioHost and get started!

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