FastestVPN Review and Interview

FastestVPN Review and Interview


Browse the internet safely and securely with FastestVPN‘s services. The low-cost VPN provider is dedicated to helping its customers to maintain anonymity and privacy while surfing the net.

Adam Miller, FastestVPN’s founder, answered my questions about his company so that I could bring you this review.

The Beginning of FastestVPN

VPN is a useful tool for people who value their online privacy. Whether you’re concerned about your internet service provider storing information on you, or are concerned about your safety in public Wi-Fi spots, VPN is the way forward. It protects your identity and enables you to remain anonymous while enjoying unrestricted browsing.

Adam told me:

“With technological advancement in the modern age, comes many safety and confidentiality-related issues. The internet gives a free ground to opportunists to gain multitudes through the medium. But along with harmless house consumption, companies, and small businesses, there exists evil too that works around to procure access to your most intimate practices and routines. Here is where the idea emerged of FastestVPN to provide a solid solution to protect internet users from these harms”.

How is FastestVPN’s Customer Service?

FastestVPN takes customer care very seriously. Its support page contains access to loads of useful information to help customers and prospective customers get the most out of their services. You will find FAQs and tutorials that will answer most queries.

FastestVPN’s Support Center

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply get in touch with the FastestVPN team. They provide lots of ways to do this including live chat, email, and ticket submission. Adam explained more about the company’s customer service:

“We provide 24/7 live customer support. You can reach us through our live chat anytime and there will always be a person waiting to help you out. I am sure out of 100, 99 customers are entertained on run time. This is also reflected in our branded reviews published on different tech websites”.

FastestVPN’s Greatest Strengths

There are lots of great aspects to FastestVPN and its services. Adam gave me some points as to what he considers to be the company’s greatest strengths:

“Flawless apps, high bandwidth servers, high tech team of developers, marketers, content writers and, market leader’s top features at very affordable prices give us the strength to fulfil most of our customers’ needs”.

He also told me the one aspect he is most proud of:

“We have 0.5 Million satisfied customers which continues to grow. This makes us proud that we are fulfilling our customers’ needs”.

Plans And Pricing

VPN Plans

FastestVPN is available across multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Roku, Android, Chome and XBox, to name just a few. The company also has servers located across an impressive thirty one countries!

Before we get into the price of the available plans, it’s worth noting here that you can purchase a specialised VPN router from FastestVPN which ensures that every device connected to it remains anonymous and secure. These are priced from $249 and are an incredibly convenient way of optimising your privacy.

However, if purchasing one of these routers isn’t for you, simply select from the available plans. There are 3 to choose from, all of which allow you to connect up to 10 devices to the Virtual Private Network simultaneously.

Opt to pay monthly, annually, or triennially. Paying monthly will set you back $10 per month, but paying annually or triennially costs considerably less at $2.49 per month and $1.11 per month, respectively. All three options include a 15-day money-back guarantee, along with an option of adding more multi-logins. These are priced at $1 per additional device, which I think is a very reasonable cost.

Adam also told me of another plan:

“Our all plans are price affordable and our customers choose them according to their needs. But, our 5 Year plan with 10 Multi Logins for just $49.95 is the most popular and maximum selling plan”.

All plans include malware protection, ad blocker and NAT Firewall for your security. You will also benefit from unlimited bandwidth and “blazing fast” connectivity speeds.

Upcoming Developments

Adam told me about some developments in the pipeline which are sure to benefit customers: “We are soon going to launch business VPN and dedicated VPN servers”.

I think that these are both fantastic ideas, particularly the business VPN. I’m curious as to what the plans will include and how they will differ to the FastestVPN’s existing services.

It’s been a fantastic experience speaking with Adam Miller. Thank you very much Adam for telling me more about your company! 

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