Evolution Host Review

Evolution Host Review


Even though Evolution Host was only conceived of in April 2012, the group behind Evolution Host have more than 15 years of experience in the online hosting world. As the internet (as we know it) is barely older we can be assured that they were around at the beginning and know their stuff.

The founders of Evolution Host built the company from the ground up. To ensure that their vision of client-centered, future-focused innovation is at the core of everything that they do.

Hosted in multiple locations, the Evolution Host servers allow companies to navigate the complex world of data legislation. They have data centers all around the world like Canada, Germany, France, USA, Australia, the UK and Poland. Your access to these servers depends on the package you choose but the variety of options available is impressive! Evolution Host offers powerful servers that have minimal lag for gaming and bots to work in real time.

Unrelenting power with every single package

Declaring themselves the “go-to host on the planet”  “Evo” (as their friends like to call them) prioritize customer satisfaction over everything else. They believe in “inventing the future” with a mission to stay ahead of the continuously changing technology. They develop in-house, focused on keeping intellectual property evolving and the company succeeding.

Evo provide speed, power and reliability needed for those building online applications.  Their signature game server hosting runs on extremely powerful hardware which provides unbeatable reliability, high tick-rates and low ping. They offer hosted game servers ranging from Garry’s Mod to SA-MP and even Rust to ARK: Survival Evolved, Evolution Host – it does seem like Evo are the guys to go to for games servers.

Evolution Host Customer Support

The first thing to mention, and most important to those of us working in the fast-paced internet/ gaming world is that the setup of your service is instant.  The minute Evolution Host receives payment you will be up and running.  They offer online chat with live support and the team is available to help you throughout the setup process.  In truth, it is unlikely that you will need the help as the server will just work. However, it is good to know that support is there should you need it.

Remember this is a hosting company that prides itself on customer experience above all else.  The primary goal of the company’s business plan is to make you a loyal lifelong customer.  This means that the response time to your emails should be within 10 minutes, which is well within the industry average.

A Variety of Payment Methods Accepted

As is fitting or a company that wants to invent the future also accepts Bitcoin as a payment method.  Therefore, it is possible to pay for your hosting from your crypto wallet.  They also promote the use of PayPal – a secure and efficient e-wallet and accept bank and credit cards.  They will invoice you a few days before the subscription is due for renewal alternatively you can set up a scheme that keeps your balance topped up and your service running.

One of the best promises from Evolution Host is that the subscription price will not change in a subscription window.  This means the price you budgeted annually or quarterly will remain the price you are expected to pay.  This is true even though you are likely to benefit from the evolution of any new features or any improvements to the products.  These upgrades are delivered to you essentially free of charge and will only affect your payment amount once you need to renew your subscription.

And uptime? SLA Uptime with Evo is 99.95%

Evolution Host: Packages and Benefits

There are a huge number of powerful hosting packages to choose from.

The packages they offer include:

  • Starter Monthly VPS Plan 5 Euros– 1 CPU Core, 512MB DDR4 RAM,10GB SSD Storage, 125Mb/s Port, 1TB Monthly Transfer, Advanced DDoS Protection, Linux Distributions, Europe/US Locations
  • Developer Monthly VPS Plan 10 Euros – 2 CPU Cores, 1024MB DDR4 RAM, 20GB SSD Storage, 150Mb/s Port, 2TB Monthly Transfer, Advanced DDoS Protection, Linux Distributions, Europe/US Locations
  • Production Monthly VPS Plan 20 Euros– 3 CPU Cores, 2048MB DDR4 RAM, 0GB SSD Storage, 175Mb/s Port, 3TB Monthly Transfer, Advanced DDoS Protection, Linux Distributions, Europe/US Locations
  • Business Monthly VPS Plan 40 Euros -4 CPU Cores, 4096MB DDR4 RAM, 60GB SSD Storage, 200Mb/s Port, 6TB Monthly Transfer, Advanced DDoS Protection, Linux or Windows, Europe/US Locations

If this is not enough space for you then there are high volume SSD VPS packages available too.

  • Professional Monthly VPS Plan  – 8 CPU Cores, 8192MB DDR4 RAM, 100GB SSD Storage, 250Mb/s Port, 7TB Monthly Transfer, Advanced DDoS Protection, Linux or Windows, Europe/US Locations
  • Enterprise Monthly VPS Plan 80 Euros – 12 CPU Cores, 12288MB DDR4 RAM, 130GB SSD storage, 300Mb/s Port, 8TB Monthly Transfer, Advanced DDoS Protection, Linux or Windows, Europe/US Locations
  • Ultimate Monthly VPS Plan 100 Euros -16 CPU Cores,16384MB DDR4 RAM, 160GB SSD Storage, 500Mb/s Port, 10TB Monthly Transfer, Advanced DDoS Protection, Linux or Windows, Europe/US Locations

Evolution Host is Unique

The team over at Evolution Host have tech-savvy heads with social skills. The service provided by Evolution Host is high-end and they are indeed inventing the future. Often when the focus is on the technical details – and there is a sniff of the gaming world about the company then the user tends to have to deal with complex technical communication.

This is certainly not the case with Evolution Host. When you decide to buy your app or game hosting with Evo you will enjoy instant set up and support within 10 seconds. You have the assurance that upgrades and improvements will be continuously delivered – and for a time this might be free of charge.

It is a clever vision by a sophisticated company. Customer experience and lifelong loyalty are the cornerstones of successful companies that hope to thrive well into the future. Making this the unique selling point of the brand is just plain smart!

The Final Analysis

Our friends over at Evo are doing an amazing job and this is likely due to the years of experience that backs the technological and organizational development of the company. There literally hundreds of customer reviews online raving at the reliability, functionality and overall experience of working with this company. If you are looking for seriously powerful hosting for games or bots then Evolution Host are well worth a look.

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