EverWeb Review And Interview

EverWeb Review And Interview


EverWeb is a feature-packed website builder, specially designed for MacOS. It labels itself as being “the easiest website builder you’ve ever used” and boasts more than 200 free professional templates, a host of widgets and add-ons, responsive designs, plus round-the-clock support.

I had some questions for the EverWeb team about their easy-to-use website builder. Its founder, Paul Levine, was kind enough to answer them for this review.

The Initial Stages Of EverWeb

Paul Levine got his inspiration for building EverWeb from Apple’s website builder at the time; iWeb. iWeb’s main users were individuals with small, personal websites. Paul Levine, on the other hand, wanted to create something even better, that was aimed at businesses as well as individuals. Here, he explains more about the beginning of EverWeb:

“We started off creating SEO software for Mac users in the early 2000s. Apple released a website builder called iWeb and many iWeb users were using our SEO software to help improve their websites’ rankings.

Apple discontinued iWeb in 2011 so we worked on a replacement for it which became EverWeb. Where iWeb was focused on personal websites we made EverWeb just as easy as iWeb but with features for businesses, built in SEO, and modern website features. We also made it really easy to publish online by providing direct integration with our web hosting platform so there is no technical setup and everything just works”.

24/7 Support From EverWeb

Whatever time of the day (or night) you need assistance, the EverWeb team is on-hand to help. EverWeb has striven to provide a plethora of support options for its customers, ensuring there is plenty of information, tutorials, and guides that are easily accessible on its website. Paul Levine told me more about EverWeb’s customer support:

“We pride ourselves on our customer service and offer 24/7 email and phone support. We focus a lot on making sure customers have what they need to have a fully functional and easy to use website. Aside from direct email and phone support we have an extensive library of video tutorials that walk customers through the process of building a website and the more advanced features.

We are always releasing new videos on our youtube channel and we also have a very detailed user manual”.

Additionally, you can find lots of customer testimonials on the EverWeb site, as well as impressive feedback scores from multiple different channels such as download.com and MacLife.

Paul Levine continued to tell me the aspect of EverWeb he is most proud of:

“Our community! We have such a strong and big community of users that have been using EverWeb for almost a decade. It’s amazing to see people in over 120 countries and regions using EverWeb to build their own websites and businesses.

Their input and support helps us add even more features and make EverWeb better with each release”.

Features Of EverWeb

EverWeb has all you need to create a visually-appealing, responsive, dynamic and intuitive website. What’s more, it enables you to do so with ease. The drag-and-drop functionality means that you don’t need any coding skills to take the steps to building your professional website.

There are a number of other key features that make EverWeb an excellent candidate for being the best website builder for Mac users. One big plus point is its strong focus on SEO. With EverWeb, you can easily add SEO settings to your website to help you boost its placement in search engines. There is even a free SEO course to get you started.

Beyond that, there are loads of customisable options to make your website truly unique. Choose from a wide selection of widgets and add-ons, Google fonts, animations, free stock photos, image effects, and image picture frames. More still, even though coding isn’t necessary, you have the option of adding custom HTML, CSS and Javascript, should you want to.

Unsurprisingly, Paul Levine considers the ease-of-use of EverWeb and its range of features to be the website builder’s greatest strengths. Here’s what he told me:

“I think the ease of use while still providing easy access to more powerful features like Contact Forms, Image Galleries, SEO, eCommerce features etc…

EverWeb also has hundreds of third party widgets that users can utilize to add even more features to their website.

Ease of use with no technical setup + Unlimited possibility for add-ons and extensions really makes EverWeb stand out from the crowd”.

How Much Does EverWeb Cost?

There are three EverWeb plans to choose from, two of which have the handy inclusion of website hosting for your new websites. Paul Levine told me which plans are most popular amongst customers:

“Many customers already have their own hosting so they use the Standalone version. However, those that want a very easy, no hassle website and email service with no set up, the EverWeb + Hosting 2GB plan is very popular”.

Let’s look at all three plans in more detail:

Standalone Plan – For the Standalone plan, there is a one-off payment of $79.95 for lifetime access to the website builder. With this plan, you can build unlimited websites. Customers will gain access to over 200 templates, more than 500,000 free stock photos, the ‘SEO For EverWeb’ video course, advanced contact forms and built-in SEO features. Furthermore, the Standalone plan also gives customers all they need to build an eCommerce store.

Hosting Lite Plan – For the Hosting Lite plan, you are billed annually at $99.95/year. With this plan, you get 5 email accounts, 5 domains, 2GB disk space, 25GB bandwidth, website stats and password protection. You also get free software updates for as long as your account is active.

Hosting Pro Plan – If you need more from your hosting, the Hosting Pro plan may be the best hosting choice for you. It costs $199.95 per year and allows 25 email accounts, unlimited domains, 10GB disk space, and 100GB bandwidth. Your website will also be HTTPS secure for no additional cost. More still, Hosting Pro customers will benefit from free access to EverWeb SEO PowerUp, normally priced at $29.95 per year.

Exciting Developments In The Pipeline

EverWeb is working on some exciting developments, one of which will make its website builder more easily accessible for all. Paul Levine explained:

“We are in the process of creating some amazing new features including a Windows version of EverWeb making it one of the only cross platform website builders and a membership feature that customers can easily add to their websites. This will allow them to offer online services and adapt their businesses for the next decade and beyond”.

I really like that EverWeb are developing a version of its website builder for Windows users. The membership feature also sounds great, enabling users even more flexibility to add functionality to their websites.

Last, but not least, a huge thanks to Paul Levine for cooperating with me and answering my interview questions. Good luck with your upcoming plans!

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