Edison Mail Review and Interview

Edison Mail Review and Interview


Edison Mail is often hailed as one of the best email apps available for iOS, Android, and Mac. There is both a free version and an upgraded, paid version. Edison Mail enables users to manage all their inboxes from one place and there are some great features that make it incredibly useful for day-to-day email tasks .

I caught up with the team behind Edison Mail to learn more about the intuitive email app.

The Edison Mail Launch

One big driving factor for the development of Edison Mail was to save consumers valuable time when carrying out tedious tasks like deleting junk mail. The development team wanted to create an app that simplified the process of managing email accounts. The end result is an invaluable time-saving app that increases productivity amongst users.

Hetal Pandya, Co-Founder of Edison Mail, shared the following about the evolution of the app.

“Before Edison Mail launched for iOS in 2016, we developed a virtual assistant app to automate simple tasks like contacts and calendaring. Along the way, our team discovered that where consumers actually needed the most help was with their email.

Edison Mail was engineered to bring back the simplicity, speed, and feeling of ‘magic’ that consumers once felt when using their email. Over time, many email services lost their way and became slow and difficult to use. Furthermore, we learned that consumers were wasting time repeating the same task in their inbox every day — the deletion of junk mail.

So, we devoted a lot of time and resources to understand the intricacies of email and engineered Edison Mail for faster, simpler, and smarter email management all in one place on your mobile device.”

What Exactly Can You Expect From Edison Mail?

Edison Mail is like an email assistant. It offers built-in AI under the hood that automatically categorises and displays the important details in your travel-related emails, package tracking information, bills and receipts and more, into easy-access folders in your inbox so you never have to search for that information.

Edison Mail will notify you about price drops on your recent purchases to find opportunities for cash back refunds from stores with price matching policies. The app can even tell you the weather forecast in different locations and give you directions to your destinations when you travel.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and there are even more features and handy resources to enjoy. Hetal offered the following details when I asked about the apps core strengths:

“Unlike other email apps, Edison Mail is an independent and AI-based email app offering faster, simpler and smarter email management of all of your accounts, in one place. No other mail app can match the unique feature set in Edison Mail of enhanced speed, categorization and real-time updates about travel, package tracking, bills and receipts, plus the ability to unsubscribe from junk mail in just one tap. Additionally, our team behind Edison Mail is a nimble group of problem solvers, constantly working to improve email based on real email user feedback.

Our company is full of people that are passionate about what they create. From our design team, to the engineers developing the machine learning abilities, to our app developers, custom support and marketing staff — everyone is so dedicated to making their creations the best they can be. We’re always working together across teams so we have a strong culture of collaboration that shows in the products we’re able to produce”.

More still, if you upgrade to Edison Mail+, the app’s paid security-focused subscription, you will also benefit from additional features such as verifying senders, blocking spam calls and texts, and caller ID.

Edison Mail’s Greatest Achievement

I asked the team about what aspect of Edison Mail they are most proud of and received the following:

“Edison Mail’s greatest achievement is building an email experience consumers love to use. We are an award-winning #1 independent mail app on the App Store, have more than 170K reviews across device platforms, and a 4.6 App Store rating from users who rely on Edison Mail to make using their inbox a better experience.

Email used to be where things got done, but now it’s often where things get stuck. In response to this, Edison Mail makes email intelligent enough for consumers to spend less time in their mailbox. There’s no reason why a task should take five taps when it can be done in one. We’re the pioneers of One-Tap Unsubscribe and have worked to apply our philosophy of simplicity into every new feature we engineer.”

Excellent Customer Care From Edison Mail

Edison Mail has a dedicated team, committed to providing solid and thorough customer care.  

“Our team considers excellent customer service a unique advantage of Edison Mail. Though we are a smaller team than our competitors, we take pride in offering consistent and prompt support to consumers. We have a dedicated, first class customer service lead that engages with Edison Mail users everyday, offering support for any questions or issues they experience. We also prioritize our customers internally by routinely collaborating as a team regarding new questions and requests for the app. Last but not least, we have a scrappy team on which everyone — whether you’re a VP, manager, or associate — will roll up their sleeves to help as needed to support our customers when they need us.”

Continuing To Develop

The Edison Mail team strives for continuous development, ensuring they always bring customers the best experience.  

“We are always working to improve your experience with Edison Mail for iOS, Android, and desktop, and do roll out new updates on the App Stores regularly. We are excited to continue developing our new email service, OnMail, to deliver a more modern experience than other providers that are more than twenty years old. We plan to expand our OnMail service further in and will have more to share then.”

Edison Mail is an excellent app for maximising organisation, whether you’re an individual wanting to save some time or a small business looking to boost your productivity and email marketing efforts. The fact that even the free version is so comprehensive and feature-rich makes it even better!

Edison Mail enables you to effortlessly get rid of your junk emails and manage all your inboxes from one place. It works as an intuitive assistant, giving helpful information such as directions, package tracking, and suggested unsubscribe.

A big thanks to Edison Mail’s team for these interview answers. It’s been a great experience learning about the app and the problems it continues to solve in email. 

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