eApps Review

eApps Review


eApps®, a CloudScale365 company, is a world-renowned company that specialises in web application hosting solutions. Established as far back as 1996, eApps has earned a global reputation for its reliability, powerful solutions, and outstanding customer support.

We interviewed Richard Lingsch, Managing Director of eApps Hosting, to find out more about the company and what it means to be an eApps customer.

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Back To The Beginning

With over 24 years of providing application hosting services to its customers, eApps has evolved into a premier provider of managed hosting services, successfully securing thousands of clients across 6 continents. We wanted to find out the reasons behind eApps’ success. Richard Lingsch had this to say “The company was founded in 1986 as Strategic Systems Consulting, Inc. by three former Big 4 management consultants. The company started out providing IT consulting services to companies that wanted high-quality professional assistance without the high price tag. Ten years later, in April of 1996, the company evolved into a web development company and launched a web hosting service under the registered brand name “eApps®”.

He continued “The founders wanted to offer high quality, competitively priced IT services that resulted in the best business value proposition for customers, and was financially and personally rewarding”.

Supporting Its Customers

eApps assists its customers with 24/7 technology support in addition to numerous how-to guides readily available on its website. Its outstanding services and customer care is evident in the positive testimonials displayed both on the company’s website and other web hosting information websites.

Richard Lingsch had this to say about eApps’ customer service – “All small companies must put their customers first. We always strive to deliver more than we promise for a fair price. Our customers really are number one. But a close second and third are our staff and our vendors. The overall business process depends on dedicated, competent and passionate people. I learned early on that not only our staff, but also our vendors, are key parts to the formula for success”.

Request A Free Consultation

As an extra layer of customer dedication, eApps offers every prospective customer a free initial consultation before they commit to a purchase. It has a team of professional advisers ready and waiting to discuss your hosting requirements. We think this is a great feature and is perfect for those who are unsure of exactly what they need!

Powerful, Innovative Technologies

eApps has successfully kept up with the ever-changing technologies throughout the years and works with a robust range of powerful and innovative technologies to meet customer demand. They have a multitude of technology partners including StorPool, Jelastic, cPanel, Plesk and Microsoft, to name just a few.

Richard told us “The company has had many achievements throughout the years. We were one of the first three companies to offer Lotus Domino web hosting, one of the first three to offer Tomcat hosting, and were an early adopter of virtualization technologies for VPS hosting. The biggest achievement, however, has been the ability of the company to adapt and succeed through dramatic changes in technologies in the face of increasing competitive pressures”.

Services From eApps

Virtual Cloud Server

eApps has a wide and diverse range of application hosting services available to suit the needs of all its customers. We’re going to go through some of the most popular services on offer.


PaaS (Platform as a Service) by eApps is powered by Jelastic and is ideal for application development and deployment projects. It includes a large selection of apps, tools and templates, all aimed at saving you vital time as a developer. Enjoy fast deployment of your applications along with robust, reliable servers.

One of the best things about choosing eApps’ PaaS option is the ability to auto-scale with no downtime. The service allows user to auto-scale both vertically and horizontally. This in turn can result in savings since users only pay for what they use. Many companies offer a fixed price service, which can lead to customers paying for a usage allowance they don’t actually need. With eApps’ PaaS service, the process is simplified as you are billed by the hour.

Virtual Cloud Server

eApps’ VCS services are completely tailored to your requirements, giving you precisely the scape your need! Choose from a Windows or Linux server and customize it according to your required CPU, RAM, and disk space.

Additionally, benefit from DDoS protection, Web App Firewall, free server investigations, and uptime monitoring, all inclusive of your customized plan.

eApps also has an optional package of extras that costs just $25 per month. Included in the package are back-ups, malware protection, SSL optimization, and a performance review of your server.

Microsoft 365 and Collaboration Services

eApps now offer Microsoft 365 email service (previously Office 365) through it’s parent company, CloudScale365. Microsoft 365 is a powerful suite of communication and collaboration solutions for teams. It addition to enterprise-grade email and calendar solution, the service includes web versions of Office apps, Outlook, and SharePoint. Designed for team collaboration, Microsoft 365 includesalong with 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage per user for documents and files. Microsoft Teams is also included for real-time messaging, voice calls, and video conferencing.

Microsoft Exchange Online is also available at eApps through CloudScale365.

The Future Of eApps

Being the innovative company it is, eApps is currently working on a new and exciting service for its customers. Richard explained “eApps® Hosting was recently acquired by CloudScale365, a premier Managed Services Provider. CloudScale365 has been focused on supporting the client-side and back-office technology needs of large and small organizations. eApps Hosting is in the process of launching an innovative service called Private Virtual Cloud (PvC), designed to support any workload in the Cloud. With eApps Hosting, CloudScale365 can now offer end to end IT support and state of the art Cloud solutions to current and future customers. As Managing Director of eApps Hosting, and part of the management of CloudScale365, I am excited to be part of the team that is working on achieving this vision”.

We give eApps a massive thumbs up and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the company and its customers.

Thank you Richard Lingsch for taking the time to speak with us!

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