Commence Review

Commence Review


Commence Corporation was established in 1988. The company has a rich history of developing software products that help small-to-medium sized businesses improve efficiency.

Commence has focussed on delivering easy-to-use, affordable solutions that small-medium sized businesses can utilise every day. Proving successful in their endeavours, thirty one years on, the company is still going strong.

We spoke with Larry Caretsky, the CEO of Commence, to learn more about how Commence products are helping companies around the globe increase their sales, productivity and efficiency.

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What is Commence All About?

Commence is a CRM software solution that streamlines your business and helps increase sales. It automates a range of tasks including customer profiling, ticket management, project management and analytics.

Larry, told us that “Commence CRM is ideal for small to mid-size companies that need more than the basic one-size fits all CRM products can provide, but who do not need or want the cost and complexity associated with enterprise-level products. Commence CRM is easy to implement and easy to use while offering functionality that rivals higher-end products costing much more.”

Dedicated to Increasing Your Sales

Increasing Your Sales With Commence

Commence CRM’s core focus is to increase sales and improve customer service for their clients. Their website asks a vital question; “If your CRM isn’t accelerating sales, why do you have it?” The team at Commence have a deep understanding of what a good CRM should do for your business, and ultimately your sales.

They have created a product that automates sales and customer relationship management. It allows you to implement, track, and analyse a variety of aspects with its “full set” of management tools. One of the core features is used to build marketing campaigns, amplify your sales, and analyse your results.

Larry told us more about what Commence has to offer “The company employs a team of experienced sales, marketing and customer service professionals that offer an array of services and best practices for improving how companies market, sell, and provide service to their customers. Very few companies can match the functionality, flexibility and services offered by Commence Corporation”.

An Affordable Solution

Commence Offers Free Trials

Small businesses may not have the funds to splash out on costly CRM software. Since its early days, Commence has worked hard to provide a CRM solution that small-mid sized business can actually afford – a vital ingredient to its overall customer-centric approach.

Larry explained “The CRM software industry consists of a myriad of low cost cookie cutter solutions that do not offer the level of functionality and flexibility companies need for their business. And, while there are several high-end products that do, they are very expensive and hard to use. Commence has filled this gap with a robust solution that is affordable, easy to implement and easy to use.

He continued “We continue to be successful because we understand the value we bring to our customers in automating how they market, sell and provide service to their customers and what the competing alternatives offer”.

What Exactly Can You Expect From Commence?

Some Ways Commence Can Help Your Business

Commence CRM has a ton of features to offer its users. Looking through their website, you’ll see a lot of details on how the software can improve your business. Let’s take a look at what to expect from them…

Customer Profiling

Understand your audience using Commence Customer Profile Software. The software begins with basic information, such as contact information and purchase channels, and builds on that data to create detail-rich customer profiles. Use the information to build highly-targeted campaigns and analyse the results, tweaking information as it changes.

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation becomes an automated process with Commence. It enables you to adapt your marketing efforts according to specific customer data by focusing on the individual requirements of each segment. Consequently, with this technology, your marketing campaigns will be definitively tailored and automated for optimum results.

Track Your Sales

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign, Commence CRM software automatically tracks your sales and the results of your campaigns. Commence collects information about your sales including quotes, leads and completed deals, as well as historical data for each customer. It follows the journey of your customers, from beginning to end.

Manage Tickets

Keep your tickets organised and streamlined with Commence CRM. The intuitive software will document and log every ticket for you to refer back to whenever needed. This will assist with managing customer relationships, increasing the efficiency of communication, and ultimately increasing customer revenues.

Project Management

Commence CRM has integrated project management within each customer profile. Therefore, users can easily manage project timetables, assign project tasks, and create time slips for budget hours and billable hours. Additionally, the built in Gantt chart, lets you visualise the progress of every project from beginning to end, giving you a clear idea of where your company resources are going.

Looking to the Future With Commence CRM

All Features of Commence

Commence has a long history of up scaling and improving their products and services. They’re committed to providing the best possible CRM solutions to all their customers, and they continue to grow their software features and tools.

Larry spoke to us about the future of Commence; “We believe our middle market positioning and growing array of CRM services will continue to differentiate our company and fuel our growth. Small to mid-size companies often struggle to hire experienced sales and marketing professionals because they are hard to find and costly to bring on board in a full-time capacity”.

Larry goes on “Commence Corporation is filling this gap by coupling our CRM software with a team of experienced sales, marketing and service professionals that insure that customers implement the best practices necessary to insure that they realize the maximum value from our solution”.

To Conclude Our Review

In conclusion, Commence presents an all-in-one intuitive and streamlined software at a cost-effective price. They continue to build on their product, integrating more tools and features to help you grow your sales and expand your business.

Larry’s closing statement was “We have consistently worked to improve our CRM product and services and over the past 30 years we have built an impressive track record for delivering high-quality products and services”.

Speaking with Larry Caretsky was a fantastic opportunity. I enjoyed learning more about his company, software and what they represent. It’s been 31 years since the inception of Commence. Corporation and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do next.

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