Clouding Review

Clouding Review


Clouding.io is a cloud hosting company that offers a highly-tailored VPS hosting service. It promises a no-commitment, flexible solution, along with hourly billing so you only pay for what you use. Clouding utilises powerful SSD technology and super-fast processors to deliver a robust, powerful, and reliable service.

The CEO of Clouding, Xavier Trilla, generously agreed to an interview where we had the opportunity to explore the company in greater detail.

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Experienced Developers Striving For Perfection

Clouding wasn’t created overnight. In fact, the team spent nearly two years developing and testing their concepts before the launch. Their goal was to ensure they were able to deliver the best possible services to all their future clients from day one.

Xavier Trilla had this to say; “The Clouding project began at the beginning of 2014, although we didn’t open up to the public until September 2015. To ensure the best performance and stability for our customers from day one, we spent almost two years developing and testing the solution before launching it on the market”.

The team behind Clouding has many years of experience. Their former hosting project, SiliconHosting.com, was one of the first hosting companies in Spain! Xavier Trilla told us “SiliconHosting was a traditional hosting provider, where we offered services from domain registration to dedicated servers, but with a special emphasis on dedicated hosting”.

With ten years of hosting experience under his belt, Xavier Trilla and his partner, Arnau Marcé decided to dedicate their time to developing a superior kind of hosting company that combines all the best aspects of VPS, Cloud, and dedicated servers. The result is a powerful, stable, and flexible hosting experience that customers can continue to enjoy as their own businesses expand.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Clouding’s Hosting

Clouding’s Hosting

Xavier Trilla is exceptionally proud of Clouding’s success and tells us “I believe that one of our main achievements has been to create a provider in Spain that can take on leading international providers without excuses”.

Their outstanding capability of providing clients with much-needed, high-quality hosting services is made possible with these four different Clouding characteristics:


As discussed already, Clouding offers powerful cloud VPS hosting. Their servers contain Intel Xeon Cores which deliver a fast and efficient user-experience. They provide their customers with a wide bandwidth, as well as three tiers of cache in Ram for ultra-speedy performance.


Clouding works with cutting edge software and hardware that collectively build a highly-stable infrastructure within their 4-tier datacentre. Their intelligent platform has the capability of repairing itself, should any issues arise. On top of that, the team at Clouding have three copies of every customer’s server to ensure that there is never any downtime should one fail.


Clouding brings you a flexible experience with hourly billing and no flat fees! Their prices begin at just 0.00412 Euros per hour. Activate your server as soon as you sign up and customise your plan with your required amount of CPU, RAM, and SSD hard drives. You are in complete control of your package.


Hosting used to be much more complicated than it is today. Still, Clouding offers premium support from professionals in the cloud industry, along with access to a community where you can share your Q&As. Additionally, the process of creating, deleting and configuring your cloud VPS is made easy with a user-friendly control panel designed with simplicity in mind.

A Customer-Centric Company

Pros at Your Disposal!

Great customer service is one of the reasons an ordinary customer becomes a loyal customer. Businesses have so much at stake and depend highly on their hosting providers. For this reason, Clouding is exceptionally focused on building meaningful relationships with its customers.

Xavier Trilla explains his approach to customer care “At Clouding, we believe in establishing sincere and quality relationships with our customers, caring about their needs and always trying to offer them the best service. We have a very good working environment, with a team made up of people who believe in the work they do and who are proud to do it in the best possible way.

All of this is something that the customer notices from the start thanks to a number of details, and it’s these details that let our customers know how important they are to us and that we are here to help and always offer them the best service”.

Clouding provides a one-to-one service, where customers can speak with a real person from their in-house team. We think this personal approach is commendable and one customers will greatly appreciate.

Continuous Growth

Clouding continues to grow from strength-to-strength and is set for further success in coming years. Xavier Trilla had this to say about the future of his company; “Over the last year our main priority has been to be able to manage the large growth of the project without – under any circumstances – affecting the quality of the service we provide to our clients.

At the same time, the growth we are having – doubling our turnover every year – is also allowing us to be more competitive and continuously improve our infrastructure and equipment, to continue offering more and better services.

2020 will be a year during which we will further consolidate Clouding as one of the best projects in the Cloud Hosting market. We’ve been working throughout 2019 and will soon be able to offer new services to our customers that we’re sure will be very useful and exciting”.

It looks like Clouding has a firm vision of their future success. We wish the team behind the company the best of luck moving forward.

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