How to Build a Non-Profit Website

If you’re part of a non-profit organisation, a non-profit website is key for communicating your message with the world and raising awareness of your cause. 2020 saw an increase internet users across the UK’s adult population. The stats rose from 91% in 2019 to 92% in 2020. With this in mind, it’s easy to that […]

How to Renew Your SSL Certificate

Renewing your SSL certificate may seem a little daunting. But fortunately, many great hosting providers ensure the process is as simple as possible for their customers. Some even automate the task, making it even easier and more convenient. If your host doesn’t provide automatic renewal, worry not because I’m going to take you through the […]

How to Design a Website

how to create a website

Nowadays, you do not need to spend a fortune on a website design and development team in order to create a sleek, stylish, and engaging site. While it may seem daunting to build your own website, anyone can do it… I promise!  Below, I will take you through the different steps to follow on how […]

The Importance of a Responsive Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are many reasons why having a “responsive website” is such a key element to any website. Having a site that is responsive means that your visitors can browse and find information regardless of the type of device that they are using. This is both crucial for the overall user experience and conversions. This infographic […]