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MotoCMS Review and Interview

MotoCMS seemingly has it all, whether you need expert SEO, compelling copywriting, a responsive website, or a beautifully-designed logo. MotoCMS are on hand to help, offering a unique and personalised experience. What’s The Story Behind The Launch? MotoCMS prides itself on its innovation and its abilities to keep up-to-date and [...]


OptiMonk Review and Interview

OptiMonk aims to turn your website visitors into buyers, using a variety of proven methods. The company has an impressive list of more than 65,000 customers who trust them to help drive sales. With OptiMonk, you can enjoy features such as minimising shopping cart abandonment, growing your email list for your email marketing campaigns, [...]

Reviews Review and Interview is a hosting company that’s brimming with personality. Its website is designed with simplicity in mind, going to great lengths to explain the ins and outs of the business in perfect clarity. It does not come across as too corporate. Rather, it strives to be friendly, approachable, and relatable. The product range itself is [...]


2BrightSparks Review and Interview

2BrightSparks is the company responsible for SyncBack, a powerful software designed to backup and sync files and data. This software has proved an essential tool for businesses, both small and large. Michael John Leaver, the man behind the company and its software, was happy to be interviewed so that I could learn more about the company [...]


Hostens Review and Interview

Hostens is a low-cost hosting company that charmingly describes itself as “A home for your website”. The Hostens site itself is incredibly welcoming with beautiful, colourful imagery and a pleasantly cute hamster mascot! But far more than having a visually-appealing website, Hostens features incredible prices, 24/7 support, [...]


Hostripples Review and Interview

Hostripples is a cheap hosting provider with a fun and quirky looking website. The Indian hosting company goes to great lengths to explain its processes to you and to ensure customers know exactly what they’re getting when they choose Hostripples. Hostripples – Back To The Start Founded in 2013, Hostripples has a lot of [...]


Edison Mail Review and Interview

Edison Mail is often hailed as one of the best email apps available for iOS, Android, and Mac. There is both a free version and an upgraded, paid version. Edison Mail enables users to manage all their inboxes from one place and there are some great features that make it incredibly useful for day-to-day email tasks . I caught up with the [...]