Biggest Brands [INFOGRAPHIC]

biggest brands

What is a brand? Often products and services are actually defined by a brand name, without people even knowing it. How many times do you remember saying “just Google it”? When you actually think about it, it makes no sense – what we really mean is “use a search engine”. But, Google being one of the […]

Social Media Cheat Sheet 2024 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Media Cheat Cheat 2018

As of April 2018, Facebook had over 2.2 billion monthly active user accounts, followed closely by YouTube with 1.5 billion. Since 2012, the share of businesses using social media in the U.K. by over 20%. So, what does this information have to do with our cheat sheet? When a user visits your social media page, […]

Internet Statistics & Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

internet statistics

The internet holds a wealth of information, has literally billions of users worldwide but also contains some really interesting internet statistics and facts. For example, half of the U.K.’s population would be willing to receive their online shopping via drone. This information may seem strange, quirky even, however, it’s relevant in one form or another. […]

Uncovering the Truth Behind Iconic Logo Designs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Truth behind iconic logos

Businesses rely on their logos to provide their first impression, and it is essential that it is a memorable and lasting one. This is why logo design has become increasingly essential to the success of a company, as the world is only becoming more saturated with businesses alike. In order for businesses to stand out […]

The Importance of a Responsive Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are many reasons why having a “responsive website” is such a key element to any website. Having a site that is responsive means that your visitors can browse and find information regardless of the type of device that they are using. This is both crucial for the overall user experience and conversions. This infographic […]