How To Migrate Web Hosts With Zero Downtime

There may come a time in your web hosting journey that you want to migrate your hosting to another company. You’re well within your rights to do this, so I’m going to show you how, with zero downtime. Perhaps your existing web host is no longer serving you well. Alternatively, you may want to transfer […]

How to Delete a WordPress Site & Blog

delete a wordpress site

Deleting a WordPress blog may seem like a mundane job, but sometimes it’s necessary to do! There are also several ways in which you can delete a WordPress blog, depending on how you’re using WordPress. There are two types of WordPress blogs for us to consider: Self hosted (this is where you choose your […]

How to install and use Google Analytics with WordPress

Google Analytics is a free tool that enables you to analyse and monitor your website’s traffic, statistics, and data. One of the great features of Google Analytics is that you can install it onto your WordPress website, and it’s really easy to do so! We’re going to walk you through the importance of Google Analytics, […]

How to Host Your Own Website from Home in 2024

Home Server

How to Host a Website Using WAMP (Using Windows) We’re here to show you exactly how you can do so – our step by step guide will help you set up your own server so that you can host your own website on Windows WAMP. I often get questions about how to host a website […]