CanSpace Review

CanSpace Review


CanSpace is an award-winning Canadian hosting provider that was founded in 2008. CanSpace is Canada’s leading registrar and hosting provider, they offer a complete end-to-end hosting solution for all size of business – from small sole proprietors to large multinational companies.

CanSpace has recently seen an influx of new customers and is growing at a rapid speed. This is in part due to many American companies looking for the best Canadian hosting providers, because of US political and financial instability.

CanSpace is the go-to hosting provider for large Canadian corporations and government organizations. As well as offering completive prices for smaller business’ in the US and Canada. The mission at CanSpace is simple, they want to provide the best web hosting in Canada.

Canada’s #1 Trusted Hosting Provider

CanSpace is dedicated to “providing reliable, fast, and expertly supported hosting services”

CanSpace provides low-cost hosting while maintaining the highest quality of customer service and support. They are dedicated to offering professional, yet personalized customer care that you normally would only get from a smaller company. Additionally, they offer the cheapest .ca domains on the market.

All of the CanSpace servers are based in Canada, which is important for Canadian companies and also the Canadian Government. This is a factor that many Canadians insist upon when finding an appropriate host, they want their data to be stored on Canadian soil. With CanSpace they not only have Canadian data centers but also boast Canadian offices and Canadian staff that understand the needs of their customer inside and out.

Green Carbon Footprint with CanSpace

Environmentally friendly CanSpace customers have peace of mind, as they are supporting the Canadian energy sector while protecting the environment every step of the way. All CanSpace servers are powered by fully renewable 100% Canadian-generated Green Energy from Quebec. Additionally, their data centers use specially designed cooling technologies that do not use air conditioning, making them even more eco-friendly.

CanSpace: Data Security

Because all of the data held by CanSpace is kept securely in Canadian servers, they are therefore only bound by Canadian Law. This means that the data does not have to pass foreign policies, nor will it ever be subject to external takedown requests. CanSpace offer SSL certificates as standard that provide the required security for the websites they host.

CanSpace have a high availability infrastructure which features protection against all types of DDoS attacks. They never shut down websites when targeted by a DDoS attack –instead, CanSpace protects your site/s and keeps them up at all costs.

CanSpace: Packages and Benefits

Shared Hosting

CanSpace offers 3 cost-effective shared hosting packages that all come with a free SSL certificate, CloudFlare Acceleration, and a free site builder. Furthermore, if you purchase any of their annual packages then you get the first year’s domain registration/transfer for free. Below is a brief overview of the hosting packages that CanSpace offer:

  • Starter – 5GB Secure Disk Storage Space, 15GB Monthly Bandwidth, 5 Domains Supported,  Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate, 10 mailboxes and 5 MySQL Databases
  • Medium – 50GB Secure Disk Storage Space, Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth, Unlimited Domains Supported, Free Comodo SSL Certificate and Unlimited MySQL/Mailboxes
  • Professional – 200GB Secure Disk Storage Space, Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth, Unlimited Domains Supported, Free Comodo SSL Certificate and Unlimited MySQL/Mailboxes

Reseller Hosting with CanSpace

You can offer enterprise-level hosting services and start your own web hosting business with CanSpace. They offer 3 levels of reseller hosting packages that allow you to start your own web hosting business or offer hosting services to your existing customer base with the click of a button.

CanSpace offers everything you need to get up and running without the hassle of setting up your own servers or purchasing expensive hardware. The reseller packages are white labeled so that your customers will see your brand and business name. Below are the reseller packages that CanSpace offer:

  • Bronze Reseller – 85GB Secure Disk Storage Space, 1000GB Monthly Bandwidth, Unlimited Accounts Supported
  • Gold Reseller – 130GB Secure Disk Storage Space, 2000GB Monthly Bandwidth, Unlimited Accounts Supported
  • Titanium Reseller – 200GB Secure Disk Storage Space, Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth, Unlimited Accounts Supported

Fully Managed VPS Solutions with CanSpace

If you are looking for more control, privacy and superior performance then CanSpace offer a fully managed range of VPS packages. Their VPS solutions come with high-speed SSD drives and full root access, offering total control.

Their VPS solutions are fully managed by an around the clock team of technical staff. This includes backups and security for your peace of mind. Below is a list of the VPS package spec with CanSpace:

  • VPS-25 – 25GB SSD Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, 1 vCore and 6GB RAM
  • VPS-50 – 50GB SSD Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, 2 vCores and 12GB RAM
  • VPS-100 – 100GB SSD Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, 4 vCores and 24GB RAM

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

For those looking for the highest level of performance from their website, look no further than CanSpace’s fully managed dedicated servers. Offering the latest technology to fuel your web space.

  • Dedi-32 – 2TB RAID 1 Disk Space, 32 GB DDR4 RAM, Unlimited Bandwidth, Intel Xeon Quad Core Processor
  • Dedi-64 – 2TB RAID 1 Disk Space, 64 GB DDR4 RAM, Unlimited Bandwidth, Intel Xeon Quad Core Processor
  • Dedi-128 – 2TB RAID 1 Disk Space, 128 GB DDR4 RAM, Unlimited Bandwidth, Intel Xeon Octa Core Processor

Additional Tailor Made Solutions with CanSpace

As well as offering a full range of hosting services, CanSpace also offers a comprehensive suite of tailor-made services and solutions. Below I have noted a few of the additional services that CanSpace can offer their clients:

  • Website design
  • Logo/image design
  • Web application development
  • Search engine optimization
  • E-Commerce solutions

CanSpace can also adjust any of their hosting packages to suit your needs. This can be a customized solution in any of the following areas:

  • Cloud Hosting Solutions
  • Custom Backups Solutions
  • Enterprise Email Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Solutions
  • VPS and Virtualization Services

Superior Customer Support

Providing superior 24/7/365 customer support is a priority for CanSpace. They offer a direct Canadian phone line and a direct email address. Additionally, you can contact them at any point via the live chat on their website. Their support team is available whenever you need them, at any time of the day or night (even during weekends and holidays) and they strive to answer all requests within 10 minutes.

CanSpace is dedicated to offering flexible online solutions that cater directly to their customer’s individual business requirements. They provide a scalable infrastructure and the technical know-how to allow their customers to focus on running their business.

All in All

If you are looking to offer online services to the USA or Canada then CanSpace is an obvious solution. Offering comprehensive Canadian based high end hosting at affordable prices. Combining all that with top class support, CanSpace provides leading hosting solutions for any size of business that will grow with you. Finally, if you need to tailor make your hosting service, or need support with setting up, CanSpace have the technical support team to get your idea off the ground.

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